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WM. KNABE & Co.,


Founder of the Old and Favorably-known House of




No. 262 BALTIMORE STREET, No. 350 West Baltimore Street, near Eutaw,


Have Removed to their


Are prepared to offer Goods in their line, at prices

that will compare favorably with those of any other NEW WAREROOMS,

market. These Instruments have been before the public for

nearly thirty years, and upon their excellence alone! Their Stock of SCHOOL, LAW, MEDICAL, and No. 55 MERCER STREET, NEW YORK.

attained an un-purchased pre-eminence, which pronoun- MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS is large and well selected.
ces them unequaled. Their

A large and varied assortment of

FOREIGN AND AMERICAN STATIONERY combines great power, sweetness and fine singing can always be found at their establishment. quality, as well as great purity of intonation, and even: They keep constantly on hand a full supply of ness throughout the entire scale. Their


of different styles and of their own manufacture. is pliant and elastic, and entirely free from thestiffness Having a Bindery connected with their Store, they The great increase in the demand for our PIANO I found in so many Pianos. In

are, at all times, able, at short notice, to fill orders for FORTES throughout the country have compelled us


Blank Books, ruled to any pattern, or of any desired to extend our Manufacturing facilities to three times

they are unexcelled, using none but the very best SEA-style of Binding. their former size, and having added many

SONED MATERIAL, the large capital employed in our
business enabling us to keep continually an immense

Orders, received by mail, will meet with prompt New Improvements in Manufacturing, stock of lumber, etc., on hand.


AT All our SQUARE PIANOS have our New Im- AD-You are requested to call and examine our Stock we shall continue to keep our prices the same as they

hey proved Overstrung scale and the AGRAFFE TREBLE. and Prices before purchasing elsewhere. always have been, the LOWEST of any

We would call special attention to our late improve-
ments in

First-Class Piano-Forte Maker


THEM. by at least One-Third, and we respectfully solicit


A reprint of a series of articles in the Saturday Reparties about purchasing to a comparison with all Which bring the Piano nearer perfection than has yet view. With an introduction by

been attained.


Every Piano Fully Warranted for Five Years! Introduction.

Ambitious Wives.

The Girl of the Period. Platonic Women, 66 GOLDEN - CHORD.” – ESTEY'S COTTAGE, Sole Wholesale Agency for CARHART & NEED Foolish Virgins.

Man and his Master. T HARMONIC, AND BOUDOIR ORGANS. HAM'S Celebrated

Little Women.

The Goose and the GanParlor Organs and Church Harmoniums, Pinchbeck.


Feminine Affectations. Engagements.

Ideal Women,

Woman in Orders. Baltimore Organs,

Woman and the World. Woman and her Critics. Manufactured by EDWARDS, LEE & Co., Baltimore, Md.

Unequal Marriages.

Mistress & Maid on Dress Husband Hunting.

and Undress. WM. KNABE & CO.,

Perils of “Paying Atten Æsthetic Woman.

What is Woman's Work?
No. 350 West Baltimore Street, Near Eritaw, Women's Heroines.

Papal Woman.

Modern Mothers.

Plain Girls.

Priesthood of Woman.

A Word for Female Van- The Future of Woman.

Costume and its Morals, Is everywhere pronounced, by competent judges, to

The Abuse of Match-Mak- La Femme Passée. ing.

The Fading Flower. be superior to others for the following reasons : Feminine Influence. Pretty Preachers, It is made of the finest stock grown.


Spoilt Women.
It has a mild and agreeable aroma.

In one vol., 12mo., handsomely printed and bound
It is anti-nervous in its effects, as

in cloth, bevelled boards. Price $2. For sale by all It is free from drugs, the Nicotine

booksellers. Having also been extracted.

Sent by the Publisher, post paid, on receipt of the It leaves no acrid, disagreeable aftertaste.


J. S. REDFIELD, Publisher.
Does not sting or burn the tongue.

140 Fulton street, New York.
Leaves no offensive odor in the room.
Orders for elegant Meerschaum Pipes
Are daily packed in various bags.

It is of a bright golden color.

Being very light, one pound will last

Two to three times as long as others. The genuine VOX-PLUMANA TREMOLO is found

Buy it, try it, and convince yourself. If only on these Organs,

Your dealer does not keep it, ask him to get it.
First-class New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore


Is also a very good article, and makes an excellent

smoke. It is much lower in price and of heavier body 79 W. FAYETTE ST., ONE DOOR FROM CHARLES, than the former, and its sale, wherever introduced, is Artistic Surgeon, respectfully offers his services in the BALTIMORE, MD.

not only permanent, but constantly on the increase. application of his Rupture Curative Appliances, at

itv and Town in the Orders for elegant Meerschaum Pipes are also placed his office, HT An Agent wanted in every City and Town in the

in the various bags of this brand daily. Sonth.

