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1 all, that they be brief. For this purpose we mean the statutes, the forms, and the institutions of the EDITORIAL ARTICLES: General Grant..........

to reserve one or more pages, according to the North, but also its language, in the sense, that in Political Lying....

space at our command, in every number of our the employment of words to express their feelings Restoration........

and intentions they must give the assurance that The Elections..

paper. Under this head the largest liberty of Art-Education in England...............

their meaning is precisely what Northern men expression and widest latitude of discussion, con- I would indicate by the same words. The declaraBOOK NOTICES: Bulwer's Miscellanies.......

sistent with good taste and propriety, will be al- tions made by General Lee and other Southern Some New Novels................ Poetry ...........

10 lowed. As the Editors do not propose to be re- representative men, in the Rosecrans correspondNEWS OF THE WEEK-A Summary of Domestic and

ence, are therefore deemed worthless proofs of the 10 sponsible for the opinions of their correspondents, Foreign Intelligence....

temper of the South, because it does not appear WEEKLY REVIEW OF THE MARKETS.

that they convey the same ideas a Northern Rad

controversial in its character, or likely to provoke ical would express by the same language. | We do not design to attempt any formal Salu

controversy, provided the argument be conducted tatory. The PROSPECTUS of the paper we pro

with fairness and temper, and the subject be one The opposition to Butler's re-election, from the pose to publish will be found in its appropriate

in the ventilation of which the Public have an Fifth Massachusetts District, seems to be organplace in our advertising pages. We know that interest.

ized and formidable. The Convention which we shall be judged, not by our professions, but by


nominated Mr. Dana adopted a preamble in which our works. Thus much only it may be fair to say

Butler's character is sharply analyzed ; and while

No. 162 Baltimore Street, in advance that we are Democrats, in the sense

his shrewdness and ability, "of a certain sort," Baltimore.

are recognized, his moral and political unfitness in which that term has always been understood in

are very plainly set forth. These people seem to American Politics. Political organizations may

Events of the Week.

comprehend, at last, that the ignominy which not always be consistent—no more are party man| The speech of Mr. John Quincy Adams, at

attaches to a representative must be shared by acers invariably the wisest or honestest of men-I Columbia, S. C., on Monday last, is distinguished

1 his constituents.

So far as this opposition involves questions of but whatever measure of inconsistency, of occa- by great earnestness. It seems to be the uttersional departure from principle, or even of down- ance of one deeply impressed with the peculiar

taste, it, of course, has our sympathy. So far as

|it presents a question of political propriety, we are right political corruption, may be justly chargea- and difficult position of the people to whom it was

| bound to declare that it is inconsistent. Butler addressed. Its spirit is certainly commendable, ble to the Party or its leaders, at any particular and although there are evidences of an incomplete

has exhibited no trait, during his service in Conjuncture of its history, we have an abiding faith 8 Taith comprehension of all the phases of the questions

gress, which was not strictly representative of the in the historical truth, permanent vitality, and discussed, many of its views will be acceptable to

party by which he was elected. His animosity to

the South, his warfare upon the President, his ultimate supremacy of Democratic principles. the thoughtful people of the South. We doubt,

violation of private correspondence-indeed, his Were we to renounce that faith we should lose all however, whether it will be received with much cond favor at the North. Its two elements of truth

whole conduct-has been shaped by a restless hope for the political future of our Country, and and kindliness will not commend it to that class of

anxiety to rise to the leadership of a party, whose we propose to make the Roman motto our own: wo: politicians who employ every appliance of false

nature and demands he has most shrewedly "Never to despair of the Republic.” As we value hood to excite Northern rancor against the South.

studied. His defeat would, therefore, remove Principles above Party or Men, we hold that our But severity of criticism will be particularly

from the House of Representatives a member

who, more accurately than any other, indicates party allegiance does not bind us to a blind fol- aroused by Mr. Adams' estimate of the character and and consequences of the controlling sentiment of

the real character of radical republicanism. But lowing of either; but, as occasion may justify anda!

