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and then goes into an ecstacy of indignation over the according to Thucydides? This is made known in the existence.” Thus, if Dr. Bledsoe misrepresented Mr. outrageous misrepresentation! Yet he complains of very next sentence but one to that quoted from by Stephens in making him ascribe “the whole of our the omission of one word, which would have favored Mr. Stephens. If it had been a serpent it would have late troubles"_"disorder, confusion, war, and all its the side of the writer omitting it! and yet he actually bitten him. I am sure, indeed, but it will bite him disastrous results"-to one cause, he only trod in the omits no less than twelve lines from a passage which he any how. Here it is: "For the truest reason," says footsteps of Mr. Stephens himself. He supposed that pretends to give in full! Surely, Mr. Stephens should he, “though least brought forward in words, (as is Mr. Stephens knew what he was about, and could pull the beam out of his own eye, before he proceeds, usual in such cases,] I consider to have been, that the state his own views correctly; not dreaming, for a with such jubilant delight, to pick the mote out of his Athenians, by becoming great, and causing alarm moment, that that gentleman would treat him as the brother's eye. Now, let the reader decide if such to the Lacedæmonians, compelled them to proceed most unfair and false of all opponents, because he oversights and blunders, on the part of Mr. Stephens, to hostilities. But the following were the grounds of had been careful to state the doctrine of his book do not show that his imagination must be a little dis- complaints openly alleged on either side, from which in his own words. If, however, Mr. Stephens will ordered? that his fabrications are a little distorted ? they broke the truce, and set to war." Thus, accord-only pardon that very serious offence, Dr. Bledsoe that his creations are the result either of a "fierce pas ing to the great historian, "the grounds of complaints” promises that he will never do so again: that is to say, sion," or of a feeble brain?

[both words in the plural] were the causes why they that he will never again rely on his statement respectDr. Bledsoe does not mean, however, to impute to "broke the truce," as well as why they "set to war." ing the doctrines, sentiments, or teachings, of any Mr. Stephens any conscious falsehood or misrepresen- After having narrated the “grounds of complaints" on book, not even excepting The Madison Papers, nor the tation. Such an act is, indeed, inconceivable to Dr. both sides, Thucydides adds, [Book I., Sec. 88): “Now, history of Thucydides, nor his own Constitutional Vieu. Bledsoe, except as an act of the lowest, basest, and most the Lacedæmonians voted that the treaty had been Mr. Stephens, passing from mathematics to moral abandoned of the human species. Hence, however dis- broken, and that war should be declared, not so much science, reads Dr. Bledsoe some "useful lessons on the ordered his imagination, or fierce his passions, he because they were convinced by the arguments of the allies, subject of passion," out of his favorite author, Thucyabstains from imputing such conduct to Mr. Stephens. as because they were afraid that the Athenians might dides. Why did he not read from Senaca's Three Books If Mr. Stephens, on the other hand, means to impute attain to greater power, seeing that most parts of Greece on Anger! He thanks Mr. Stephens for those very any conscious falsehood or misrepresentation to Dr. were already under their hands.” [The italics are useful lessons. But Mr. Stephens has, Dr. Bledsoe can Bledsoe, he may rest assured of one thing, that Dr. mine.] Thus, after all, if we believe Thucydides, the assure him, given a more "useful lesson on the subBledsoe will not condescend to make a reply.

breach of the truce was not so much a cause of the ject of passion," than any to be found in the pages of But to return to Thucydides. Does Mr. Stephens in war, as a pretext on the part of the Lacedemonians, Thucydides, or of Senaca. The Spartans, as every one sist on the sentence as reformed by himself? Very by whom the war was declared. But behind all their knows, used to give their young men lessons on 80well. Take it in his own words. "Now the cause of grounds of complaint there was, “though least brought briety, by exhibiting their slaves before them in a all these things was power pursued for the gratifica- forward in words,” the real cause, the great Causa state of beastly intoxication. On the same principle tion of covetousness and ambition, and the consequent causans of the war; and that cause was—"Angels and it is, that Mr. Stephens gives so eloquentand powerful violence of parties when once engaged in contention." ministers of grace delend us!"-a disturbance of the a lesson on the subject

ministers of grace defend us!”—a disturbance of the a lesson on the subject of passion. Only see it in its This one sentence, I repeat, though in a little book balance of power! “The Athenians, by becoming violent explosions! How it spreads over all around written two thousand years ago, is a better descrip- great, and causing alarm to the Lacedæmonians, com- the red lava of misrepresentations, false accusations, tion of the causes of the late war than anything in pelled them to proceed to hostilities.” Thus did the scraps of books and masses of learned ignorance, the big book of Mr. Stephens, which has been written growing greatness and power of Athens, by causing | loose notions and lying traditions,-mistakes, overexpressly to explain “its causes.” This is the main anxiety and alarm to the Lacedæmonians, drive them sights, and blunders without end,-and that, too, with issue. Mr. Stephens may wrangle as long as he pleases to war; Just as a similar cause drove the South to the perfect consciousnes

to war; just as a similar cause drove the South to the perfect consciousness, apparently, that all this is about the differences between now and and, or be withdraw from the Union, or to exercise the right of history, philosophy, ma

withdraw from the Union, or to exercise the right of history, philosophy, mathematics, erudition, and wistween avarice and covetousness, or between engaged in Secession. That she had good reason to dread the dom, blazing in one grand pyrotechnic display of the contest and engaged in contention. Such profound overgrown power of the North, so malignant and so genius! Dr. Bledsoe is cured. He will never get angry learning and minute accuracy may be above the com- bitter in her hatred, the evils of the late war most again. He will only laugh all the rest of his days. prehension of Dr. Bledsoe; they are certainly beneath fearfully demonstrate.

Reformed by the eloquent precepts, and by the still his notice.

Thucydides wrote, as he tells us himself, "that no more eloquent example of Mr. Ster hens, he will "Thucydides," says Mr. Stephens, "assigned but one one might ever have to inquire from what origin henceforth be as meek as a mouse and majestic as a cause for the great war between the Grecian great a war broke out among the Greeks." Yet has Vice-President. Will not some kind friend lend him This was the breach of the thirty-years' truce."-(p. Mr. Stephens not only had to inquire from what a big watch-seal? Who knows, indeed, but it may 70.) If so, then we agree that the little book of the origin it broke out, but he has utterly failed to ascer-Isustain his new-born dignity, and introduce the great historian is very much like the great book oftain the truest cause of all. He is still, indeed, as balance of power"-a stable equilibrium-into the litthe little historian. But is Thucydides, in fact, thus profoundly ignorant of that "truest reason," or cause, tle Platonic republic of his hitherto disordered mind? like Mr. Stephens? Mr. Stephens evidently thinks as if Thucydides had not set it forth in his immortal Dr. Bledsoe is, however, very sorry that Mr. Stephens so, for he says: “If he, then, assigned but one leading history for the information of all ages and all instructions came too late to save the Confederacy. cause for the great war, which was the true one, [the men.