697 BROADWAY, corner 4th Street, Be sure you get Lorillard's.

The great experience of DR. SHERMAN, resulting
We are still packing $100 daily in Century Chewing from his long and constant devotion to the Treatment
Tobacco, and have lately improved its quality v

very and Cure of this disease, assures him of his ability to much.

relieve all, without regard to the age of the patient, or PIANO ROOMS,

duration of the infirmity, or the difficulties which
AGENTS WANTED-For the Standard and Om-

they may have heretofore encountered in seeking recial Lives of

lief. Dr. s., as Principal of the Rupture Curative In

stitute, New Orleans, for a period of more than fifteen Hon. Horatio Seymour and Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair,

years, had under his care the worst cases in the counBy JAMES D. MCCABE, Jr.,

try, all of which were effectually relieved, and many,

to their great joy, restored to a sound body. STEINWAY & SON'S

1 None of the pains and injuries, resulting from the of the Union, and authorized by the subjects.

use of other Trusses, are found in Dr. Sherman's ApA book for every true patriot and friend of Constpliances : and. with a full knowledge of the assertion, · GRAND SQUARE

tutional Liberty in the land. It is singularly valua he promises greater security and comfort, with a daily

ble and attractive to all Conservatives, irrespective of improvement in the disease, than can be obtained of PIANO FORTES. party, and is indispensable to a correct understanding any other person, or the inventions of any other perof the political issues of the day.

son in the United States. Agents in all parts of the country pronounce it the Prices to suit all classes. It is the only, as well as best selling subscription book in the field, and we ai' the cheapest, remedy ever offered the afflicted. Phovise every canvasser who wants to make money fas.

tographic likenesses of cases before and after treatto send for circulars, and see our liberal terms and al CABINET ORGANS.

ment furnished on receipt of two 3 cent stamps. full description of this great standard work.

Its official character, ready sale and low price make

it all that agents desire, while its political and histor-
ical value renders its delivery to subscribers a task of

no difficulty or labor whatever. Drop all inferior

works, and send for circulars for the Standard and 327 PEARL STREET (HARPERS' BUILDING)
Official Lives of SEYMOUR and BLAIR.

For terms, address the

Are constantly supplied with PRINTING JNK of the

best qualities, which they are selling at prices lower 80 WEST FAYETTE STREET. !

411 Broome street, New York. than any other house in the United States.

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Prices from $100 to $1,000.

Warranted Six Years.

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Established 1836.


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Selected Foreign & American Literature,

Nos. 46, 48 and 50 White Street, New York. TENOR the immediate relief and permanent cure of

PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY T that condition which unfits the sufferer from per

Having completed the alterations in our store, we forming the duties of life, and which arises from a


now call attention to our largely increased lines of morbid condition of the Kidneys and Bladder, and re


49 LEXINGTON STREET, BALTIMORE, sults in nervous prostration and debility.

COVERS, OIL CLOTHS, CLOTHS and CASSIIt is adapted to all derangements of the URINARY

At $4.00 per Annum.

MERES, NOTIONS, HOSIERY, WHITE ORGANS. It strengthens the system, and gives


The publication of "The New Eclectic" was com

menced with January, 1868. It has met with such imto all who use it and follow my directions. It never mediate and flattering recognition throughout the of which we are the Sole Importers, and for the fails to remove whole country, that the Publishers feel a degree of

present the prices will be: WEAK NERVES

DIMNESS OF VISION confidence in recommending it to more extended HEADACHE.




E.....................70c. | 1..... favor. NERVOUS DEBILITY, NERVOUS TREMBLING Some of its distinguishing features are:

........550. Ist. That it makes its selections from the whole field which, if neglected, will assuredly lead on to

....................$1.06 ......650.

I H... of current periodical literature, including the most

..........90c. INSANITY OR CONSUMPTION. esteemed publications in France, England, Germany

To meet the unprecedented demand for these ALWhen the system is once affected it will not recover and America,

PACAS, we have made arrangements for weekly without help. It must be

2nd That it is identified with no political party o shipments from Europe, so that our customers can be INVIGORATED AND STRENGTHENED. religious sect, but in the sole wish to discover truth.

supplied at once with any "LETTER" they may need. to promote liberal culture, and a thoroughly informed

Also-6-4 and 8-4 PURE MOHAIR (our own shade Sold by Principal Druggists Generally. and discreet Christian activity, it will seek to repre

lof black): BLACK POPLIN ALPACA (our own shade Depot-- Corner W. Baltimore and Fremont Sts. sent, as fairly as its space will allow the best and I of black); COLORED POPLIN ALPACA: WHITE BALTIMORE. truest views of various schools and parties.

do. do.: WHITE PURE MOHAIRS: WHITE ALPA3rd. The subject of Education will receive


BLACK do, do.. (for mourning); Australian CREPE, attention. Price $1 per Bottle---Six Bottles for $5. 4th. A pleasing variety of articles will be given in (for mourning); BLACK SILKS; BLACK SILK VEL

VETS: FANCY PLAID POPLINS for Children: VEIL each number, including Scientific and Artistic subTO THE AFFLICTED.

BAREGES: WOOL DELAINES: French MERINOS: I have used this remedy in my private practice with

jects. unvarying success for many years. I am therefore

French EMPRESS CLOTHS: BLACK and COLORED 15th. Liberal space will be devoted to reviews of new I publications, and a full list of new books will be given

COBURGS. Induced to offer it to the aflicted, feeling confident its merits will be appreciated.

We are also Sole Importers of the celebrated E. PETIT each month for the convenience of readers.