for the evil times which have come upon us, the his own section. He describes it as unreasoning require, trust to be found free enough and candid ad and intemperate; and declares that if its purposes

country would have escaped Radicalism and been in our criticisms upon both. We claim to be ac-are persistently followed out, it will be impossible

spared the disgrace of Butler. With the con

tinuance of the one, it would be illogical not to tuated by a sincere Love of Country, and shall for any tolerable Government to continue long in

have the other. We have lost so much of natherefore be all the more steadfast to oppose the this country. It will degenerate, he prophesies, Factions and Demagogues that threaten the Coun-| at threaten the Coun

tional character already, that we need not be "into a mere squabble of contending factions for a chance to oppress, for a time, their less active

squeamish about any lack of individual reputatry's ruin. Proposing to express our own opinor less numerous opponents." Beyond this im

tion; and unless the dissenting Republicans of ions freely at all times, upon all subjects which we mediate result, Mr. Adams does not lift the veil:

the Essex District are prepared to repudiate their may consider legitimate topics of newspaper dis- but his mind seems to be too acute not to have

own political faith, they have no justification for

throwing over one who is the arch-type both of cussion, we invite our readers and friends, within comprehended all the ulterior consequences of

its nature and its tendencies. reasonable bounds, to an equally free expression Radical government. of theirs. Under the head of CORRESPONDENCE A leading Republican paper demands that the The official Report in regard to the Camilla we will publish willingly communications on mat- Southern States shall accept and embody in their riot, which has come to hand within the past few ters of public interest from any trustworthy and laws what it styles the Northern theory of society days, and of which a synopsis was given in the respectable source, subject to the single restriction

e restriction and government. Nothing short of an entire wil- daily papers of Monday, utterly fails to sustain

|lingness, on their part, to abandon every tradi- the exaggerated version of the affair to which we that they shall be brief, and accompanied by the

etion, custom and practice of the past, will be have been treated by the Republican press. When name of the writer, not for publication, unless deemed sufficient evidence of their submission to the news of the occurrence was first received, the desired, but as a guarantee of good faith; above the results of the war, They must adopt not only bloody details were spread at large in the columns of the Radical papers, under the taking caption Will our Radical orators and journalists have the State in the Union-in every civilized country-it of " Another Wholesale Massacre''-"From Fifty honesty to acknowledge the falsity of these mon- has been found necessary to repress, by severe to One Hundred Black and White Unionists Mur- strous fabrications? We opine not. The lie as legislation, the practice of carrying weapons. dered in Cold-Blood by Georgia Rebels''—"The it stood was too serviceable a one to admit of cor- With the newly enfranchised negro, it is the Fugitives Hunted for Miles and Devoured by rection."

| height of ambition to own a gun and to ride a Dogs”—“A Bloody Holiday for Southern Demo

mule. When at the close of the war the white arats " According to the official Report just re- ' Some hypercritical Republicans find fresh cause population of the South were being deprived by ferred to, the actual number of persons killed was of complaint against the unfortunate citizens of military authority of all arms capable of being o. of wounded from 20 to 25. The Report is Camilla (Ga.) in the fact that no “crowner's used for military purposes, every old musket and made by Capt. Mills. 16th U. S. Infantry, to quest” was held over the victims of the so-called pistol that was offered for sale found a ready purwhom the task of investigation was specially con- massacre.” The fact is that the prompt action chaser among the negroes. We ourselves have fided by Gen. Sibley. Gen. Meade, whose en-of the military authorities entirely obviated the seen negroes working in the cotton-patch with dorsement. however, is worth nothing, says of necessity of any civil investigation. Besides, as navy six-shooters buckled about their waists. We Capt. Mills, that he is an officer of "cool, sound the county authorities were themselves implicated have seen the hands accompanying the cottonindoment, and free from prejudice or party bias." [in the pretended "outrage," of what avail in Rad- wagons on their way to the railroad depot or river He was assisted in his investigations by Maj. 0. ieal eyes would have been an investigation con- landing, every fellow equipped with a gun, and

