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PAM. Returning, Beave Baltimore and Havana Steamship Co.

Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore



“THE STATESMAN,” ON AND AFTER SUNDAY, 13th Sept., 1868, three or People BUY. first, a PRESCRIPTION, and then

U daily Trains will be run between Baltimore and MEDICINE, making 'double trouble and expense. A WEEKLY REVIEW OF POLITICS, BUSIwheeling and Parkersbureas Ween. Baltimore and Mineople BUY, first, a PRESCRIPTION MAIL TRAIN, for all way points, will leave Balti

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THE STATESMAN will be edited by a corps of able 2.30 and 6.30 P. M.

No. 25 South Sharp street, Baltimore, Md., Wholesale

and experienced writers.' In Politics it will be Demo

Agents, Leave Baltimore at 8.45 A. M, and 4.10 P.M., connect For want of space, a single testimonial is given: cratic, representing in tMs respect the sound constiing at Hagerstown Junction with Washington County

BALTIMORE, October 20, 1868. Railroad, arriving in Hagerstown at 2,45 and 9.20 P. M

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and measures, not in a spirit of narrow partizanship, FOR WINCHESTER.

JOSEPH B. REMMEY, 193 Mulliken street.

but to discuss them at all times in a tone of enlightLeave Baltimore at 8.45 A. M. and 4.10 P.M., arriving. in Winchester at 2.55 and 9.35 P. M. Returning, leave

ened statesmanship, liberality and candor. It will Winchester at 5.00 and 10.35 A. M., arriving in Balti

especially avoid the useless aggravation of party dirmore at 10.25 A. M. and 4.45 P. M.

ferences by unnecessary personalities. It will seek to FOR WASHINGTON. Leave Baltimore at 3.45, 7.00 and 8.40 A. M., and 12.30,

FOR HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS, be the organ and the advocate of the best interests of 4.30 and 8.25 P. M. FROM WASHINGTON FOR BALTIMORE.

the city and State. In addition to Editorial articles CALLING AT KEY WEST,

upon a variety of subjects, political and literary, it Leave Washington at 7.00 and 8.00 A. H., and 12.30, 4.20, 5,40 and 8.30 P. M.


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record of the proceedings of these bodies, and an accuAnnapolis at 6.30 A. M. and 3.45 P. M. SUNDAY TRAINS. “MARYLAND," E. C. REED, Commander.

rate review of the money and other markets of the Leave Baltimore for Washington at 3.45 and 8.40 A. “LIBERTY," 1,250 tons,


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S. E. COR. LOMBARD AND CHEAPSIDE, and Canada, and can offer unrivalled facilities to cor

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81 Evening Post, and others, which had the manli- offence to the long catalogue for which he has EDITORIAL ARTICLES : A Word to the South......

ness to oppose Butler's election with great energy already been indicted by the Radical press. They The Programme of Peace...

and zeal, cannot accept, with philosophy or re- could not forgive his observance of the social and Is Cynicism a Virtue?. Fire-Fly.....

signation, his sweeping triumph. They made an diplomatic proprieties of his position, nor pardon Westward-Ho!..... Steam-Navigation...

issue with him which his success had decided him for the simple courtesy which distinguishes CORRESPONDENCE:

with damaging effect against tbe oracles of pure the personal bearing of all gentlemen. He has An Explanation from the Editor of The Leader... 87 REVIEWS:

and refined Radicalism. The decency, integrity, now written a letter to the Liverpool Agents of Lever........ Some Educational Works......

and respectability of the party were declared to the Texas Steamship Company, in which he not New Books Received..

be staked upon the result in the Essex District of only contradicts certain statements in regard to POETRY: Per Mare-Per Terram-An Autumn Love Song... 90

Massachusetts. That heavy stake was lost upon the state of affairs in that State, which had apNEWS SUMMARY:

the hazard, and Butler has added to his hoard of peared in the London Daily News, copied from Foreign........ Domestic.........

:: 91 other plunder these three precious Republican the Radical papers of this country, but he actually THE MARKETS.......