For, as he says, "Had the Doctor, and those associated italics are mine,) ...... does not the Doctor himself, If Mr. Stephens will only look into Mr. Hume's Es- with him in the War Department at Richmond, dur. by this reference, bring forward an illustrious exam sayson Political Subjects, confessedly among the most ing our late struggle, been governed more by calm ple in refutation of his position in the identical par- profound and valuable ever written, he will find one good sense, and less by mere fierce and flery passion ticulars he is so furious upon against me in the case?" on “The Balance of Power,” from which he may, per- and personal prejudices, (such as he still exhibits,) our True, if Thucydides did, in reality, assign "but one haps, derive some useful light respecting that groat present position might have been infinitely better cause" for the Peloponesian war, and that one cause was maxim of political philosophy, as well as of practical than it is.” Dr. Bledsoe did, it is true, get up several “the breach of the thirty-years' truce," then may Mr. statesmanship. He will certainly discover, that David indignation meetings-of one, at Richmond; but he Stephens shelter himself under his "illustrious exam- Hume, the historian and the great political philoso- now learns, for the first time, that those “tem pests in ple." But I beg leave to inform Mr. Stephens that he pher, ascribes to Thucydides the opinion, that the a tea-pot” helped to shake the Confederacy to pieces. has got up this "Illustrious example" for his own ben- anxiety and alarm of the Lacedemonians in regard If anybody else but Mr. Stephens had made the state eft; it is neither brought forward by Dr. Bledsoe, nor to “the balance of power," was the cause of the Pelo-ment, Dr. Bledsoe would not have believed it. is there the least foundation for it in the history of ponesian war. If Mr. Stephens has never read those The War Department at Richmond! The War De Thucydides. The great historian, indeed, took no Essays, Dr. Bledsoe would suggest the propriety of partment in a Democracy ! and that, too, in time of buch“one-sided, partial,superficialand eminently un- his beginning at once; and if he has read them, or flagrant war! If, in this wide universe, there be a philosophical" view of the causes of the Peloponesian Thucydides either, then Dr. Bledsoe can only wonder purgatory, that was one. A simple, earnest, frai! war, as that which Dr. Bledsoe has imputed, and still at the weakness of his memory.

mortal, with swarms of politicians and omce-seekers, imputes, to Mr. Stephens in regard to the late war. Mr. Stephens complains, bitterly, that he is repre-all bent on their own little private ends, forever tug. Dr. Bledsoe has never been so furious or blind with sented as ascribing the whole of our late troubles to ging at his elbows, sides, brain, and nerves, and never passion that he could not see precisely how Mr. Ste-one cause,-the violation of the fundamental law of permitting him to devote the little sense he had to phens has manufactured the "illustrious example" our political existence,-and insists that "the treat- the most glorious cause the world has ever seen; such, under which he seeks to shelter himself. Mr. Stephens ment of the slavery question” by the North, is set precisely, was Dr. Bledsoe, and his situation, in his thus manufactures his illustrious example: "The one forth in his account of the causes of the war. “Were terrible purgatory at Richmond. No one could, ingreat cause which he [Thucydides) assigned for that it anybody else but Dr. Bledsoe,” says he, "who makes deed, be fit for such a place but an angel, or a fool, or great war was 'the breaking the thirty-years' truce this statement, it would be a matter of wonder that a politician: An angel, raised above all sublunary after the taking of Eubcea.'-(See Thucydides, Book this should be placed among the omitted grounds." anxieties, cares, and outrages to the moral sense of I., Sec. 23." Now, if Mr. Stephens had only quoted the But there is one person who, as well as Dr. Bledsoe, mortals; or a fool, sunk below all such evils, and inwhole sentence, or even the whole phrase, from which represents Mr. Stephens as making the one cause sensible to their existence; or a politician, who, for a he takes the above words, it would have been seen above-mentioned the source of “the whole of our late little brief authority, tamely submits to all things that they are only a one-sided and partial extract troubles;" and that one person is, perhaps, not the But Dr. Bledsoe was not an angel, nor a politician, from Thucydides, to justify his one-sided and partial most unscrupulous or reckless writer in America. It and he hoped (craving Mr. Stephens' pardon) that he view of the causes of the late war. In the very words is Mr. Stephens himself. Here are his very words; was not a fool. Hence, he resigned the place for which of Thucydides, "All these things fell upon them at the reader can seo and judge for himself. “Thus," he was so unfit, or which was so unfit for him; and reonce along with this war, which the Athenians and says he, (p. 448,) "it was only when this great funda- turned to the University of Virginia in obedience to the Peloponesians began (the italics are mine)by break- mental law of our political existence was violated, in the call of its Board of Visitors. After this, he had as ing the thirty-years' truce after the taking of Euban." 1860, by a different construction, the Anti-Jefferson little to do with the Government of which Mr. SteThus, according to the great historian, they began the construction, that disorder, confusion, war, and all phens was the Vice-President, as had Mr. Stephens war by breaking the truce. In other words, this was its disastrous results ensued..... The whole of himself. the first act of the war, and not its cause. What, then, our present troubles (the emphasis is mine) came from The above lecture on the subject of passion and was the real cause, the great Causa causans of the war a violation of this essential and vital law of our political prejudice is, however, aimed at higher game than Dr. Bledsoe. It is aimed-is it not?-at the great man who called poetry, and surely nothing in its proper place of Secession. And does he not deny it in that Letter? -but more of this hereafter. is better than poetry,'" &c.

He speaks of the denunciation "so properly belonging In The Southern Review, it is said: “We did not "Now, I wonder," continues Mr. Stephens, "if the to the act of Secession, and says that “war would be credit the statement of a correspondent, who had vis- Doctor really thinks that this stunza from Bryant: "the certain effect of Secession;" whereas Nullificaited Mr. Stephens at Liberty Hall, that he represented 'Truth crushed to earth will rise again,' &c.,

tion is "a peaceable and constitutional remedy." himself as having always been a Secessionist, and de

Yet, in the face of all this, or else in profound ignowhich he so surreptitiously interpolates into my nied that Mr. Davis was originally one. But, in the

rance of all this, Mr. Stephens declares that Mr. Calspeech, is poetry properly put in its proper place?' volume before us, there is something very like these

houn never denied the right of Secession! Only give How does he excuse 'such' lesse-majesty, such petty extraordinary statements." Now, Mr. Stephens positreason against the great republic of letters," &c.

him a fact, and he repudiates it as "a downright tively asserts, that “it is utterly untrue, that there is | The answer is easy. Only see how a simple, plain

Munchausenism;" but offer him a real Munchauin the volume before him anything like these extrastory will put down all these frothy misapprehensions,

senism, and he greedily swallows it as a fact! ordinary assertions.” Now, in fact, in the book, as and all the violent accusations founded thereon. He

His real Munchausenism is thus set forth in The well as in the Letter, Mr. Stephens argues to prove winds up "with a grand poetic climax of his own." It

Southern Review, (p. 278:) "He makes the wonderful that he has always been a Secessionist, never having

is not my own. Mr. Stephens says the stanza is "from

| discovery, that for 'forty years after the covernment changed his opinion on that subject. Now, is not this Bryant." Dr. Bledsoe is obliged to him for the infor

had gone into operation' the 'fathers generally, as very like representing himself "as having always been mation. It is the only thing he has learned from his

well as the great mass of the people through the couna Secessionist?" Let the reader decide, and estimate long Letter which he did not know before. Where,

try,' maintained the opinion that the right of Secesthe value of Mr. Stephens' most positivo assertions. then, did the Doctor get this stanza, which he so "sur

sion existed. This wonderful conclusion is estabAgain, if Mr. Stephens does not deny, in so many reptitiously" puts into the mouth of Mr. Stephens,

lished, not by an appeal to the records of the country, words, that Mr. Davis "was originally"a Secessionist, nist, thereby committing petty treason against the republic

but by logic, &c. .... The truth is, the subject of he does say, that "I never regarded him as a Seces

of letters? The answer is easy-he got it from Mr. Secession was not discussed, or considered, by the sionist, properly speaking." Now, is not this very stephens himself, and from no one else. He found it

ind i public men of the country at all during the period relike saying that Mr. Davis was not an original Seces

| in precisely the volume from which he was quoting, ferred to; and hence, there was no occasion for the sionist? Nay, does it not say th

unat, in the opinion of If Mr. Stephens has forgotten having used this fine expression of an opinion as to the right of Secession." the writer, he has never been one, in the proper sense stanzathis "grand poetic climax." in the volume orl At this Mr. Stephens exclaims: “Was Dr. Bledsoe of the word? Let the reader judge between Mr. his Letters and Speeches-he will find it on page 369. mad, crazy, or only excessively torn by his passions!" Stephens and Dr. Bledsoe.