KID GLOVES, equal to any imported. Being familiar with the scientific use of all means

6th. It will contain a monthly miscellany of short

Titems-humorous, literary, eto, of investigation and cure of disease, I guarantee to each patient careful consideration and skilful appliIn the character and range of its selections, the

W. I. PEAKE & CO., cation of the necessary remedies to efrect speedy requality of its typography, and in all the appointments

46, 48 and 50 White Street, New York. lief. Advice free, and the strictest confidence observed

of a first-class magazine, “The New Eclectic" chalin all cases.

lenges comparison with any similar pbblication in the


Although in the selection of articles, preference is

generally given to those bearing strongly upon the Who desire to acquire a Rapid Business Style of PenDR. J. BRYAN, Consulting Physician,

immediate issues of the day. it is believed the general manship, should send for W.E. SHADER'SS new and

excellence and ability of the writings will give them novel plan of 96 EAST 13TII STREET, NEW YORK permanent interest, and render the bound volumes of

the Magazine valuable additions to a library, as books A GENTS WANTED.-Ladies or Gentlemen are l of reference. Each number of the Mas A offered liberal inducements to act as Agents, and 128 8vo. pages, carefully arranged, and indexed for

Approved by the Leading Educators of New York.

A beautiful Chirographic Work of Art, engraved on an opportunity to earn from $3 to $10 per day. No binding.

steel at a cost of over One Thousand Dollars, will be capital necessary. Address TRIPP & CO., Eighth street, New York.


presented to each subscriber. The character and reputation of "The New Eclectic" A discount of 25 per cent. for each order of 10 sets.

Price per set: Five books, with full instructions, TOVE AND MATRIMONY.-The affections of may be gathered from the following extracts from the

$1.30. Send Postoffice order or draft on New York. 14 the opposite sex may be gained by following sim- opinions of the press : ple rules, and all may marry happily, if desired, with"The vast proportions which periodical literature


W. E. SHADER, out regard to wealth, age, or beauty. 'Send address for

I has assumed creates a demand for such publications particulars to Madam LUCILLE DEMARRE. as this. Even with the amplest leisure one cannot as

No. 82 FIFTH AVENUE, New York.
Bible House, New York.

much as 'dip into the swarm of English and Ameri-
can reviews and monthlies, and yet we must keep up

| with current thought. What then? The Eclectic

The Editors of The Leader, Baltimore. have no equal. They are safe and sure. Magazine-the cream of periodical literature selected

D. APPLETON & Co., New York. I for us. We know of no other that does this so admi,, PRICE, ONE DOLLAR PER BOX.

rably in all respects as this NEW ECLECTIC, showing Depol-Cor. W. Baltimore and Fremont Sts., Baltimore. in its whole management, catholicity of spirit, tact,

Private Circulars sent free. Enclose stamp.

I and industry, ... It is ahead of all others in the
Address DR. J. BRYAN, 96 EAST 13TH STREET.
I breadth of its liberalism, its purity and elevation of

PARIS KID GLOVES. NEW YORK, and they will be sent free from observa

tone, and the range of its gleanings."--New Orleans tion by return of mail.. | Daily Picayune.

The subscribers have received a full assortment of "This is the best Magazine of selected literature pub

LADIES'. GENTS' and MISSES' KID GLOVES. of Ushed in the United States. Its articles are always of TREFOUSSE & CO.'S celebrated make, in all qualiTHE BEST FITTING DRAWERS in the WORLD

the highest order, the finest that can be found in the l ties sizes and colors, which they offer for sale at reasI are the whole field of current periodical literature, including

onable prices. PATENT PANTALOON DRAWERS. the most esteemed publications of France, Germany,

and this country."--New York Evening Mail. The Genuine are stamped with our Trade Mark.

"The selections are made with care. They are pure,
high-finished, entertaining articles. The political phi-

140 Duane Street, New York,
losopher, the person of cultivated taste, the general
reader of generous things, and the Christian scholar,

SOLE AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES. may all find someting to cheer and to improve."Richmond Christian Advocate.

AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT "The articles are well selected; most of them short, pithy, and pleasingly varied. French, German, and English sources all contribute to this very readable

OF THE mélange."--New York Daily Times.

“Though so recently started, "The New Eclectic" has already achieved a wide popularity, and it deserves a popularity still wider."--Louisville Journal.

Nos. 77 and 83 Liberty Street, n . :)

"The Magazine is in all respects worthy the patron CORNER OF BROADWAY, NEW YORK,
age of the refined and intellectual classes of our peo-
ple." -National Intelligencer,

M ANUFACTURE Plain and Ornamental Iron "Its selections so far seem to have been made by per- I Work for Buildings. Complete Fireproof Strucsons of some taste."--The Nation.

tures-Columns, Lintels, Floors, Roofs, Casings, Shut"The New Eclectic is fairly carrying out its opening ters, Vaults, Safes, &c., of Cast or Wrought Iron.

promise to give solidly able and carefully selected Also, Iron Bridges, Iron Piers, &c., &c. For sale at all the principal Furnishing Stores, and articles."--The Round Table.

Manufactured exclusively by the Patentees, i
In addition to many other attractive features. "The

WM. W. AYRES, ÇAgents.
New Eclectic" is now publishing two interesting new

novels, by Anthony Trollope and the author of John
58 White street. New York. Halifax.

49 Lexington street, Baltimore.




No. 29 SOUTH STREET, BALTIMORE, of an extensive character, and is reopened thoroughly


TIRANSACT all business appertaining to Banks refurnished in all respects, repainted and decorated.