91 jewels. The distress of the losers is pathetic and recommends Texas as affording an advantageous

hopeless, since the winner is not given to remission field for immigration. THE STATESMAN will be mailed to Subscribers

The statement in The out of Town, and furnished to Newsdealers in the

or restoration. The only consolation we can suggest Daily News was as follows: City every Friday evening : Subscription price hes in the doubt whether the lost treasures may.

ce lies in the doubt whether the lost treasures may "The accounts from the South do not change Three Dollars per annum-payable in advance. I not, after all, have been only copper gilt or pinch-/ materially. In Texas, society may be said to be

| dissolved, at least outside one or two of the larger Persons residing in the city can be served by Car-beck.

towns. The only safety for anybody is to be found riers, by prepaying at the Office, or at the rate of

inside the quarters of the Federal troops, and they Thirty Cents per month, payable to the Carriers.

| We commented lately upon the singular want hold simply the ground they encamp on. The Books intended for Reviews should be sent in of respect for “free speech" manifested in "the whole State is in the hands of mobs, who murder

and burn houses at their will; and they, too, act early in the Week to receive prompt notice. Ad-most pure-blooded district in New England,' that under no recognized head, or in accordance with vertisements must be left at the Office on or before which General Butler appropriately represents in any fixed plan. This would be more dreadful if Thursday, otherwise they will be too late for inser-Congress, by the refusal of a Radical audience to

it were much of a change, but it is not-things

ess, by the remisal of a radical audience to were as bad as this during the war, and not very tion in that Week's paper.

listen to an address from General Judson Kilpat-much better before it." Applications from Persons desiring to act as I rick. United States Minister in Chili, lately en- What else but this have papers like the New York Agents or Canvassers received at the Office. Com

gaged in "stumping” the country for General Tribune and Nation and Harpers Weekly, to say munications should be addressed to THE STATESMAN,

Grant. We find in The Nation of last week an nothing of the lesser lights of Radicalism, been No. 162 Baltimore Street,

account of a public meeting at Salem, in the same saying about the South ever since the close of the District, in which Mr. R. H. Dana, General But- war? And what wonder that falsehoods so perler's competitor, vainly essayed to be heard by sistently repeated have at last come to be accepted the "free and enlightened citizens,” whose votes as true? Mr. Johnson states that, as a member

he was canvassing. Having been introduced by of the Senate, it was his duty to learn the true A Tuesday's dispatch from Tallahassee an- the Chairman, Mr. Dana began :

condition of the Southern States, and this he did nounces that the "Unterrified Tigers of the Re- Mr. Dana—"Fellow-citizens."

from sources that he knew to be reliable. His publican Party of Florida,” have issued an ad

| The Crowd-"We ain't yer feller-citizens." conclusion was that violence and disorder were not

Mr. Dana-“Fellow-citizens of Essex' dress in behalf of the interests of Mr. Saunders, The Crowd _" You ain't from Essex-three more common in them than in the other States, "'Independent Colored Candidate for Congress” cheers for Butler."

or in any other country. We regret that, with

Mr. Dana-"I come from?'in that State. The address is signed by fifteen The Crowd-"Cambridge-Cambridge."

this knowledge, he did not oftener rebuke the distinguished politicians—"cullerd pussons'' all. Mr. Dana-"Well, now, what county is Cam- tales of horror which Mr. Sumner used to recount

bridge in ?It seems to us that the designation adopted by

upon the authority of anonymous correspondents

The Crowd“Middlesex." these sable adherents of the Chicago Platform is Mr. Dana—"And what county is Lowell in ?" and peripatetic carpet-baggers.