Mr. Stephens has, in the course of his life, let off I am not mad, most noble Festus, but speak forth the I paid little attention to the correspondent referred more than one sky-rocket on "the omnipotence of words of truth and soberness. Where is "the father," to, because, as I said, I did not credit his statement, truth.” This seems to be a favorite theme with him, to say nothing of "the fathers generally," who bedeeming it impossible that Mr. Stephens could “make and has been, perhaps, from his earliest Sophomoric lieved in the right of Secession? Mr. Stephens tries such extraordinary assertions." But I now find that declamations. Hence, in dealing with the utterances to prove by logic, I am aware, that Alexander Hamil. he is quite capable of making them. Let us see, then, of Mr. Stephens respecting this sublime theme,' the ton believed in the right of Secession. But Alexander exactly what he does say in the letter referred to. Doctor considered it but fair that he should have as Hamilton himself, in the twenty-second number of He says that he believed in the “perfect right of Se-full a hearing as possible. It was for this reason, sup- The Federalist, pronounces that doctrine "a gross hercession, and that “Mr. Davis could hardly be called a plied by a well known rule of fairness, that he per-esy." And did not James Madison himself, "the father Secessionist." Mr. Stephens must, it seems to me, mitted him to wind up with his own "grand poetic of the Constitution," write to Mr. Webster, March have made these wonderful discoveries that he was a climax," which is, if Dr. Bledsoe may be allowed to 15th, 1833: “I return my thanks for the copy of your Secessionist, believing in "the perfect right," while have an opinion, more worthy of a poet, or a Sopho- late very powerful speech in the Senate of the United Mr. Davis "was hardly" one, when their names were moric declaimer, than of a philosopher and a states- States. It crushes nullification, and must hasten an before the Seceding States for the Presidency. Be this this man.

abandonment of Secession." Who then were the fathers" as it may, Mr. Stephens certainly did make the won

Dr. Bledsoe, in order to show that it was possible for who, previous to the year 1833, advocated the right of derful discoveries,

Mr. Stephens to hold the doctrine of State-Rights and Secession? I have found them only in the assertions, In the letter referred to, Mr. Stephens says: Mr. State-Sovereignty, and, at the same time, deny the and in the logic, of Mr.

State-Sovereignty, and, at the same time, deny the and in the logic, of Mr. Stephens, not in the records Davis "was of course a State-Rights man: he could right of Secession, asserted that Mr. Calhoun had of the country. hardly be called a Secessionist.Again, he says of Mr. done so. Mr. Stephens is amazed at this. “What is How stands the case, in the next place, as to "the Davis, "He was opposed to Secession, but did not have

said of Mr. Calhoun," he exclaims, "by all sensible, I great mass of the people throughout the country ?" the courage to come out against it. His course was

intelligent people, can be regarded as little short of a Mr. Stephens seems to blaze all over with indignation simply the result of timidity, of the desire to keep

downright Munchausenism !Again, he demands, at the assertion, that the subject of Secession was not the inside track and step into the shoes of Calhoun."

"who, in the face of all these facts, can say that either discussed by the public men of the country during May we not say, on the other hand, that Mr. Stephens'

I or he (Stephens or Calhoun) ever denied the Right of the period referred to, so as to give an occasiou to "the course was simply the result of boldness, when he he Secession ?" The italics are his, not mine.

great mass of the people" to express an opinion as to represented himself as a believer in the perfect right! Now, Dr. Bledsoe can not only say, but he can prove, “the right" or the wrong of Secession. “Did not Judge of Secession," and Mr. Davis as "hardly a Secession that Mr. Calhoun denied the right of Secession. His Tucker's Commentaries," he exclaims, “appear during ist" at all? There are, in the same letter, other proof is, not an appeal to any windy tradition such as this period? Did he not clearly maintain the right?" charges against Mr. Davis still more deeply affecting

politicians feed the people with, but to Mr. Calhoun's True, perfectly true, as Dr. Bledsoe himself had said his character as a statesman and as a man, which Mr.

own published opinions. He appeals to Mr. Calhoun's in that very article. "Did not Mr. Rawle write his Stephens is represented as having preferred against

Letter to Governor Hamilton of August 28th, 1832, con-treatise during this period, clearly indicating the that illustrious but unfortunate prisoner.*

sisting of nearly fifty pages, in the seventh volume of right?" True, again, and Dr. Bledsoe has, in a small

his works, beginning at page 144; in which the great work of his, quoted from that very "treatise." (See Is Again, Mr. Stephens bitterly complains, that "he

doctrine of State-Sovereignty and State-Rights is so Davis a Traitor ? p. 190–1.) This being true, Mr. Stemakes quotations from my speech on 14th November,

fully and so ably argued. Speaking of Nullification phens exclaims, in profound astonishment at Dr. 1860, interlarded with words of his own, so as to make the

and Secession, Mr. Calhoun says, (page 167,) "I am Bledsoe's assertion—"The subject not discussed during impression on the minds of his readers that he is quoting

ng aware that there is a considerable and respectable the period referred to !" But be not quite so fast, Mr. connectedly from me,” &c. This is not true. The quota

portion of our State, with a large portion of the Union, Vice-President; Dr. Bledsoe said not so; it is only tions from Mr. Stephens are interlarded with words

constituting, in fact, a great majority, who are of the the force and fury of your passion, which blinds you from no one. They are only followed, as is perfectly

opinion that they are the same thing, differing only to the truth, and makes you combat a position never allowable in such cases, with a brief running com

in name, and who, under that impression, denounce it assumed by him. Dr. Bledsoe did not say, that "the mentary, [I wonder if Mr. Stephens never saw the

(Nullification) as the most dangerous of all doctrines; subject was not discussed during the period referred like before ?] to show it in its true light. Every word

and yet, so far from being the same, they are, unless, to;" he only said it was not discussed by "the publio quoted from sir. Stephens is put under quotation indeed. I am greatly deceived, not only perfectly dis- men of the country” during that period. Though ho marks, and every word of the running commentary tinguishable, but totally dissimilar in their nature, I knew all that Tucker and Rawle had said on the subis free from such marks; 80 that every reader, who their obiect, and their effect: and that, so far from deiectand had freely quoted from their pagcs, it did wished to know the truth, could see exactly what was

S serving the denunciation, 80 properly belonging to the act not occur to him that those two private gentlemen said by Mr. Stephens, and what by Dr. Bledsoe. If

[i. e., the act of Secession,) with which it is confounded, and learned jurists were public men at all, much less this made the impression on any one, that "he was

it is, in truth, the highest and most precious of all the that they were the public men of the country." Ham. quoting connectedly' Irom Mr, stephens, and not dis-l rights of the States, and essential to preserve the very lilton and Madison were among the public men of the connectedly, he must have had a very weak mind, or

Union, for the supposed effect of destroying which it country, and they both denied the right of Secession. been an exceedingly careless reader. Dr. Bledsoe did

is so bitterly anathematized.In the very same letter, Webster and Calhoun were, also, among "the publio not write for such simpletons.

and on the very same page, Mr. Calhoun insists that men of the country," and they denied the same right. But the complaint of Mr. Stephens winds up as fol

up as 101 Nullification is "a peaceable and constitutional remedy,”! Not one in a hundred thousand of the people ever lows: "Ending with a grand poetic climax of his own, I the italics are his.] whereas "a declaration of war heard of the work of Rawle, or of Tucker, until it was which by punctuation is made to appear as if taken/vould beuthe ce

taken would be "the certain effect of Secession.” Mr. Cal- noticed in the Commentaries of Kent or Story, even from my speech, and on which he comments as fol- houn states the case, it is true, in which Secession if they have ever heard of it to this day. Let Mr. lows: 'Now, all this is very fine. We believe it is

may be resorted to; but the case, as stated by him, Stephens show that the subject of Secession was,

would also justify revolution. In no other[case,] during the period referred to, discussed by "the public *The letter in question was published July 26, 1867, in The Daily Clyronicle and Sentinel, Augusta, Georgia.