1 and Private Bankers, in their several depart. Otis Brothers' Improved Elevator has been added. Organized under the Laws of the State of Maryland, CHARLES A. STETSON, SR., for many years Pro

diments. Buy and sell, on commission, Stock and Se

with a Capital of $350,000, are now prepared to prietor of the old Astor, will remain to assist us in

curities in this and other markets. Make advances

contract for the laying of the Nicolson presenting the business to our old patrons and new

on Stocks, Real Estate, Notes and other Collaterals.

Pavement in this city. friends. Grateful, indeed, for past kindness, he joins

Negotiate Stock Loans. Receive Deposits in Bankaus in the assurance that nothing shall be spared to

office-59 South Charles Street.

ble and Uncurrent Funds, and give special attention to make our guests comfortable.

Collections on all accessible points in the United States C. HART SMITH, President.

and Canada, and can offer unrivalled facilities to corFICHAS. A. STETSON'S SONS. 1 I. N. DAWLEY, Secretary,

respondents. Interest allowed on Deposits.


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Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore



"THE STATESMAN," NN AND AFTER SUNDAY, 13th Sept., 1868, three

BALTIMORE AND BREMEN, daily Trains will be run between Baltimore and Wheeling and Parkersburg, as follows:


A WEEKLY REVIEW OF POLITICS, BUSI. MAIL TRAIN, for all way points, will leave Baltimore daily (except Sunday) at 8.45 A. M. FAST LINE THE SCREW STEAMERS OF THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD,

NESS, LITERATURE AND ART. will leave daily (including Sunday) at 5.20 P. M. EX

BALTIMORE.......................CAPT. VOECKLER, PRESS TRAIN will leave daily (except Saturday) at


.......CAPT. UNDUETSCH, 9.45 P. M. These trains connect at Bellaire and Par

OF 2,500 TONS AND 700 HORSE POWER, kersburg for all points West, Southwest and North

THE STATESMAN will be published by “THE west.

Will run regularly between

MARYLAND DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION," a WINCHESTER ACCOMMODATION TRAIN leaves BALTIMORE AND BREMEN. VIA SOUTHAMPTON. Joint Stock Company incorporated by the General Baltimore, daily, at 4.10 P. M.(except Sunday.) Leaves

From Bremen on the 1st of each month. From Assembly of Maryland at its last session, with an auWinchester for Baltimore, daily (Sundays excepted,)

Southampton on the 4th of each month. From Balti-thorized Capital of One Hundred Thousand Dollars, in at 5.00 A. M. Connecting at Frederick Junction with train for Frederick, and at Hagerstown Junction with

more on the 1st of each month.
PRICE OF PASSAGE.-From Baltimore to Bremen,

Shares of Five Dollars each, with full powers to estabtrain for Hagerstown. The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Baltimore

London, Havre and Southampton-Cabin, $90; Steer (lish a Newspaper or Newspapers, and a general Print

age, $36. From at 6.20 and 9.50 A. M.. and 1.20 and 5.20 P. M. Return

Bremen to Baltimore - Cabin, $90; | ing and Publishing House in the city of Baltimore. ing, leaves Ellicott's Mills at 7.30 and 11,10 A, M., and

Steerage, $36. 2.30 and 6.30 P. M.

Prices of passage payable in gold, or its equivalent. | THE STATESMAN will be edited by a corps of able FOR HAGERSTOWN.

They touch at Southampton both going and return- and experienced writers. In Politics it will be DemoLeave Baltimore at 8.45 A.M. and 4.10 P.M., connect

ing. These vessels take freight to London and Hull, ing at Hagerstown Junction with Washington County for which through bills of lading are signed. An ex- | cratic, representing in this respect the sound consti. Railroad, arriving in Hagerstown at 2.45 and 9.20 P. M.

O p erienced Surgeon is attached to each vessel. All let- tutional views of the people of this State. At the Returning, leave Hagerstown at 5.10 and 11.00 A, M.,

ters must pass through the Postoffice. No Bills of leama tima

s through the Postoffice. NO Bills of same time it will endeavor to deal with public men arriving in Baltimore at 10.25 A. M. and 4.45 P. M,

Lading but those of the Company will be signed. Bills
of Lading will positively not be delivered before goods

and measures, not in a spirit of narrow partizanship,

| but to discuss them at all times in a tone of enlightLeave Baltimore at 8.45 A. M. and 4.10 P.M., arriving are cleared at the custom House. in Winchester at 2.55 and 9.35 P. M. Returning, leave

For freight or passage apply to

ened statesmanship, liberality and candor. It will Winchester at 5.00 and 10.35 A, M., arriving in Balti

No. 9 South Charles street.

especially avoid the useless aggravation of party difmore at 10.25 A. M. and 4.45 P. M. FOR WASHINGTON.

ferences by unnecessary personalities. It will seek to Leave Baltimore at 3.45, 7.00 and 8.40 A. M., and 12.30, Baltimore and Havana Steamship Co. be the organ and the advocate of the best interests of 4.30 and 8.25 P. M.

the city and State. In addition to Editorial articles FROM WASHINGTON FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 7.00 and 8.00 A. M., and 12.30,

upon a variety of subjects, political and literary, it

FOR HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS, 4.20, 5.40 and 8.30 P. M.

will contain a carefully prepared summary of the FOR ANNAPOLIS,

CALLING AT KEY WEST, . news of the week, including, during the sessions of Leave Baltimore at 7.00 A. M. and 4.30 P. M.; leave Washington at 7.00 A. M. and 4.20 P. M. Trains leave

Congress and of the State Legislature, à condensed Annapolis at 6.30 A, M. and 3.15 P. M.

CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. record of the proceedings of these bodies, and an accuSUNDAY TRAINS.

rate review of the money and other markets of the Leave Baltimore for Washington at 3.45 and 8.40 A. This line comprises the following first-class steamM., and 4.30 and 8.25 P. M. Leave Washington at 8.00 ships:

country. The aim will be to present in its pages someA. M., and 4.20, 5.40 and 8.30 P. M.

thing for everybody. It will be published in a compact For further information, Tickets of every kind, etc.,

“MARYLAND,” E. C. REED, Commander.

form of sixteen pages, equally convenient for hand

"LIBERTY." 1.250 tons,— apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Camden Station, or

, Commander.

ling, reading, for the display of advertisements, and at the Ticket Office, JOIN L. WILSON

“CUBA,” 1,100 tons, J. M. DUKEHART, Commander. Master of Transportation.

for the purposes of binding and preservation. L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent.

The steamship MARYLAND will sail for

By the employment of agents and canvassers in HAVANA and NEW ORLEANS, VIA KEY WEST, on October 1st, at 4 P. M.

every principal city, town and county in the South,

and in those portions of the country which are more For Freight or Passage, having unsurpassed accom0 A D .

particularly connected with Baltimore by sympathy, modations, apply to MORDECAI & CO., Agents,

interest or trade, arrangements will be made to give COMMENCING on SUNDAY, September 13th, 1868,

45 South street. to the new Paper from the outset a widely extended U Passenger Trains will leave President Street De

N. B.-No bulls of lading but those of the Company circulation, and to make it a valuable medium for pot as follows, viz.: Way Mail Train for Philadelphia and Way Stations

will be signed. Permits for freight must be secured commercial advertising. So soon as the Capital Stock at 7.25 A. M. This train connects at New Castle Junc

from this office. No freight received, or bill of lading
signed on day of sailing.

of One Hundred Thousand Dollars, or so much thereof tion with train for all Stations on the Delaware Rail

as the Board of Directors may deem necessary, shall road.

Express Train for Philadelphia and New York at MOUSE-FURNISHING HARDWARE, Ete. be subscribed, a daily paper, under the same title, will 9.35 A. M., connecting at Perryville with the train for 1

be issued by the same Association. In the meantime Port Deposit.

CORTLAN & Co., Express Train for Philadelphia and New York at

no pains will be spared to make the Weekly the equal 2.25 P. M. Connecting at Wilmington with Trains for


of the best paper in the country. Stations on Delaware Railroad, between Wilmington IVORY HANDLE CUTLERY,

Terms: Accommodation Train for Port Deposit and inter


THE STATESMAN will be mailed to subscribersmediate Station's at 5 P. M. Express Train for Philadelphia at 7.25 P.M., conneet


For one year........... .....................$300 ing at Wilmington with the Express Train to the

For six months........

... 2 00 principal Stations on the Delaware Railroad, daily except Saturday.


For three months.

.............. 1 00 Express Train for New York at 10.40 P. M. | FRENCH AND ENGLISH CHINA,

Payable in advance.
All the above Trains leave daily, except Sundays.


Single copies 10 cents.
For Philadelphia at 7.25 P. M. and New York at 10.40


A liberal discount will be allowed to Newsdealers P. M.

..BUREAU AND TOILET SETS, Through Tickets may be procured either at Presi

and Agents. dent Street Depot, or at Ticket Ofilce, No. 125 Balti


Address, more street.


“THE STATESMAN,” Persons purchasing Tickets at Baltimore street Of.

Brushes, Mats, Block and Common T'in Ware, fice, can have their Baggage checked at their residence Japanned Wares,

BALTIMORE, MD. by Union Transfer Company.

Tea Trays and Waiters,

Office of Publication,

Kitchen Utensils, and

162 Baltimore Street,

Housekeeping Articles,

The largest stock in the country, unequalled in qual-

FIRST FLOOR. ity, newness, style and cheapness. D. M. HILDRETH f 00.,



Importers and Manufacturers of







Keep themselves always supplied with the fol owing
MINERAL WATERS, direct from the Springs, to


and SHINGLE BRACKET. which they are constantly adding other Waters of merit, as they are introduced, and consumers can rely

Havana Segars.

Office and Storeupon their freshness and purity:


612 BROADWAY (cor. Houston street), New York. 8. Catherines, Missisquoi, Congress, Excelsior Saratoga, Star Saratoga, High Rock Saratoga, Washington (Chaly

CHAS. FARRÉ'S CHAMPAGNE THE PRETTIEST PRESENT you can give a beate,) Sharon Sulphur, Kissengen, Greenbrier White

1 Young Lady is one of LORING'S DOLLAR BOXES SulphurJordan White Sulphur, Augusta dlum, Alle- For Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North of INITIALED NOTE PAPER. Every one who has ghány, Blue Lick, Bitter Kissengen, Bedford, Vichy, Ver- and South Carolina.

tried them is in love with them. They are sent by mont (St. Albans.) Gettysburg. Rockbridge Alum, Healing, Coyner's Sulphur, Seltzer, Empire Saratoga, Bedford

mail, free of postage, to any address, on receipt of the 43 WEST LOMBARD STREET,

Dollar. Address LORING, Publisher, 319 Washington Alum and Iodine, &c., &c.