The Crowd"Middlesex.” an unfortunate one. They have been uniformly

Mr. Dana-_"Very good-I come from the same! A recent number of Once a Wcek contains an represented by their Northern allies and sympa- county from which your present representative thizers as suffering Lambs. They now appear in comes.

almost eulogistic article upon the late and present

The Crowd“Three cheers for him." the guise of ravening Wolves, or, at least, what

incumbent of the American Embassy at London. is equally terrible, of "unterrified Tigers.” Tol

To! Of course, Mr. Dana, who intended to make a Its appreciation of both Mr. Adams and Mr. describe them as "black sheep" would be, proba

financial speech, sat down. Free speech was vin- Reverdy Johnson is certainly just; but it has bly, inadmissible, as implying a degree of moral

dicated, as it is understood in Massachusetts. It been led into a very grave mistake when it bases depravity of which these tawny innocents are

was free for one side! Could the much maligned upon their recognized high character a denial of wholly incapable. Inasmuch, however, as the

"chivalry” have behaved worse? Could "Rebel" the soundness of the prevailing opinion in Engfavorite appellation assumed by Republican cam

Democrats have exhibited less of the spirit of land that Americans of culture and probity keep paign clubs during the late canvass was that of toler

tof toleration and fair play? Mr. Dana was silenced. aloof, as a general thing, from all active partici"Tanners,'' we see no impropriety in describing

The means employed, it may be conceded, were pation in politics. It is certainly true that the this wing of the Faction in Florida as the "Mo

20 the Mobetter than those resorted to by the same party in United States Government has been fortunate in rocco" Party. Whether dressed or undressed, we

Arkansas—to silence General Hindman—inas- the selection of many of its representatives at the cannot say.

say. If the former certainly with the much as “a living dog is better than a dead lion." Court of St. James. Mr. Andrew Stevenson,

If the former-certainly with the wool on. At all events the name sounds better General Hindman, it is now believed, was placed Mr. Dallas, Mr. McLane, Mr. Rush, and Mr. than “Tigers'—has more of the (tanners') bark by co by Radical hands in the last category.

Buchanan all exhibited both ability of a high in it, and less of the bite.

order and a proper adaptation to the social re| Truly, Mr. Reverdy Johnson is the most unfor-quirements of so important a diplomatic position. Such Republican papers as The Nation, Thel tanate of foreign Ministers. He has added a new Recalling their names, it is, perhaps, not strange

Notes of the Week.

that an Englishman should form a more favora- ment to the Constitution. Why not? Tinkering Lopez, which will not allow the possession of this ble estimate of our politicians, judging of all by at that instrument is the universal remedy, now- "vulgar merit," seems to be fully shared by the these exceptional types of American public men. a-days, and its application would certainly be envoy, who retreated in such disorder from a But, unfortunately, we look in vain, at the present harmless in this instance.

scene, when the merit, however vulgar, might day, for many examples of high official station

have been turned to practical utility in upholding being filled by men of culture and probity. It is

ity. It is!

The op!
The opposition minority in the Forty-first Con- the

the honor of his flag and protecting the persons an not that this class are without political ambition, gress"

gress will be of about the same strength in the lof his countrymen. or unwilling to encounter the rough experiences of Senate as at present, but very sensiply increased the hustings. The difficulty lies in the want of ficulty lies in the vant of in the House of Representatives, where we may

L A WORD TO THE SOUTH. popular sympathy with refinement, in popular in-count so in popular in count some ninety odd Democrats, thus destroy

Communities in which the laws of progress are difference to principle and probity in candidates ing the two-thirds Republican majority, which

uninterrupted in their effects by the influence of has been so powerful for harm in the present

some powerful and exceptional agency, may await is a fair example of the weakness of character, Congress. What may become the duty of that

with patience and confidence the steady and cereducation, and scholarship, when brought into minority must, in the main, be determined by

tain advancement which follows with each succonflict with their direct antagonisms. A people events. But, it may safely be assumed, that in the

cessive year. Thus, in the Northern States of who, with more than the usual modicum of New modicum of New judgment of the Democratic party-which, al

the Union, we scarcely perceive the presence of England self-sufficiency, boast of their superior though defeated, is formidable in numbers and

any check to their continued and increasing proscivilization, purity, and intelligence, by many thou- organization, and largely influential in its impres

perity, although they have to bear the chief bursands repudiate the gentleman, and gladly find sons upon puoin. vladlo find sions upon public sentiment-no factious or mere

den of the National debt and the excessive taxatheir representative in one whom the whole world partisan opposition to General Grant's adminis