Howard. Sub-Assistant Commissioner of the ducted by the supposed criminals? The very men have heard the same parties returning at night, Trodmen's Bureau. From the testimony of these who would have constituted the coroner's jury (inflamed with whiskey, whooping like savages, un officers we learn that the citizens of Camilla would have been the actors in the alleged riot. and firing at random as they passed along the annesred desirous that the occurrences of the 19th Would anybody North have accepted their verdict country roads, filling women's hearts with vague inst. should be investigated." It is a fair pre- in their own justification? Yet we have seen in apprehensions of coming evil, and causing men's sumption that these citizens” were not conscious-a Radical paper published in this city, ly guilty.--at all events, of the enormities with past week, this further circumstance of aggrava- might yet be before them. It is this mass of which they have been charged by their Radical |tion in the crime committed by the citizens of Ca-Icombustible tow which only needs the spark of

w further learn that at the date milla—that of defending their own families and Radical malice-fanned into flame by the wing ofi

02 only four days after homes from murder and rapine-paraded in fla- Radical power to be enkindled into a conflagrathe riot, “the colored people and whites were ming capitals as the caption of an article, "The tion. peaceably disposed towards each other.” Hence, Dead buried like Dogs without an Inquest." we may infer that the collision was not an out

We do not propose to make a weekly summary break of smothered hate, or the result of any pre-| After perusing the details of what occurred at of the events which show the fearful condition of vious deep-seated animosity, but that, if not Camilla on the 19th of September, we do not the South. The record of negro outrage; perpe- . wholly accidental in its origin, it must, at least, wonder that the owners and captains of the Ar-strated under the guidance of whites, who are have had some special and immediate cause. Forkansas and White river boats have steadily refused alike traitors to their race and to humanity, would that cause, we need not look beyond the facts into transport from Memphis the 4.000 stand ofl be equally voluminous and horrible. . " the Report. It resulted solely from the assem-Jarms recently sent from St. Louis to that place. The policy which stimulates these outrages blage of a band of two or three hundred negroes, designed for Little Rock, for distribution among would be deemed the extremity of political crime half of whom were armed, gathered up in the two the black cohorts of the Union League. The did not the protection, which power extends to counties of Dougherty and Mitchell, under the sinister purpose with which these arms are being the criminal, go one degree beyond in enormty:. leadership of the white Radicals, Pierce and Mur- sent, admits of no disguise. To provoke collisions- | The exceptions are rare indeed where, in every phy, for the ostensible purpose of holding a polit- to bring about bloodshed, with the view of in- conflict between the two races, the negro offender ical meeting at Camilla, but which the citizens of fluencing the Presidential election-has been the is not shielded, and the strength of official authat place and the Sheriff of the county evidently persistent end and aim of the Radical policy in/thority is not devoted to the calumination of the regarded as in violation of the Governor's procla- the South since the beginning of the canvass. whites. mation forbidding armed organizations for politi. There was a proposition last summer in Congress, ! In some intelligence from Lynchburg we have cal purposes, and whose persistent approach, after which fell through, to distribute arms throughout a new phase of the effect produced upon the negro warning and remonstrance, gave rise to serious the Southern States to loyal men. Now, the at- mind by the teachings of Radical emissaries. It apprehensions on the part of the white inhabit-tempt is made to accomplish the same object by seems that a number of large tobacco factories at ants, as well as the officers of the law, that an at-private enterprise. Do the incendiaries, who to that place have been closed from various reasons tack was meditated and that life and property and efoet e temporary purpose are thus putting arms of expediency connected with the business interthe public peace were actually endangered. The in the hands of the negro, realize that they are ests of their owners. The result is that hundreds Sheriff, accordingly, finding his expostulations sowing the seed whose harvest may be the whirl- of negro workmen have been necessarily thrown with the negroes and their captains unheeded, wind? Do they not know that, should a war of out of employment. summoned the citizens to have their arms in races—which may God forbid-ever be unhappilyDeluded by their self-constituted instructors, readiness to assist him in preserving the peace. provoked, the "blood, which is thicker than these poor wretches believe that antipathy to The citizens by whom the armed horde of negroes water," must conquer in the contest—that the them has alone influenced the manufacturers ; was dispersed acted, therefore, as a civil posse white man of Indiana and Illinois will be the ally and, consequently, they have sought the usual comitatus, under the orders of the Sheriff. The in such a war, of his suffering brother in Carolina negro revenge, by applying the torch to a numviolence used, and the blood actually spilt on the and Louisiana, and that the end will be that the ber of the largest factories. occasion, was less than might have been expected Anglo Saxon will remain master of the field, and Now, is the Southern employer to understand under the circumstances. Of the additional hor- that the African will miserably perish, the victim that henceforth he must pay wages to negro rors with which our Northern contemporaries and the dupe of Northern mis-called philanthropy? | laborers, at ruinous loss to himself, or accept, as have garnished the tale, we find not one word of In one of the affidavits appended to the Camilla an alternative, the destruction of his property ? confirmation in the Report. We read nothing Report-that of a negro who left his work in the