BALTIMORE. I street, Boston, Mass.

and Harring Delaware Railwilmington witew York at


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EVENTS OF THE WEEK............

33 state of affairs, rightly viewed, and not through assassination of these Arkansas Congressmen, EDITORIAL ARTICLES: Our Duty................

eyes blinded by partisan malice and prejudice, that we read that in the same State, on the 20th The Civil Service..

fairly prove? Simply, that in Arkansas, as in instant, fifty negroes attacked the little village of The Episcopal Convention-R ualism... Steam...............

several other Southern States, there is an absence Dardanelles, firing into the houses of the whites, CORRESPONDENCE:

of adequate protection for human life, and that by whom they were in turn repulsed and driven The World's Treason......... REVIEWS:

crimes of violence are of frequent occurrence. out. The further intelligence that comes over Longfellow's New England Tragedies........

And who is responsible for this state of affairs ? the wires from St. Louis, to the effect that promiNEWS SUMMARY: Domestic

41 Who but the Radical party, which in Congress nent Radicals in that city have purchased an addiForeign......

43 has taken into its own hænds the whole business tional supply of arms, by one authority estimated Miscellaneous..... State and City...

of reconstruction-has passed its own measures as high as 10,000 stand, to be shipped to Arkansas THE MARKETS...

by a two-thirds vote over the head of the Presi- as soon as a boat can be found to take them, to THE STATESMAN will be mailed to Subscribers dent-has at its disposal the entire military power | replace those which were lately seized and thrown out of Town, and furnished to Newsdealers in the of the Government, centred in the person of the overboard from the Hesper, is highly suggestive City every Friday evening : Subscription price commanding General of the army-and yet is of lively doings hereafter, when the Radicals may Three Dollars per annum-payable in advance.powerless to repress violence and afford security be emboldened to think they are to have it all Persons residing in the city can be served by Car- to person and property in the States over which their own way, and that there will be none to opriers, by prepaying at the Office, or at the rate of lit

it has assumed to rule with absolute authority? | pose them. Thirty Cents per month, payable to the Carriers.

And what does all, taken together, prove? What Books intended for Review should be sent in

Not to be behind Arkansas, in the illustration early in the Week to receive prompt notice. Ad- eise

Ad. else but that Reconstruction is a dead failure, and vertisements must be left at the Office on or before that the only way to have peace and tranquility,

of the beauties of Radical rule, New Orleans

sends us an account of a bloody fracas in the Thursday, otherwise they will be too late for inser-is in accordance with the original and only constitutional theory of the Government-to remite

streets between rival political clubs, white Demotion in that Week's paper. Applications from Persons desiring to act as these States to the full possession of their rights

crats and negro Republicans. According to the Agents or Canvassers received at the Office. Com- under the Constitution, and leave them to settle

report of the Agent of the Associated Press, the munications should be addressed to their own internal affairs in their own way? Who

negroes were the aggressors, first insulting and THE STATESMAN, can doubt but that if such were done, peace and

then firing upon their political opponents, who No. 162 Baltimore Street,

were passing in torch-light procession.
order would soon be restored? Who can possibly

Firearms be more directly interested in this result than the

were freely used ; Canal street, where the collision | people of Arkansas themselves? Who is there

took place, being strewn with the fragments of that has aught to gain from a continuance of the torches and oil from the lanterns carried by the The week opens with a fresh brace of murders present state of misrule and anarchy but the Re-clubs-and, it is to be presumed, some blood

inasmuch as the coroner held eight inquests next reported in Arkansas. The victims, this time, publican party, which counts each fresh “out

morning, over three whites and five blacks, killed are said to be a man named Hinds, a "carpet-rage” as worth so many votes ?

in the melée. One white man is described to bag” representative in Congress from that State,

have been murdered and literally chopped to and a traveling companion and colleague by the It is not to be overlooked in connection with the nie

to the pieces with an axe or hatchet by the negroes, at a name of Brooks. The former is reported killed, latest crimes reported from Arkansas, that there

there distance from the scene of riot.

The fronts of the latter desperately wounded; the scene of the are two versions of the killing of the two men,

two men houses in the immediate vicinity are said to have occurrence, Monroe county; and in the same Hinds and Brooks. According to the Radical be

been thoroughly peppered with bullets, and order county, a day or two before, another person named account, of course, it is a clear case of rebel vil

rebel vil was only finally restored by the appearance of a Coolsey, described as an "outspoken Republican,” | lainy, Ku-Klux Klan, and all that; but according Song

all that; but according squadron of Federal cavalry. Who is it that has is reported killed. These, and similar evidences to another version these men were put out of the escited and fomented this hostility between the of lawlessness in the South, the New York Tri- way, not only that they might serve the Radical races at the South, which is beginning, every day. bune groups together under the heading of “The cause more effectually by their deaths than they to vield such bitter and bloody fruits ? Certainly New Rebellion," and, in common with the rest of could possibly do in their lives, but for the fur- not the Southern whites who are dependent upon the Republican press, seeks to make the most of, ther reason that their fidelity to the Republi

the labor of the negroes, who live in their midst, in the way of electioneering capital, by dint of can side had began to be suspected, and their

|and who have everything to gain from the preserwholesale exaggeration and inflammatory appeals influence over the negroes was feared. It was vati