tion, it and the extravagance of public expendihas united to brand with imperishable infamy, Itration will be proper. Wherever his policy shall

ture make necessary. It would not be difficult to Such examples explain very satisfactorily why prove itself just and liberal, he should be sus

suggest numerous reasons for this apparent anomcultivation and refinement have so little active tained by a party which claims for itself political

oly: but the simplest explanation lies in the fact participation in American politics. justice and liberty. Wherever his policy is par

that while this burden of debt and taxation rests tisan—that is, both unjust and illiberal-it must

upon the North, as a community, the very causes We have some choice rhetoric in Henry Ward be contested with firm and decided opposition.

which have produced the evil, have contributed Beecher's last Sunday's sermon. “Justice is To men who are sincere and patriotic, no other

to a vast increase of individual wealth, and added bought and sold or knocked down to the highest rule of conduct need be prescribed. We trust

to the ability of the people to endure it without bidder." "The very word 'Judge' stinks." that the mistakes and blunders of the present

distress. "Were all the villanies of men, in high places, minority will be avoided. Every sensible and

In the South, the condition of both communibrought to light, they would include all the crimes candid Republican readily admits that the ex

ties and individuals is, in every sense, reversed. known to Sing-Sing and Auburn." "When votes travagance and absurdity of his party has more

States, municipalities, corporations and citizens, are bought and sold, the Government rests on than once exposed it to damaging attack from an

if not universally insolvent, tremble upon the quicksand; but what shall we say when Legisla-active and intelligent opposition; and yet, so far

verge of bankruptcy. The laws of natural protures are put into the market?”' Our readers from advantages having been derived from the

gress are suspended; production is repressed; will possibly be surprised to know that no crime chances which the folly of the majority so fre

and, in too many instances, the only harvests in Louisiana, no outrage in Texas, no new instance quently afforded, they have, in every instance,

: reaped by effort and industry, have been failure of Southern barbarity has prompted this indig- with singular blindness, been thrown away. Not

and disappointment. While the North has felt nant eloquence. On the contrary, its fires were the least mistaken conclusion of the Democrats,

some of the inevitable consequences of war, the kindled by some crowning illustrations of the was their illogical affiliation, more than once, with

South has experienced war itself, in its severest Northern theory of Society and Government, the extreme Radicals. They ought to have gone

and sternest reality. To the one, it has brought, which it is announced will be forced upon the for the right, or the nearest approximation to the

with something perhaps of incidental suffering, South, in relentless punishment, we suppose, of right, on all occasions. It is never politic to do

an accumulation of wealth ; to the other it has its rebellion against the best Government. Deso- wrong.

left a heritage of desolation and poverity. How lation and want, political degradation and proscription are hard enough to bear, but what

| The papers of the week publish what they style far wise Government, influenced by practical and

"an extraordinary letter" from the U. S. Ex- intelligent sympathy, might have lessened the cruelty can exceed the purpose which will inflict the burden of such institutions, and the contami

Minister to Paraguay, one of the famous Wash- burden of this terrible legacy, it is bootless to nation of such influences, upon a people who have

burne Brothers, who, having been playing all inquire. No useful purpose would be accomnever bought and sold justice, or turned their

manner of political parts in the Northern half of plished now by recalling the error, misjudgment

this hemisphere, has undertaken to try the rôle and wrong which constitute the supplement that Halls of Legislation into dens for thieves or places for money-changers !

of diplomacy in a province of South America. peace has added to the sad history of our civil