57 says he, "could it be justified, except it be for a failure men of the country," by members of Congress, by canMore than a year ago this letter was placed in my

of the association or union to effect the objecl for which it didates for the Presidency, or by public men of any hands by several of the indignant friends of Mr. Davis, was created, independent of any abuse of power;"sort, in any great contest before "the great mass of the with the means of disproving the heavy charges which would also justify revolution. Now, it was pre- people," and he will show something to the purpose. against him; but not wishing to introduce such personal matters into The Southern Review, I have not yet

Set cisely this Letter which Dr. Bledsoe had in his mind But until he does this, he must allow Dr. Bledsoe to used them,

I when he said that Mr, Calhoun had denied the right adhere to his original proposition, that as thr subject



was not discussed, during the period referred to, by


Fifty-seven persons lost their lives and ten others "the public men of the country," so "the great mass

Say, shall I tell you what my darling's like

were seriously injured. The cause of the disaster of the people throughout the country' had "no occa

If I am able?

is at present unknown. sion for the expression of an opinion as to the right

- In spite of official contradiction in Paris, it is Her name is Amabel-I call her May, of Secession." Mr. Stephens may, if he pleases, think

reiterated by the English press that the Emperor

And sometimes Mabel. Dr. Bledsoe "mad, or crazy," and as such deserving "a

Napoleon's health is failing. It is stated that he

cannot give his full attention to business, and that straight-jacket," for entertaining such an opinion; She's like a princess in a fairy tale '

the Empress takes daily a larger share in the but Dr. Bledsoe can not retort the charge. For he does

Or poem olden,

details of administration, relieving the Emperor not think Mr. Stephens mad, or crazy, or deserving a With odd attractive eyes, and wavy hair

of many of his burdens. straight-jacket; but he does think that a little re

That's nearly golden.

-Requiem masses have been celebrated in Cork straint from "a regard to his own character and a proper devotion to truth," would do him no very great

and Queenstown for the repose of the souls of the Her hands are delicate, and small and white,

Fenians who were executed at Manchester. In

And very skilful; harm. He may not be "excessively torn by his pas

both cases popular demonstrations were made.

She's sometimes reasonable-sometimes kind, sions," but he does seem a little distracted by them, so

-It is understood that the British claims for

But oft'ner wilful. as to mistake a man of straw for his real adversary.

indemnity, based on cases adjudicated in the Let them fight it out.

She plays like St. Cecelia, (when she likes,)

American Courts of Admiralty, will not be enterBut here is the most amusing part of Mr. Stephens'

tained by the Alabama Commissioners, and the

But she's capricious; blunder. He says: "Did not some of the New Eng

To hear her sing the “Jewell Song from Faust"

publication of a statement to this effect has caused

much dissatisfaction among British ship owners. land States, during this period, threaten to socede?

Is most delicious.

-Sullivan, who was struck from the commission Was not a Convention looking to this end called? Were not resolutions passed ?" Dr. Bledsoe has some

Longfellow's “Trust Her Not. She's Fooling 'Thee." of the peace for alleged sympathy with Fenianiem, little indistinct recollection that he has heard of

has been elected Mayor of Cork.

Reminds me of her; something of the kind; and, if he is not mistaken, They say she glories in that fatal power

SPAIN. some of the principal of those resolutions may be

Which makes all love her.

-Politics continues to absorb attention in Spain, found in his little work on the right of Secession, What matters all they say? I am bewitched,

and in some quarters a collision of opposing parties

is feared. On Monday a political meeting of But, be that as it may, what has that secret Conven

And cannot lose her;

Monarchists in Valladolid was broken up by tion, and its unpublished resolutions, to do with the I would she were more real; but “who begs

Republicans. The present administration express discussion of anything "by the public men of the

Must not be chooser."

confidence that a Monarchy will be adopted. country?" Whether that Convention meant Nullification, or Secession, or simply Rebellion and Revolu

So she is still my darling. All my hopes

Popular subscriptions to the national loan have

reached 319,000,000 reals. At Saragossa and other

Are centred in her; tion, was a profound secret until John Quincy Adams,

places immense demonstrations have been made in 1830, more than “forty years after the Government

And I am waiting-waiting for the time

in favor of a Republic, and the Monarchists have had gone into operation," made known its secret de.

When I may win her.

held large public meetings at Corruna, Ferrol, sign as looking to Secession; and then this design, as

Santiago de Compostella and other places. A stated by him, was vehemently denied by other pub

News Summary.

faction is also said to exist favoring a triumvirate

for five years. The Provisional Government has lic men of Massachusetts. Mr. Stephens should, in. deed, keep out of all the gales of passion, since they

appointed December 18th as a day for holding the FOREIGN

election for the constituent Cortes. so easily upset his reason.


General Prim, in a letter to The Gaulois, declares We have just seen, in the extract from Mr. Calhoun,

-The latest statement of the British Parliamen that the present Spanish Government will have that, in 1822, the "great majority" of the people of the tary Election returns makes the Liberal majority no dealings with the Union denounced, and, in his opinion, rightfully de- in the House of Commons 112 Some further dignantly the truth of the report that he proposes nounced, the act of Secession. Now,can we believe, on disorder was reported, and the dispatches make a coup d'etat. the bare authority of Mr. Stephens, that such could mention of riots at Tredegar, and at Longtown

WEST INDIES. have been the state of public opinion, only three and Brampton in the county of Cumberland, but –The Cuba cable reports fighting, attended with years after the expiration of the period during which no lives were lost and the military soon re-estab-/various success in that Island. In San Domingo "the great mass of the people," with "the fathers lished order. Earl Russell has written a letter the insurrection is represented as nearly supgenerally" at their head, believed in the right of Se

Ser expressing regret at the defeat of Howell and pressed. Business was stagnant at Havana, the cession? Nay, that Mr. Calhoun himself, as well as Odger, the candidates of the workingmen.

merchants refusing to make advances to the plant

Elections were held on Monday in Mid-Somor-ers on their crops. "the great mass of the people,” could have denounced set England. and Sligo. Ireland. for members of There was an engagement at Villa del the very doctrine which, for forty years, had been all the House of Commons. In the former Messrs. near Santiago de Cuba, on the 24th. The official but universally received as true? Credat Judæus! If Neville. Greenville and R. F. Paget, Conserva- accounts represent that the revolutionists attacked Mr. Stephens will reject my facts as Munchausenisms, tives, were returned. In the latter Mr. O'Connor, a small body of troops, with some success at first, he must not expect me to swallow his Munchausenisms Liberal, and Sir R. G. Booth, Conservative, were but reinforcements afterwards coming up, the in. as facts. elected.

surrectionists were surprised and driven from the I must leave unnoticed many of the oversights. The nomination of O'Connor from Sligo county town with a loss of over 62 killed. Gen. Marcano, blunders, and sophisms of the long Letter of Mr. Stewas seconded by Rev. Mr. Conway, a Catholic a Dominican, commanding the rebels, was killed, phens. Luscious and tempting as such fallacies are,

priest, who, in a speech, declared that the Fenians and Colonel 'Perez severely wounded. The Gov. they must be passed over in silence; even those

in America were stronger in numbers and organi-ernment lost three killed and ten wounded. It is which grow so luxuriantly in his feeble defence of

zation than ever, and should the rights of Ireland also stated by private mail advices that three days the splendid part performed by Scissors in the pro-ling all Ireland would join them. be with held they would act at once, and, on land-prior to this engagement, the insurgents had cap

iured 2,000 Remington rifles and $100,000 in money, duction of his great work, and in his indirect and -Disraeli had gone to Windsor to tender the re- near Puerto Principe, and completely routing the evasive reply to my attack on the "new idea" of Noah signation of the Ministry, and had published an Government forces. Webster, not as it is in itself, but in its new character address announcing the resignation and defending The Havana papers publish a communication as “the political Messiah, born for the regeneration of the course of the Ministry. While taking this from the representatives of the rebel Provisional the down-trodden Peoples of the Earth." I know of course, he says the Ministry do not modify their Government of Cuba, declaring that the insurge but one Messiah for the regeneration of the world

ora opinions, and are more than ever convinced that ents are fighting not for reforms, but for the inde and that one was born, not of the brain of man, but

Mr. Gladstone's proposition is wrong in principle pendence of Spain.

and probably impracticable, and one which, even of the ever Blessed Virgin.