10 was vation of friendly relations with them everything to the passions of its readers. A few weeks ago feared, in the event of their own defection, that to fear from the infusion of a spirit of strife and we had information of the assassination of Gen- they might carry over many of the negroes with enmity

roes with enmity. To Radical teachings and Radical in

To Re eral Hindman, at his home near Helena, in the them, and cause them to vote the Democratic trigues, and to no other cause, all this trouble same State. The General was not a "carpet-bag-ticket. Hence, it is suggested, it was found neces

and misery may be attributed. ger," nor even a Radical. He had always been sary to be rid of them, and no way so certain and ultra-Southern in politics—a warm personal friend expeditious as that of killing them. The one ver- Some of our readers who may not be in the and partisan of President Davis, and a Major- sion, to say the least of it, is quite as probable as habit of seeing the prominent organs of Radical General in the Confederate army. No political the other. The same party which, for political opinion at the North, or have had no opportunity capital could be made out of his death; conse- ends, did not scruple to hang an innocent woman of studying personally Northern sentiment with quently, the fact was dismissed with the simple in the face of heaven and before the whole world, reference to the South, may, perhaps, think that comment that no clue could be found to the per- in the capital of the Republic, would not stickle we exaggerate a little in our representations as to petrator of the bloody deed. It proves, however, at such a trifle as “losing' two of its doubtful the tone of malignant mis-representation which that Southern men as well as Radicals may be adherents in the back-woods of Arkansas. It pervades the bulk of the Northern press. For murdered in Arkansas. And what does the whole does not tend to discredit this last theory of the their benefit we will describe some of the pictorial illustrations which embellish the last number of Seymour stirs the horrid broth

chusetts in regard to the Southern character, he

Bound about his head a rag Harpers' Weekly, the Journal of Civilization "so

From the Alabama's flag:

added that there the traditional idea of the

Cloak of canvas that the gale called.” Passing by one or two of the larger

Wrested from the pirate's sail:

Southern man still prevails; that he is viewed as

Wand of witchery that bore drawings, which, although political in their char

“a compound of indolence and intolerance-pis

Treason's flag in '64, acter, are sufficiently unexceptionable, we have a

With a weird and hissing sound

tol in one pocket, dirk in the other; cigar in one

Rocks the cauldron round and roun half-page cut entitled "Matched," from the pen

And he cries, “ 'Tis very good!

side of his mouth, quid of tobacco in the other.”

Lo! the cup of Brotherhood !". cil of Nast, whose name only needs a final y. On

W. A. CROFFUT. Who is responsible for this ignorance, and what the one side stands General Grant, represented

part are the Harpers, the publishers of the Jouras calmly smoking his cigar upon the scene of his We had intended to follow with some choice ex. nal of Civilization, the editors of The Tribune, Vicksburg triumph; on the other, Governor Sey-tracts from The Independent, The Tribune. The and the like, answerable for in the creation and mour, with his hair brushed up on both sides of Nation, and some others of the leading organs of dissemination of such ideas in regard to the peohis head, so as to give him the appearance of Radicalism, but out of consideration for our read-ple of the South? having horns--a piece of pictorial wit in which ers we forbear. "Enough is as good as a feast,'' ,

1 artists of the Nast-y school seem to hugely de- and what we have given will suffice to show the

In the last number of The Nation, a paper light—is haranguing a New York mob, beneath animus which governs a large and influential por:

which is not without some traces of manlithe glare of a gas-lamp, from the cross-l ar of tion of the Northern press in the discussion of

ness and honesty at times, in its editorial conwhich a negro is hanging by the neck, while the Southern affairs. We may as well say the larger!

duct, we find a partial admission of the truth of steps of the City Hall are spattered with the and more influential portion, for there is no doubt

what we have said of its party generally. It blood and brains of a negro infant, whose corpse that those journals at the North which are con

says: “In the mouths of a great many who now is lying at the Governor's feet. A"colored or- ducted with most ability, and command the widest

call themselves Radical, and put the name forward phan asylum'' is burning in the background. On circulation, belong to the Republican party. Of

as their great title to confidence, it has ceased to another page we have not less than three smaller those we have named, The Tribune boasts a cir

mean anything good or useful. They have made

Tit a synonym wood-cuts, one of which is called “All quiet on culation of 300,000 copies in its several editions.

for violence, for extravagance, the Potomac"'--the subject, the President of the The others all reach large and intelligent circles of

for perturbation and disorder, for scorn of United States, decked in regal robes and with a readers, who thence derive most of their infor