We had supposed that this admirable family had strife. The question before us—affecting the inThe principle of consolidation is about to re- secured an unbroken round of applause from all terests of all sections—is not, what might have ceive a new application, and one to which we are the Radical claqueurs, but it seems that this been, but what may now be done to restore the not disposed to demur. The game laws of the younger scion ventured too far away from the prostrated strength of a people, whose return to different States are all so diverse that it may be protecting care of the fraternity, and has come to prosperity is alike vital to themselves and essenlawful to shoot partridges upon one shore of a serious grief. After permitting two of his own tial to all with whom they are connected. river and a violation of the statute to bag them attachés to be arrested and made prisoners by It is certain that whatever expectations were upon the other. And so with all other game-Lopez, instead of demanding their release and based by the South upon the result of the Presithe antlered stag, which the laws of Virginia pro- enforcing it with a formidable American squadron, dential canvass, have been disappointed. The tect, becomes a lawful victim to the mountaineer's then lying idle in the Brazilian waters, this diplo- success of the Democratic party, as a favorable bullet so soon as he may cross the mysterious line mat, i. e., Washburne, in the language of the decision of issues, directly affecting their condi. drawn somewhere near Fairfax's Stone. The New York Tribune, “sneaked home like a cow- tion, would have undoubtedly been encouraging suggestion is certainly a good one that there ard.” “Will our readers believe it?'' exclaims to the people of the Southern States. But it should be adopted a universal game law, having that journal. Why not? If they will advert to must be remembered that the election of Mr. application to fishing and hunting, in all the his criticism upon Lopez-written in safety at Seymour could have brought no immediate relief; States. The difficulty is no slight one to obtain Buenos Ayres—they will discover little occasion and it is scarcely justifiable to assume, in advance, .concurrent action from the different Legislatures; for incredulity. "He has not even the vulgar that General Grant's administration must erag. but some Radical Nimrod may take the matter merit of personal courage," writes the Ex-Minis- gerate the social and political evils which oppress an hand, and provide for it by a sixteenth amend-Iter. The excessive refinement of character in them. Every thing must be trusted to the ameliorating influences of time. The extreme and may be attracted to the South, is equally futile. termine all social and political classification must excited political action which has attended the Apart from all other considerations on this sub- be asserted. The laws which control the relations attempt to execute the policy of reconstruction, ject, it is enough to say that it would require of capital and labor may be suspended, but cannot cannot be permanent. Milder and more practical years to accomplish results through such an in- be repealed. They are independent of the theoprinciples must be applied to the problem of strumentality, even if there did not exist reasons ries of reconstructionists and the edicts of proSouthern government; not only because, accord-1-of a social and political character—which forbid consuls; as irreversible as the fiat which closed ing to all human experience, ultraism cannot long the introduction of such an element into the the gates of Paradise with the flaming sword of survive the violence of its own excesses, but be- Southern States. Its existence in California al- the Angel; and the restoration of their force cause, with the close of any contest between con- ready foreshadows annoyances which may grow and energy will exert a power far stronger than flicting opinions, calmness and tranquility naturally into serious and troublesome questions of public the authority of perverted and oppressive governtake the place of passion and excitement. policy; and it would be worse than folly to add to ment.

In closing a brief review of the results of the the anomalies which already disturb Southern With the termination of the Presidential conelection, in a recent issue, we ventured to urge society, the presence of another barbarous and test, much of the purpose which has sought to upon our Southern friends the duty and necessity inferior race.

give the negro an absurd and illogical political of patient submission to a decision which is un-' It is well, therefore, to deal at once with the importance, will have been accomplished. He alterable. We sought to show that it did not in- unalterable fact, that the emancipated slaves con- must soon cease to be necessary to personal or evitably involve the continuance of present evils/stitute the great bulk of the laboring population party ambitions. The pseudo-philanthropy which or threaten their increase in the future. We of the South. There they are ; they will not and has lifted him to temporary importance already counselled them to abandon the consideration of cannot be colonized; they are recognized as an grows weary of the responsibility he entails. He public questions to those who alone have power integral part of the State: not merely emanci- must, therefore--no longer the protegé of govto determine them; and to devote every energy | pated, but enfranchised. It was one of the effects ernment, or the pet of fanaticism-be remitted to promptly and resolutely to the restoration of of slavery to give them almost a monopoly of the necessity which makes toil the price of his their individual fortunes and the consequent pro-llabor: it placed them in the relation which labor bread, and surrenders his labor to the capital which motion of their general prosperity. This advice bears to capital ; and while their freedom has needs and employs it. He will thus become to was meant to be practical; and we trust we may changed its character, in many respects, that rela- the Southern planter what the factory operative be pardoned for briefly recurring to some of the tion still remains. In other words, the whites is to the New England manufacturer; and in due considerations which suggested it.