FRANCE. if practicable, would be disastrous to the nation. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

They are ready to support reform in the church in -Pierre Antoine Berryer, the great French &dA. T. BLEDSOS.

som. (Ireland, but will still offer uncompromising resist- vocate and legitimist in politics, died in Paris,

ance to the policy enunciated by Gladstone. Nov. 27th, aged 78 years. MUSICAL.

-Queen Victoria, in an autograph letter, com- -Senor Olozago has arrived in Paris

pliments Lord Monck in connection with his ad-sador to Spain. The musical event of the coming week, and, sol ministration as Governor of Canada. Sir John - The French Corps Legislatif will meet on the far, of the present season, will be Miss Kellogg's Young, the new Governor General of Canada, has 4th of January next. two Concerts on Monday and Tuesday evenings. I been sworn in at Ottawa.

-John P. Hale, American Minister to Spain, is at the Concordia. Miss Kellogg, as our readers I disposition, and will leave for Osborne soon after a

-The Queen has recovered from her slight in- in Paris consulting physicians with regard to his

leave for Osborne soon after I failing health. are aware, is an American prima donna who has the meeting of Parliament.

-It is stated that several Fenians have been armade a European reputation. She is acknow-,.-A grand testimonial banquet is proje

-A grand testimonial banquet is projected in rested in Paris by the police, for making speeches ledged on both sides of the water as one of the

Liverpool in honor of members of the expiring at public meetings.

-French editors continue to be prosecuted, fined great queens of the present lyric stage. Consider

-Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli has declined and imprisoned, and the printers of Paris Are On : ing the lame and imperfect manner in which Ital- the peerage, and his wife has been created Vis-strike.

ITALY. ian opera is usually presented in this city, the want countess of Beaconsfield, both of which acts receive

the condemnation of the press.

1 -Dispatches from Florence.say that a serious of a suitable opera house, &c., Miss Kellogg's ap-| --Mr. Jefferson Davis, who was stopping at outbreak has occurred at Bologna, and new tro pearance in Concert will, perhaps, furnish the best Leamington, has delivered a discourse on the are feared. The disturbance originated thro opportunity we could have of judging of her mer-importance of exploring Jerusalem by. English- the refusal of the peasants to pay their taxes. 1 its as a singer. She will have the assistance of me

| persons were killed and seven badly injured. |--A dispatch from Wigan, Lancashire, says | -An eruption of Mount Ætna in Sicily is aneminent musical talent in various portions of the that a terrible explosion occurred in the 'Arley nounced. programme.

I mine colliery while 300 men were in the pit. -Signor Mari is elected Speaker of the House

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of Deputies, defeating Signor Crispi, the candidate couraging, and deprecates partisan violence and First district-Samuel Hambleton, Dem., 12,800 ;
of the party of action.

secret political organizations. He hopes for a re- Henry R. Torbert, Rep., 4,600. Second district
-The poet Henry W. Longfellow is at Genoa. moval of political disabilities.

Stevenson Archer. Dem., 12.603; John T. Ensor,

-A San Francisco dispatch says General Grant's Rep., 5,677. Third district, Thomas Swann, Dem.,
-By way of Lisbon we learn of a new allied

is official majority in California is 506, and, owing to 13,056; Adam E. King, Rep., 5,607 ; D. R. Brown,

an informality in printing an elector's name, the Ind., 231. Fourth district- Patrick Hamill, Dem.,
movement against the Paraguayan position at
Villetta. The Brazilians had sent a column of

Secretary of State refused to give the certificate to 12, 239; Daniel Weisel, Rep., 11,651. Fifth district
12,000 men across the Gran Chaco forest, to attack

tack the Republicans. The matter went to the Supreme -F. Stone, Dem., 10,928; Wm. J. Albert, Rep.,
the position of Lopez at Villetta on the flank.

Court, and was decided in favor of the Republi- 2,544.

·cans, giving the State to Grant and Colfax.
The Marquis de Caxias was awaiting the devel-
opment of this flank movement, to attack the.
-In the Circuit Court at Washington, D. C., the PRICES CURRENT AND REVIEW OF THE

suit of John Naglee against Edwin M. Stanton,
river batteries with his fleet of iron-clads, and
force communication with the army on Gran
for damages to a farm by its occupation by U. S.

For the Week ending Thursday, Dec. 3, 1868.
troops, has been discontinued and the plaintiff or-

dered to pay the costs.

(Our quotations are invariably Wholesale, unless other-
-An Austrian expedition, under the command
-Gen.Jno.O'Neill has been unanimously elected

wise expressed.]
of Carl Scherzer, has sailed from

President of the Fenian Brotherhood by the Con-

Trieste for
a voyage around the world, to extend Austrian

gress lately in session at Philadelphia. The dele-L ALCOHOL-The supply is quite limited, but there

gates pledged their entire support to plans sub- is not much demand. "We quote 95 per cent. at $2.15a
commerce. The expedition is under special in-
structions to visit the principal ports of China and

mitted by him, and resolved to use their influence 2.20 7 gallon, and Cologne Spirits at $2.20.
to stop all recriminations and denunciations among for New York State, and $

4bbl, for Ohio.

APPLES- Are in fair supply and firmer at $5a5.50
Japan, and to proceed thence to California, and

*, una | Irishmen laboring for the independence of Ireland. | BARK -The demand for Quercitron is limited and
cruise along the South American coast.

-Doctor Arthur E. Petticolas, Superintendent holders are still above the views of purchasers. We

of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum at Williamsburg, I quote No. 1 at $35, and No. 2 at $25 H ton.
-The deputies from Schleswig have been denied Va., leaped from a window of the asylum a week

BEESWAX-We note sales in lois at 38a39 cents for

prime yellow.
seats in the Prussian Diet until they swear alle-ago, dashing his brains out on the sidewalk below. / P

BEANS AND PEAS-There is a fair demand pre-
giance. In the House of Deputies the Minister of The manufactured tobacco shipped from Rich-vailing, with limited supplies. We continue to quote
Justice, Count Lippe, has made a speech urging mond, Virginia, during the past nine months, has Beans at $3a4 p bushel, and Black-eyed Peas at $1.25a
legislation for making thelegal system of the Prus- paid a tax of $2,500,000.

sian kingdom uniform with the system of the -The Charleston City Council, having a Repub-| BUTTER-The demand is of a retail character only,

and we hear of no large lots selling. For choice
Northern States.

Dairies the market is firm and steady. I ut Jower
to be void.

grades are dull and unsaleable. We quote choice
-General Raasloff, Danish Minister of War, is

-The third session of the 40th Congress will be dairies of Glades at 40a 42 cents: good do. 38n40 cents;

common do. 33a35 cents, and Western at 31a35 cents.
ogin at noon on Monday next, Dec. 7th. It is ex-
on sick leave, and goes to North America to gin at noon on Monday

CHEESE-Is in fair demand, with sales of some 3,000
reeruit his health. He was formerly Danish Min pected that the winter season in Washington will

boxes at 17 a 18 cents for Eastern; 17a171 cents for
ister to the United States.

be unusually gay, and the session of Congress very

Western, and 18 cents for Eastern' and Western E.