'the human understanding, for disdain of the crown upon his head, lying drunk upon the side- mation upon political subjects, and nearly all their

light of history, and the teachings of science, walk; the second, “A White Boy in Blue,” is a opinions. Now, we do not approve of calling

and the slow, safe processes of law." What ragged Irish urchin, drawing a little toy-horse by names. An epithet is at all times the worst pos

more could we have said ourselves? a string, with a lighted torch on his shoulder-sible substitute for an argument. It is the cheap The Radicals seem to be greatly exercised on the meaning somewhat obscure; the third is a est and nastiest kind of logic. But there are the subject of Mr. Reverdy Johnson's sayings wretched imitation of a drawing which appeared some things which it is impossible to characterize and doings in England. They were highly ofmany years ago in the London Punch, intended as in fitting terms without a recourse to plain Saxon. fended, because at the Cutlers' dinner at Shefa satire upon the ignorance which, in spite of We remember some years ago, when the wordy field he did'nt insult Mr. Roebuck, and was civil “National Schools,” is still to be found in some war waxed high between the great metropolitan to Lord Wharncliffe, who had been polite to him. of the remote districts in England, particularly newspaper organs of civilization and refinement- But the crowning offence of all is, that at Liveramong the collieries. Two coal-miners were pic- when the pot daily called the kettle black, and all pool the other day he actually took Mr. Laird by tured as looking at a well-dressed man from the the amenities of journalism that distinguished the hand-Mr. Laird, the M. P. who spoke and city; one says to the other, “'un be from Lunnon the Eatanswill Gazette were revived and repro- yoted in his place in Parliament in favor of South

-be 'un? Mun I 'eave a rock at 'un?” The duced by the leading New York dailiesThe ern rebels--the great ship-builder from whose same thing reappears in Harper, as illustrative of Times, in revenge for the nickname of "little ship-yard was launched the Alabama. What the “Appreciation of Art in North Carolina.” An villain,” given to its principal editor by The Radicals want Mr. Johnson to have done is not artist, with easel and sun-umbrella, is engaged in Herald, adopted the habit of speaking of the perfectly clear. Probably, The Tribune people sketching. Two murderous looking “Johnny- latter paper as the "satanic journal,” and the would have been satisfied with nothing short of Rebs," with guns in their hands, approach from ''satanic press.” As illustrating the spirit of his pulling Mr. Laird's nose or spitting in his behind, and the following dialogue is supposed to Radicalism generally, and particularly that which face. The Tribune's code of manners is very take place:

actuates the Radical press, we think the epithet much on a par with its politics. What Mr. JohnFirst Native.--"Who's 'im, Bill?!!

well chosen and altogether applicable. Certainly, son has done, however, has been simply this, that Second Native.-"D-d carpet-bagger!"

First Native.-"What kind of a Yankee trick is the disposition which seeks to foment strife, to having been received everywhere in England with that he's up to ?”

keep alive hate, to encourage sectional animosi- marked demonstrations of kindness and respect, Second Native.-"Be dad-drat if I know. Shall I spli: his gizzard ?

"ties, and by every species of falsehood and exag- he has responded to these manifestations of cor“The Democratic Hell-Broth” furnishes another

geration to widen the breach between North and diality in a like spirit of heartiness and good-will.

South, and open afresh the wounds of civil war, What else he ought to have done it is hard to subject for the prolific and inventive pencil of

can have its origin and its inspiration only in the conceive. Nast. Governor Seymour, General Frank Blair

It may well be that, in some of his spirit of all Evil, and the worst passions of our dinner-table utterances, Mr. Johnson has been a and General Wade Hampton figure as the witches in “Macbeth,'' around a bubbling cauldron which fallen nature.

little gushing at times, and that the natural opbears the initials C. S. A.; K. K. K. The fol

timism of his character has calored somewhat too lowing lines are appended, with the author's

| All that we have above cited is highly promotive highly the pictures he has drawn of unbroken

of harmony and union-calculated to allay bitter- amity and accord between the two countries. All name: Double, double, toil and trouble,

ness and strife--to heal the wounds left by civil war this, we doubt not, is as well understood in Eng

-an admirable commentary, in short, upon the Re- land as here, and that--all due allowance made for In the motley fragments throw:

publican motto, “Let us have peace.” It shows a certain amount of exaggeration in expression, a Hand of Treason, reeking red,

the sincerity of that good will which the Repub- somewhat too hyperbolical way of putting thingsPoison-fang of Copperhead, Tongue and lip of perjured Lee,

licans feel for their Southern brethren. Mr. John Mr. Johnson is fairly credited with an honest deBitter tear of refugee,

Quincy Adams, in one of his late speeches in sire to promote a good understanding between the Blossom from a martyr's grave,

South Carolina, speaking of the people of Massa- two Governments, and to adjust in an amicable chusetts and of the South, said, “I do not think and satisfactory manner all pending questions in that they understand each other. I think they dispute. This we take to be clearly the purport have no more idea of each other than the man in of Lord Stanley's remarks at the Liverpool din

the moon has of either," and by way of illustra- ner in question, and it is the idea generally put Seasoned with guerilla's oath.

I ting the extent of ignorance cherished in Massa- forth by the English press in its comments upon

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Round about the hell-broth go,

Curse of planter, prayer of slave,

Rod of "Moses," which he lost
When he pardoned Pharaoh's host,
Skull of prisoner at Fort Pillow.
Blood of Freedman at Camilla,
Hampton's torch, Fred Douglass's fetter.
Booth's revolver, Blair's letter,
Toombs's whip and Forrest's sneer.
And a sigh from Dostle's bier,

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