—that of a negro who left his work in the Does this belong to that Northern theory of society there of the fierce pursuit continued all through cotton-field at the bidding of the Radical leaders which we are told must be adopted and accepted the hours of the night-of the woods being scoured to join in the demonstration which led to all the by the South ? Possibly, the Northern insurance with packs of dogs-of the deep baying of the mischief-it is stated that a portion of the freed-capitalists may have an opinion on this point... hounds mingling in the darkness with the cries of men had guns, as is customary with them on all the wretched fugitives who were being torn to occasions." We cannot imagine a more per- We have a Royal Proclamation proroguing the pieces by the ferocious brutes-of negroes, by the picious custom, one fuller of evil omen, or likelier two Houses of Congress, which were to have dozen, being drowned like blind puppies in a pond. Ito lead to disastrous consequences. In every met on Friday of this week, until the 10th of Nor

vember next. The Proclamation, Edict, Ukase of perfect union," declare by statute that there is no bly no man can fill the place his death has left the Czar, Firman of the Sultan, or whatever else distinctive color marking one race from the other. vacant in that State. it may be like unto, was issued at Dayton, Ohio, Whether his ancestry be from Congo or Dahomey, ! Personally, Mr. Cobb was genial, frank, and on Saturday last. It is signed by R. C. Schenck, or from the unexplored regions seen dimly from courteous. As a raconteur, he had few equals. a gentleman of whom, in his military capacity, the Mountains of the Moon, the negro of Georgia His reminiscences of public men and events were the citizens of Baltimore doubtless have a lively is to become, by force of law in such case made singularly interesting; while the wit with which and grateful recollection. It is addressed to the and provided, to all intents and purposes, if not a he pointed each anecdote sparkled like chamSecretary of the Revolutionary Junta, which, white man, by no means a black man. This is pagne. Few who have heard his reminiscences of under the name of the Republican Congressional one of the latest demands of Radical philosophy. the inner political life at Washington, will fail Committee, watches over the destinies of the Re- The natural question, If neither black nor white to regret that he did not leave behind him a public (stat nominis umbra) during the recess of-what is he? is answered by the suggestion that memoir by which they might have been preCongress. The Secretary's name is Tulloch. he must be regarded as an ignorant man of mer-served. Tulloch is duly apprised that "Senator Morgan curial temperament," taken up tenderly, nursed His death has furnished occasion for ill-temand Representative Schenck have decided it not gently, and all his violations of law and propriety pered notices of his life in many of the Northern necessary to notify a quorum of Congress to meet attributed to the eccentricity of his nature. papers. But throughout the whole South it will on the 16th. Presiding officers," it is added, With the Caucasian, crime is always deemed evoke but the voices of mourning and eulogy. "will adjourn their Houses to November 10th.” to be deliberate and predetermined-and it is, very Senator Morgan and Representative Schenck have generally, punished with severity. But the negro One day this week, according to a cable disspoken. President Wade and Speaker Colfax possesses the immunity of peculiarity. Murder, patch, Mr. John P. Hale, the American Minister will obey. Under that venerable but now obso- rapine, arson-are all the results of a mercurial at Madrid, waited on Marshal Serrano, the head lete instrument, the Constitution of the United temperament, simple evidences of its elasticity, of the Revolutionary Government just established States, it used to be the province of the President and, as such, are rather to be admired than pun- in Spain, and congratulated him on the work “on extraordinary occasions, to convene both ished. We believe it was once an apology for already accomplished-and, by way of encourageHouses, or either of them, and, in case of disa- some election riots of a heinous character, that ment to the Marshal and his colleagues to congreement between them, with respect to the time "Freemen were disporting themselves." Those tinue in the path of well-doing, intimated the of adjournment, to adjourn them to such time as freemen happened to be white, and the excuse probability of a recognition of the new Governhe may think proper.” In the form of govern- was not admitted. With the negro, it must be ment by the United States "before the lapse of a ment under which we live, this function has de- good. He is mercurial and ignorant, and there-year.” That Mr. Hale spoke with the proper scended to Senator Morgan and Representative fore must be petted and protected into a condi caution of a prudent diplomatist--that he said no Schenck. Further than noting the fact as one of tion of absolute irresponsibility to law, to order, more than he was fully warranted in saying—is the events of the week, illustrating Republican to society. .