own the lands as heretofore, and their cultivation time to the planter will be restored the power, In the first place, the planting States of the must be dependent upon the negro, as it has influence and control which belong to intelligent South have almost a monopoly of one great staple always been. If this be impracticable, and if it capital and are consistent with its kindliest rewhich all the world requires, and in the production be impossible to find a substitute for negro labor, | lations to the labor it employs. of which no portion of the world can successfully the plantation must be abandoned, the wealth of We have neither time nor space to anticipate compete. The deficiency in a Southern cotton crop Southern production must be lost to the world, the details and incidents which will attend the affects the trade and manufacturing interests of and each Southern State must become a Jamaica accomplishment of this result. We know too all countries; for, notwithstanding the protection or a Hayti. Such an alternative has only been con- well that difficulties will spring up to retard and and encouragement which the necessities of the templated by that despair which has nothing in embarrass : but a people who have encountered war afforded to Egyptian and Indian rivalry, the common with manhood and courage, and which, every danger with courage, and endured all misresult has shown how powerless is their competi- we are proud to say, is no attribute of Southern fortune with fortitude, cannot be wanting in that tion with the American product. We have, character. It is plain, therefore, that the negro patient and vigorous energy which will surmount then, as an initial point, the fact that every pound population must be utilized. It alone can afford every obstacle to their progress and prosperity. of Southern cotton has an assured market both at the labor to be employed in the cultivation of home and abroad; and were it not for the diffi- cotton, rice and sugar; and that, too, at a cost THE PROGRAMME OF PEACE. culty and expense of cultivating the crop with sufficiently low to assure a proper remuneration The smirking rhetoric of Mr. Colfax has deemancipated labor the problem would be of easy to the planter. Can this be effected? Let us clared that the fruit of Republican victory will solution. We are aware how ill adapted the see! If, at the close of the war, the whites had be justice and protection to all; that no right shall negroes are to steady and regular work; how been permitted to adapt their society and institu- be outraged ; that no manhood shall be proscribed ; unreliable they have proved, in most instances; tions to the new relations which emancipation had that no disability shall be imposed. Words like

and how trying has been the general experience established, no honest mind doubts that they these, if uttered without qualification, might be I of all who have been forced to depend upon them. would have been governed by considerations of construed to express something of toleration and | We are equally aware, however, of the failure and justice and humanity, prompted alike by an ob- liberality; and, coming from such a source, might

disappointment which have attended all attempts vious policy and that kindliness and sympathy be deemed to commit the Republican party to a

to substitute other labor for theirs. The idea of which belonged to the mutual dependence of policy which shall relieve the disfranchised citizens i immigration from Europe to the South, must be master and slave, the strength of which was so of the Southern States from those provisions of

abandoned. While the number of foreigners who abundantly illustrated during the war by exam- statute and so-called organic law which exclude scek new homes in this country has been sensibly ples of singular devotion and fidelity. The inter- them from the ballot. But, unfortunately, they diminished, of those who have arrived upon ourference of the North, through the debauching are qualified by the usual Radical exception, which shores, since the war, very few, if any, have gone influences of the emissaries who represented its limits the promised justice and protection to those to the planting States. The reasons for this are extreme and fanatical ideas, and the ignorance alone - black and white-who, according to its too obvious to require recital; but we may refer and insolence of those who exercised its military own standard, Radicalism shall determine to be to one, the force of which will be recognized at and political power, made this impossible. It is truly loyal. In other words, the peace which the once. So long as the North and West afford a needless to recount the thousand and one proofs success of Grant is assumed to have established, field for individual industry and enterprise, no of the disorganization which has followed the will shadow with its protecting wings none of that well advised foreigner would be content with the attempt to impress upon the Southern States the large class whose rebellion has placed them under subordinated position which labor must occupy Northern theory of society and government. From the ban of the conqueror, or relieve from degradupon a Southern plantation. Nor would he incur it, far more than from emancipation, have sprung ing disability none of those who have been dethe dangers of a climate to which he is unaccus- the impediments to Southern enterprise, the barred from participation in the mongrel governtomed, and which, indeed, would be fatal, if not demoralization of Southern labor, and the paraly- ments which Reconstruction has established. How to life, to all capacity for úseful service. Another sis of Southern production ; and these results far the utterances of the Vice-President elect, may idea, based upon the theory that China and Japan must be repeated so long as their causes are con- indicate the opinions of General Grant we cannot must find in emigration relief from the redundancy tinued. But can they be perpetuated? Sooner conjecture. The silence which closed his lips of their population, and that such emigration or later, the influence of those canons which de- during the canvass is still unbroken, and none may know how much,or how little, is comprehended ventions. In the Northern States it is inappre- things in Europe, "is a striking example of bad in the laconic expression, "Let us have peace." | ciable, and not necessary to the triumph of Re-| book-making." That is to say that King George But, so far as the purposes of his administration publicanism ; while in Iowa, which, with Minne- of Hanover, when voting (through his representamay be interpreted by the declarations of Repub- sota, has adopted it, only six hundred negro