--The Arkansas Legislature has approved the COFFEE-Has been in fair demand at full rates,
-A decisive battle occurred last Saturday at the Governor's proclamation of martial law in eleven with sales of 6,000 bags from first hands within the
Cheyenne village on the north fork of the Wachita counties. The Governor in his message speaks of range of quotations, viz: Choice Rio 17%a18 cents;

prime do, 17%a17%cents; good 1512al6 cents; fair do.
river, Indian Territory, between General Custar's the Ku-Klux" outrages, and recommends the 14 als cents: *ordinary do. 13alt cents ib. currency;
command, the Seventh cavalry, and the Cheyenne funding of the State debt.

Java 24a24% cents, and Laguayra 163 al7 cts. I, gold.
Indians under Black Kettle. One hundred and It is stated on semi-official authority that the COTTON DUCK AND YARNS—The local trade de-
three Indians were killed, fifty-three taken prison- stay law in Virginia will not be extended beyond mand is fair and prices firm; sales of No. 1 Duck at 56

No. 2 do.. 53 cents, and No. 3 do. at 50 cents 7 yard;
ers, the village destroyed, and a large number of January 1st.

and Yarns 38a40 cents lb, for the low numbers.
horses and mules with arms. ammunition. &c. --The Alabama Legislature has adopted several CHEMICALS-Demand moderate at unchanged
captured. On the side of the troops Captain Lewis sections of a bill to punish "Ku-Kluxism." The rates, viz: Soda Ash 24a234 cents; Caustic Soda 5a54

amilton was killed, Lieutenant Colonel Barnitz | bill declares it no crime to shoot & pe

cents: Sal Soda $1.90, and Bleaching Powders 3% cents,
wounded, perhaps mortally, and Major Elliott is after dark, and imposes a penalty of one to two gold.
missing, and 19 enlisted men killed.
years' imprisonment for appearing in a mask Thel CANNED GOODS-The demand is equal to the sup-

ply, and prices are very firm. We note a fair amount
-The Electoral Colleges of the several States | Legislature is also considering bills to stay the col-lor business at quotations:
met, according to law, on the 2d instant, at their lection of debts, and fixing a time for the election 1 lb Cove Oysters, per dozen cans.................. 50 00@1 50

0 0002 50
respective State capitols, to go through the for- of Congressmen. Two Judges have pronounced 2 16"

2 b Peaches............

4 0004 50
mality of casting their ballots for President and the present stay law of Alabama unconstitutional.

| 2y, lb "

0 0005 00
Vice-President. In Tennessee the electors, after -Chief Justice Chase decides in the U. S. Court

0 00@6 00
casting the vote of the State for Grant and Colfax, at Richmond that the stockholders in Northern 2 1 Pine Apple.

0 00@4 on
adopted a resolution unanimously recommending States are entitled to dividends declared by South 2 lb Blackberries....
Horace Maynard for a Cabinet position, and gave ern railways during the war, notwithstanding the 2 lb Tomatoes...

the messenger a letter to that effect, addressed to confiscation of such stock and dividends by the

2 tb String Beans.
Confederate Government.
General Grant.

2 b Green Corn....
- In the U. S. Circuit Court at Richmond, Va., -A. Oakley Hall, Esq.,, Democrat, ha

-A. Oakley Hall, Esq., Democrat, has been 12 ) Green Peas...
Chief Justice Chase has decided that grand jurors elected Mayor of New York city.

2 lb Strawberries.

need not take the test oath. Judge Durell, follow-

2 lb Damsons...
ing the precedent of the Chief Justice, has dis-


2 lb Egg Plums..
2 Ib Green Gages..

0 00@4
pensed with the "iron-clad” jurors' oath in the William Price. E

id Quinces....................

0 00@4
F "

William Price, Esq., a well known member of 2 11 Onin
Foucau jurors oath in the
Ithe bar, a native of Washington county. Mary Ib Pears..........

0 0004

2 75.3
-A motion by Robert Ould, Esq., counsel, is land, died in Baltimore on the 25th ult., aged 75 2 th Cherries.........

being argued before Chief Justice Chase in Rich- years. Mr. Price was United States District At-lit Lobster..
mond, to quash the indictment against Jefferson torney for one term, under Mr. Lincoln.
Davis, on the ground that, by the Fourteenth -A colored man, Jack Cox, familiarly known in Spiced O

4 505 00
Amendment, disfranchisement is the only punish-as "Jack," died last week in Baltimore county, 12 10 "

0 00ði 75
ment for treason.
at the advanced age of 110 years. The deceased Brandy moaches, quarts.

0 0002 75
The Bichmond. Va Circuit Court has given was the servant of the late Richard McGraw, and

.000@5 00

CO TON-The demand has continued active both
judgment against the city for $15,000 worth of was liberated with an annuity on his master's 10". consumption and shipment, and we note sales to
whiskey, destroyed by order of the City Council death in 1845.

he extent of 2,000 bales, at prices fully in advance of
on the night of evacuation in 1865. About 3,000 -The shipments of Maryland coal this year ar elpur last quotations of a cent D. The receipts
barrels were destroyed that night, for all of which 50,000 tons in excess of last year, and the total of la

have increased, being this week about 3.000 l ales. We

ons in excess of last year, and the local of quote Low Middling at 24a24/4 cents, and Middling 25
the city will have to pay.
1868 will probably reach 1,300,000 tons.

a 252 cents ..
-James Grant has been held in $1,000 at Rich- --Mr. John S. Elliott, the largest man in Mary-L DRIED FRUIT-There is no improvement to notice
mond, to answer the shooting of H. R. Pollard. land, weighing over 500 pounds, died at his resi-

this week. Apples and Peaches are still dull and dim-
-The votes of twelve parishes of Louisiana dence in Queen Anne's county last Sunday.

cult of sale. We quote them at 6a8 cents fortlle former
have been thrown out for an alleged informality,| --The following fatal occurrences are noted for

and 8a13 cents for the latter, unpeeled, and 25 cents p Ib

reducing Seymour's majority to 13,447. This also the week: John Woodall, of Baltimore, a well FEATHERS-Are in good request, with sales of
elects a Republican Congressman from the Second known engine-driver, accidentally killed on the prime Live Geese at 70a75 cents; fair do. 60 265 cents,
District, and elects Menard, a negro, to Congress, Pan Handle Railroad; John Maloney, carpenter. I

and common mixed at 40a42 centsib
for the vacancy caused by Mann's decease.
found dead at Mount Clare Depot, Baltimore, hay-

FISH-We have to report a very quiet market for
-The Judges of the Supreme Court of Florida ing evidently fallen from the Carey street bridge, retail store trade. We note the arrival of a cargo of

the week, the demand being entirely confined to the
have given advisory opinions sustaining Gov- a distance of thirty feet.

Labrador Herrings, but there have been no sales from
ernor Reed's position. They declare the late ses- | --The house of Mr. Wm. Holmes, known as Lil the wharf. From store we quote:
sion of the Legislature illegal; that, even if it lendale, on Charles street avenue extended, near

Mackerel-No. 1 Bay, per barrel..................$23 00@24 00
were legal, the form of impeachment was irregu- Baltimore, has been destroyed by fire. 'Loss.

No. 1 Shore (new)"

18 500 19 00

No. 2 new)
lar; and that the mere passage of impeachment $10,000.