shown by the fact that the very next day, in an progress, we do not wish to be understood as re-l Seriously, such is the demand of radicalism.official interview with the Duke de la Torre, he gretting in the least this further postponement of Not inferential and, therefore, possibly mistaken, announced the formal recognition of the Prothe meeting of the Two Houses." We are not but distinctly asserted, as a necessary feature in visional Government by the Government of the aware that any, the least possible amount of good, every Southern Code—to be recognized socially United States. This country has therefore been could result from an adjourned session of Congress and politically--that there is no distinction of the first to recognize the change which has taken at this time. It could only afford an opportunity color between the races-merely a difference in place in Spain. What will be the next changefor further mischief. It is some satisfaction to temperament.

or how soon-are questions which, at present, know that Radical Congressmen are too busy with

are outside even the pale of conjecture. So their own schemes for re-election and the demands The announcement of the sudden death of the far as the expulsion of Queen Isabella is of the Presidential canvass to find time for fur- Hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia, at the Fifth concerned, the revolution is a fixed fact, and ther legislation just now. It is indicative that | Avenue Hotel in New York, on Friday of last there is no danger that it will go backwards. they have their hands full.

week, will be received with almost universal sor- Beyond this, Spain is evidently in a tran

row in his native State. Our readers are familiar sition state, and upon what basis her affairs The disposition of the Radicals to appeal from with his distinguished political career, and the will finally settle down is hard to say. One the dominion of the laws to brute force, is well marked ability with which he discharged every thing is certain : the Revolution has been accomillustrated in a letter to the New York Tribune, public duty.

plished with the greatest unanimity. So far from of recent date, from its Baltimore correspondent. Admitted to the bar at the age of twenty-one, being the work of a few disaffected aud disgraced Referring to a pretended conspiracy on the part of he served as Presidential elector in the same Generals, or owing its strength solely to the adMaryland Democrats to colonize voters in Pennsyl- year, and soon after was elected District Attorney hesion of the Army and Navy, as was at first vania, in view of last Tuesday's election, this of his judicial circuit. Entering Congress before suggested, it appears to have partaken of the truculent individual gives the following sangui- he had attained the age of thirty, he rapidly rose character of a great national uprising, in which all nary advice : "Let Philadelphia Republicans look to a position of commanding influence, became the provinces have joined, and all classes of the out for an army of fraudulent Democratic voters the leader of his party, and in the Thirty-first people have sympathized. The resistance interin October, and furnish such as may be caught Congress was elected Speaker of the House. I posed by the Queen's Government hardly amountwith coffins.It is well that the courage of these He was appointed by Mr. Buchanan, Secretary of ed to a show of opposition. The throne fell would-be assassins is not equal to their malignity, the Treasury, having previously been elected almost without a blow. It is probably due in otherwise it would not be long before the flames Governor of Georgia by an unprecedented ma- great measure to this absence of anything like an of civil war would be again lighted in our land. jority.