. 14 00 15 00

No. 3 (orge, new)"
resolutions does not impeach. There seems no

@ 12 50
-The execution of the negroes, Wells. Wilson

No. 3 (medium

(0.11 50
doubt that the court will issue & writ of quo war- and Rounds for murdering the captain and matel

Itakefish, ts.........

2 50a 8 IXO
ranto against Lieut. Gov. Gleason, though the of the echr. Brave, in the Chesapeake, last líarch,

Cod, small,
100 lts.....

Ji 600
case will be delayed in the courts for a long time will take place at Saulsbury, Md., January 8th.

Lalyador Herring ......
1 -The following is the official vote of Maryland Box Irrini,ralel..
-Governor Scott, of South Carolina, has sent i for President and Vice-President and fur meinbers are mobile , rodin
his message to the Legislature of that State. He of Congresss : Seymour and Blair, 62,318; Grant

FERTILIZERS-Pie mirket is Donini in
thinks the financial prospects of the State are en-land Colfax, 30, 435.For Members of Congre88.--

Peruvian Guano $62.5%), gold, 7 ton of 2,000 1.; 01
can A $30 currency; Raw Bone $56; Super Posphate












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$60; Rhodes' Standard Manure, $50, in bags or bbls.; Patent Wax Candles....

62 to 65 Can it be possible that over Five Million Bottles Orchilla Guano $30 F ton; Soluble Pacific Guano $65; Adamantine do (12 oz.).

17% to 174 of PlanTATION BITTERS have been sold during Patapsco Guano $60; R. R. Griffith's Prepared Fish I do

do (14 oz.).

1914 to 20 Guano, in 125 t, bags, $55 ton; Raw Bone Phosphate | Paraffine

Lo do

33 to

the past year? It is almost incredible, neverthe.......................

35 $56 3 ton; Chicago Bone Fertilizer $46: Chicago BI

34 to 36 less it is absolutely true, and is the most convincManure $50; Maryland Powder of Bone $16 9 ton; Coe's PETROLEUM—The demand for Crude is very dulling proof of their wonderful medicinal and healthSuper Phosphate of Lime $60 7 ton.

and inactive, with sales at lower prices. We quote restoring qualities. Every family should be supFLOUR-There has been very little activity in the Crude at 15a 16%, cents, and standard white Refined at plied with these Bitters. at whatever cost or market, notwithstanding which prices have ruled 30a3l cents gallon. firmer. The sales to the trade and for shipment foot POWDER-We continue to quote Blastin up 10,000 barrels, mostly of the lower grades of West and Sporting at $6.50 a keg of 25 lbs.

you get the genuine, and that you are not imposed ern and City Mills, within the range of quotations, POTATOES—The supply is good and prices steady. upon by a spurious article. which are unchanged, viz:

We quote white Mercers at 95a 100 cents; Peach Blows Howard Street Super............................ $6 50a 7 00 90a 95 cents, and Carters 85a90 cents bushel.

MAGNOLIA WATER.-Superior to the best im" Extra Shipping..........

8 25a 8 75 PROVISIONS-Have not ruled so active, the de" " " High Grades. ... 9 25a10 50 mand being limited to supplying the wants of the ported German Cologne, and sold at half the price. • Family ......

10 50all 50 local retail trade, and transactions are consequently Western Winter Super...

6 25a 7 00 restricted. We quote Mess Pork at $26a26.50 p barrel, Juniper Tar Soap is a certain cure for chapped Shipping Extra.

7 75a 8 50 I and dull. Lard 16a17 cents Ib. The stock of Cuthon *

hands and all roughness or irritation of the skin, Choice Extra......

9 25a10 00 Meats is still small, and prices are quite well sus-
Family ..........
10 25all 001 tained. We quote Bacon Shoulders at 14a14/4 cents;

caused by a changeable temperature; Eczema, RingNorthwestern Super......

6 00a 6 50 Rib sides 18 cents, and Clear Rib do. 1872 cents 7 ib., worm, Salt Rheum, Pimples, and all other cutaneous Extra......... 7 00a 8 25 and Hams at 17a19 cents for sugar cured, as to quality.

ality; affections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. ManCity Mills Super....

6 75a 8 25 RICE-Sales to a small extent of Carolina at 894a812 " Standard Extra.. 8 75a 9 25 cents. Market dull and inactive,

ufactured by CASWELL, HAZARD & Co., New York. " " Shipping "

10 25a10 50

.. "

SEED-Transactions have been unimportant. Clo- Sold by Druggists. " Family..............

ver is steady at $7.50a7.75 for prime. We quote TimoWelch's and Greenfield's Fam

14 50 thy at $2.75a3; and Flax at $1.50 + bushel for clean. Other brands......

12 50a13 00 SALT-The only sale of which we hear this week is The purest and sweetest Cod-Liver Oil in the Baltimore high grades extra...

12 00a12 50 that of the cargo of 6,000 bushels per brig S. Crowell, world, manufactured from fresh, healthy livers, upon Rye Flour..

7 50a 7 75 from Turk's Island, on private terms. The demand the sea shore. It is perfectly pure and sweet. Patients Corn Meal.......

for Liverpool from the trade is fair, and we note prices GRAIN-The supply has been largely increased this firm. We quote Ground Alum at $2.10a2.20, and Fine

who have once taken it can take no other. Ask for week, although prices have been fully sustained, and $2.90a3.10 sack, and Turk's Island at 53a55 cents "HAZARD & CASWELL'S COD-LIVER OIL," manufaein some instances show an advance. The offerings on bushel from store.

tured by Caswell, Hazard & Co., successors to Caswell, 'Change foot up 70,000 bushels Wheat, 15,000 bushels SHINGLES-Are in fine request at $11 72 M. for prime Corn, 60,000 bushels Oats, and 6.000 bushels Rye. Wheat No. 1 Cypress,

Mack & Co., New York. Sold by Druggists. The light has ruled very active, and the receipts have been | SHOT AND LEAD-Baltimore Drop is selling at 1114 straw-colored Cod-Liver Oil is decided by physicians readily sold at $2.40a2.55 for choice samples of white cents, and Mould at 1272 cents Ib., and Bar Lead at to be far superior to any of the brown oils. and red; $2.25a 2.35 for good to prime do.; $2a 2.10 for 101 cents. fair to good do., and $1.90a2 for common do. Corn has SUGAR-The market has ruled very quiet, and we met with quick sales at 90a93 cents for damp; prices hear of but few transactions. The sales include about Holloway's Pills.-Nothing is harder to deal with of white 98a 102 cents for dry do., new, and $1.05al.09 | 300 hhds, for refining and 200 hhds. Porto Rico and than a deeply-seated purulent sore. This all surgeons for prime new yellow; old is scarce; we quote white Demarara, for grocery purposes, at quotations. We at $1.05a1.08, and yellow at $1.10a1.15 cents. Oats have quote fair to good refining at llall4 cents, and gro

admit. And yet the worst species of sores-some of advanced; we note sales of prime Pennsylvania and cery at 1234a14), cents, as to quality.

them of ten and twenty years standing-have been Western at 73a95 cents. Rye is still in fair request at REFINED SUGARS—The market i is quiet at un

cured absolutely and entirely, in a few weeks, by $1.40a1.45 cents 3 bushel.

changed rates. Granulated, 105 cents; extra fine GINSENG-We note sales of Ginseng at 85a90 cents Powdered. 151. cents: A White. 147 cents: Circle A HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. Hospital practitioners, who şib.; Seneca Root, 35a38 cents; Snake Root, 35a38 cents; 1434 cents; B, 1186 cents: C Extra, 142 cents; C Yellow, have used it, acknowledge that none of the officinal Pink do. 10a15 cents; Blood' do., 7a8 cents, and Man- 1412; Yellow Coffee, 137, cents a lb. We quote Golden salves possess the same healing properties, and the drake or May Apple 5 cents ID."