opposition calculated to inflame the passions, that Happily more pacific, as well as prudent, coun- His services under the Confederate Government, the proceedings of the Revolutionists have been sels prevailed on the day of election, and the con- I both in council and in the field, are well known. (marked with so much moderation. The reforms test closed without that appeal to force which He was earnest, zealous, patriotic, and self-sacri- which have been inaugurated, while necessarily "our special correspondent” was so prone to in- ' ficing: seeking the public good, and careless of involving a great change from the old order of vite, but which we doubt not he, and all such his personal aggrandizement. This indifference things, are not greater than were required to place blusterers, would be the first to shrink froin. to mere personal distinction will explain why he Spain in the same advanced stage of progress with

did not fill a position more directly connected with other leading powers of Europe. The most One of the new ideas of Radical progress is, the administration of public affairs in the Con- marked of these changes has been that which has that the South shall be required to ignore the fact federacy; while it conceals the character and proclaimed the largest liberty of worship and that the negro is black. The Southern whites must, extent of the service he actually rendered. His freedom of conscience in a country which has 19 A condition precedent to a returrrto a more popularity in Georgia was unbounded, and proba-l heretofore been regarded as the most bigoted

o the bar at the hostor in the same hesion of the Army

in Christendom. Whatever trials and difficulties weeks. Prussia gained all she wanted, and Napo- who flourished before and since Agamemnon, the the Spaniards may have to encounter before they leon was no longer the setter-up and puller-down partiality and self-glorification of American Hisget their Government settled upon a sure and of nations. The remarkable disclosure of this tory had added more than our proportionate share permanent foundation, no man can question that piece of secret history has covered La Marmora prior to the recent war. Since its termination the the Revolution which our Government has been with deserved disgrace, and will not tend to in- science of Algebra, dealing in unknown quantities, thus prompt to recognize will be the parent of crease the good will of Prussia towards the selfish is alone equal to the computation of their nummany needful and hopeful reforms in the condi- and crafty despot who rules over the destinies of bers. tion of the Spanish people, and that it will lead France.

To say that General Grant is distinguished is to a solid advance in the material prosperity of the

to recognize an undoubted fact. Indeed, it would Peninsula The kind wishes of which Mr. Hale. It is surmised that the prompt recognition by be difficult to find a parallel instance of such sudwas made the bearer on the part of the Govern- our Government of the Provisional Junta in Spain den and brilliant changes as fortune has brought ment and people of the United States, are heartily may encourage the agent for the Cretan insurg-| to him within a very few years. The hopeless and re-echoed by all who remember with gratitude the ents, who is now in Washington, to ask for a sim- broken-down Captain of 1861 is to-day the Comgenerous sympathies of Spain in our own struggle ilar recognition of the revolution he represents. mander-in-Chief of the army, from one of whose for Independence, and who would rejoice to see He may be emboldened to ask, but whether the subordinate grades he was all but driven in disthe glories of the ancient Monarchy revived in Government will be justified in granting is another grace. His name is identified forever with a the happiness and prosperity of the restored question. It has always been the practice of the most gigantic war, the events of which have proNation.

United States, only departed from in the cases of duced the gravest social and political changes.

the Emperor Maximilian, and the Southern Con- New thoughts, new theories and new applications The shameful developments which have come tederacy, to recognize governments

federacy, to recognize governments de facto after of established principles are the logical results of to light in the course of the recent controversy they have given eviden

pay they have given evidence of their ability to main- great historical crises; and that portion of Amerbetween the Italian General La Marmora and the

tain themselves—but whether the Cretan revolt is ican history which will record the events of the Prussian Count Usedom are not likely to promote en

nuomote entitled to the consideration due to a successful great civil war of the century, must necessarily a good understanding between France and Prus-ter

us revolution may well be doubted. Certainly there contain much that will belong to any biography of sia. La Marmora was in 1866 President of the

is a world-wide difference between the regularly its most successful General. Italian Cabinet and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

organized Government established in Spain, al-| But to say that General Grant is great, in the Count Usedom was at the same time Prussian

most without opposition, and the precarious au- sense that one would speak of Washington, of

h Envoy in Italy. La Marmora, smarting under

thority exercised by the insurgent chiefs who lead Napoleon, or of Wellington, as distinguished by the Prussian's criticism upon the operations of

the hardy mountaineers of Crete to battle against that designation, would be to declare what few

the Turkish forces. The one case can scarcely be have seriously asserted—what none have accepted the Italian army in the neighborhood of the

considered a precedent for the other, particularly as true. Indeed, underlying all the excitements Quadrilateral during the summer of 1866, has

in view of the fact that in Spain it was merely and passions of the hour, there is an instinctive thought proper, in vindication of his military

a question of a change in the organic law; in Crete popular judgment which, rejecting all countercharacter, but at the total sacrifice of his charac

it is a struggle for a separate national existence. feits, will be content with nothing but the true ter as a patriot and a man, to disclose the fact that what he did, he did under the advice and at

gold; and that decision which places Washingthe suggestion of the Emperor of the French. /.

In dignity, tone, style, temper and purpose, ton upon an unapproachable elevation, in the esThe Prussian plan of campaign, communicated

Henry Ward Beecher's recent address, at Brook- timation of the civilized nations, shrinks from the to the Italian Cabinet at the commencement of ,1,

of lyn, upon the issues of the canvass, presents the presumption which would make Lincoln his peer the war, involved two things—the concentration

on broadest contrast to that of Mr. Adams. The in his civic renown, or trace, in the career of of the Prussian armies for a march upon the

Massachusetts layman proclaimed a gospel of Grant, the parallel of his military glory. Austrian capital by way of Bohemia, and the pea

o peace and good will; the Plymouth priest uttered! Recognizing the true position of Grant, both

the words of rancor and strife. prevention of a similar concentration of forces on

The character of as a soldier and the candidate of a formidable and the part of the Austrians to repel the attack, by his discourse seems to have been advertised in ad- powerful party for the Chief Magistracy of the a skillful disposition of the Italian armies threat

vance to his impatient auditors by a pictorial cur-country, we have neither wish nor purpose to unening Vienna from the South, by way of Venetia

notia tain, upon one side of which was repeated the derrate his character. The day is very near which Tyrol. This plan of campaign La Mar Chicago absurdity of the Goddess of Liberty vain

may decide how important to the people will be mora most infamously betrayed to the Emperor ly trying to match a stolid looking man in uni

every peculiarity of his temperament, every chartreason stop here. To form; while upon the other, there was a picture acteristic of his nature, and every habit of his frustrate the Prussian plan of campaign, Napoleon of Seymour leaning against a lamp-post, from the life. It is, therefore, a suggestion of both interinstructed La Marmora to fight and lose the battle cross bar of which a negro was hanging, while in est and duty which leads us to attempt a brief of Custozza. By this means he proposed to de- the

.. the distance an orphan asylum was seen burning. estimate of them all. prive Prussia of the co-operation of her Italian This exquisite design was greeted with mu

an This exquisite design was greeted with much ap! It would be very unjust to form any judgment ly_to redna the Italian army to the necessity plause by the audience and the most distin- from such materials is presented withor in the of inaction for the balance of the campaign-to guished

inguished citizens of Brooklyn" who'sat upon the senile recollections of his father or the fulsome enable the Archduke Albrecht, in command of platform. The reporter declares it to have been biographies of his adjutants. It would be worse the Austrian forces in Italy, to reinforce Benedek "very apropos-and we are of the same opinion, than

than injustice to accept as true the bitter diatribes in Bohemia, and thus, by the concentration of all after reading the harangue it prefaced.

of Wendell Phillips or the earnest condemnation the Austrian armies, either to overwhelm the

of Horace Greeley. And yet the poverty of his Prussians or indefinitely prolong the war until


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