Syrup at 80 cents gallon, and Monumental at 70 HIDES-Are in fair demand with light supplies. I cents.

public long ago arrived at the same conclusion. Sold We quote: City Association, Steers, 149a15 cents; TOBACCO-Under a moderate inquiry the market by all Druggists. Cows do.. 13a 13 cents: New salted, I has ruled steady, with sales to 8

ted, has ruled steady, with sales to a fair extent of both 12%a13%, cents; do, dry do, 17%a1812 cents; do, dry 20a Maryland and Western. We quote:

Seven per cent. Interest in Gold. 22 cents: Buenos Ayres 22a23%cents, gold; green Maryland frosted to common...

.....$3 750 4 50 salted Calf Skins $1.30a2.10, and dry $1.50a1.75 piece. Sound common...

... 5 006 5 50 The First Mortgage Seven Per Cent. Sinking Fund HOPS-Holders are asking 23 cents Bb for Eastern Good common

6 000 7 00 Bonds of the Rockford, Rock Island and St. Louis and 18 cents for Western, with sales only to a limited Middling.

8 000 10 00 extent.

Good to fine brown

10 000 15 00

Railroad Company pay both Principal and Interest in HAY AND STRAW-The demand continues good, Fancy...

17 00@ 25 00 GOLD COIN, free of Government Tax. with sales of prime Timothy at $18a 20, Rye Straw Upper country.....

7 00(a 35 00 Each bond is for $1,000, or £200 sterling, and is con$17a18. and Oat do, at $12.

Ground leaves, new ......

4 00@13 00 IRON AND NAILS—There has been very little lohio inferior to good common.

vertible into stock at the option of the holder. The

4 00a, 6 00 doing since our last report, and the market is quiet

brown and greenish..

7 00@ 800 coupons are payable Feb. 1 and Aug. 1, in New York and unchanged. We quote:

medium and fine red.......

9 00@13 00 or London, at the option of the holder.
Anthracite, No, 1......
$40 00@$41 00 ton. " com, to med, spangled.

8 000 13 00
38 00 @ 40 00 "
fine spangled and yellow.

15 000 001 The Road runs from Rockford in Northern Mlinois No. 3

34 00 36 00 "
Kentucky-common to good lugs....

8 00@10 00 to St. Louis, a distance, including tracks to Coal Mottied...

33 00@34 00 "

common to medium leaf...........11 00@14 00 | Mines, &c., of about 400 miles, and traverses the finest Baltimore Forge.

45 00 @ 46 00 "

good to fine.................................. 15 00@18 00 Scotch Pig 45 000 46 00 "

district of Illinois. select leaf................

............20 00 @ 25 00 Charcoal, Wheel ...........

45 00 00 00
MANUFACTURED-Is in fair demand forgood quality.

The Bonds have 50 years to run, and are a lien of

45 00 00 00 American ref. Baxs, ordinary sizes 90 00 We quote tax paid as follows:

$21,000 per mile upon the Company's Railroad and 00 00

Pounds and Half Pounds, Common........ 85 00@ 00 00

franchises, its coal lands-of which it has 20,000 acres, Fine bright........ American Sheet..

6 506 7 50 "
Good bright......

containing A HUNDRED MILLION TUNS OF Coal-its English Hoop .....

135 000 200 00 " Flat or Boiler ......

rolling stock, and property of every sort. Medium sound.

95 00@110 00 6 American Railroad Bars

90 00

Common sound.
80 00

A subscription of $8,800,000, at par, to the Capital English Bar...


15 90 00@ 95 00

Stock of the Company, furnishes a large part of the go


80 00 86 00 "

50 means required to construct and equip the road. Boiler Plates-Refined.

4 @5 cts. Ib.

50 m 55
Chesa peake...

Nearly half of the entire length of the Road is
C, No. 1....

Fives, Tens, and Twelves.


58 a 65 graded and substantially ready for the iron; the rails
Best flange......

50 © 55 are now arriving upon the line. The first division, Fire box..

81 a0016 NAILS-Duty, Cuti%cents; Wrought2cents; Horse

WOOL-We have no improvement to notice since giving an outlet to the coal, will be in operation in 6

our last report. The supply continues equal to the Shoe 5 cents; 5d. and upwards, $5; 3d., $6.50; 4d., $5.50.

days, and track-laying will from this time be prosedemand, and the market is generally dull and inLEATHER-Under a good inquiry and limited sup-l active. We quote Unwasbed 31a34 cents: do. Burry cated with the utmost energy till the last rail is in plies the market continues very firm and active. We 21a30 cents; Tub Washed 50a53cents; Pulled 31a38 cents. position. The Company intend to have the Road in quote Light rough Skirting at 40a43 cts.; Middling do. Fleece. Washed, 42a47 cents ab. 88a4l cts.: City Slaughtered 43a46 cts; Country do, 39a 41 | WHISKEY=Under a steady demand the market

readiness for the Autumn business of 1869. cts,; Spanish Sole 35a38 cents; Calf Skins, rough, 75a100 has ruled firm but not active. The sales include about The Bonds are for sale at 97% and accrued Interes: cents; and finished $1.60a1.65 a piece.

800 barrels at $1.07a1.08 7 gallon in the early part of the in currency, and may be obtained through bankers MOLASSES-A fair trade demand has prevailed week, and later at $1.061% down to $1.05 gallon, free,

and brokers throughout the country, or at the ofice of since our last report, and prices are firm. We note closing steady at the latter figures. the sale of 180 hhds. Porto Rico and English Island, in

the Company, No. 12 WALL STREET, New York. lots, at prices ranging within the limits of quotations,

The Trustees for the Bondholders is the UNION viz: 60a 65 cents 2 gallon.

Justin Bonnafous has recently establisher a MILL FEED-Is in fair request at 21 cents for Brown

TRUST COMPANY of New York. Stuffs, and 38 cents bushel for Middlings.


Pamphlets giving full information sent on applicaNAVAL STORES-Are inactive, and market dull in this city, where he offers to Gentlemen and Ladies tion

H. H. BOODY, Treasurer. and nominal. We quote Spirits Turpentine at 42a45 all the market affords. Having gone to much exper se cents ? gallon; Pitch $4 bbl.; Tar $3 for small, and $8.75 for Wilmington. Common Rosin $2.50a2.75a2.85 | in this trlal of French Cookery, and hoping at least a

ISCO BROTHERS, for No. 2, and $3a5 Pbbl. for No. 1. trial from the citizens of Baltimore, a call is respect

No. 14 NORTH CHARLES STREET, ONIONS-Are still in firm demand at $5a5.50 pabbi. fully solicited. No. 58 Fayette street, opposite the U.

Corner of Fayette street, Baltimore, MD, OILS AND CANDLES—The transactions are con- s. Court House, and adjoining Rennert's.

MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN fined to the wants of the trade, and we quote the market dull and nominal:

Coffee and Chocolate (just received from Paris) MASONIC. I. 0. 0. F.. SONS OF TEMPERANCE, Sperm Oil, winter...... ............$2 40 to $2 50 served in the French style.

And all other Societies' Patent .....

.. 1 35 to 1 10 Mr. BONNAFOUS (for many years Instructor of FencLard Oil... 1 40 to 1 45

REGALIA, JEWELS, &c., de. Whale Oil

i 20 to i 25 ing and Sword Exercise at the Naval Academy, AnCoal Oil...

30 to 31 napolis,) has devoted a chamber to these exercises, & S. STEVENS & SON, West Virginia Lubricating

50 to 55 wb

? where he will give lessons at hours and prices to suit o Tanners' OLI............ 1 00 to 105

FURNITURE, ........** Linseed....

oo to i 00 | pupils. For further information apply at the "Maison Sperm Candles............. 50 to 53 Bonnafous."

No. 3 South Calvert street,

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