tive) in the Diet in favor of the Austrian motion,

and declining to answer Prussia's arrogant and inlican speakers and papers, we have no authorized voters in a population of about a million are en

sulting summons on the next day, was simply betground for hope or expectation that the promised |franchised. We must, therefore, look elsewhere ting on the chances of success. That the King reign of peace will be inaugurated by the abrogation to discover the purpose of this amendment, which might have been in any way influenced by a sense of any oppressive law or the removal of any exist- the Fortieth Congress is to submit to the States, of right and wrong in the matter, by his obligaing disability. On the contrary, by a large, and, with Legislatures flushed with victory and unin- tions to the Germanic Confederation, to Denmark, there is every reason to fear, a controlling portion fluenced by the control of the “Coming Man.” or to the Prince of Augustenburg, or by honest of the Republican party, the triumph of Novem- "Finally," says one of the Radical oracles, to indignation at

triumph of Novem. Finally is save one of the Radical oraples tol indignation at Prussia's flagrant breach of faith, ber is construed to have been a popular endorse- which we have referred, “what a godsend would

Jd and bullying tone-does not appear to enter the ment of the policy of Reconstruction as exhibited impartial justice be to our friends in DELAWARE,

** writer's mind: the royal sportsman merely staked

his money on the wrong horse, as it turned out, in the past, and a justification of its sterner and MARYLAND and KENTUCKY! To them it would ar

them it would and nobody need waste any sympathy on him. severer execution in the future. So far, as we come not merely as a reinforcement, but as de- Now, neither King George nor Mr. O'Dowd conhave seen, no Republican voice has yet advocated liverance. What right have we to deny them this corns us very nearly, but we have selected the ref. the enfianchisement of the Southern white, oraid ?

erence as illustrative of a mode of thought and demanded the remission of those penalties which! Our readers can see what the programme of speech which is becoming disastrously prevalent usurped authority has imposed upon him.- peace will bring to them. Not, we may assume, in this country. In forecasting or judging any What may yet be indicated before the 4th of if they please, the programme of Grant, but that man's course of conduct it is not worth while to March, and to what degree General Grant may of his party, which, fearing to trust the justice of calculate the resultant between duty and interest;

while to suppose him guided by duty alone is preexhibit an individuality of character and purpose his impulses, seeks to anticipate his policy by

posterous. No: what is his interest in the premwhich will impress itself upon his party and taking from the few States, where the truth of

ises, and will he see it? If so, his course is plain direct and control its action, each reader must de-Constitutional Government is maintained, all |

tained, all as a right line. Has he seen it? Then he has made termine according to his hopes or fears. For control over their internal affairs, debasing their a "good book.” ourselves, sympathy with a people, to whom we suffrage, subordinating their sovereign power to| Mankind, we admit, has never approved itself a are bound by every tie of human relation, leads centralised usurpation, and rendering them the self-sacrificing race of creatures, any more than us to await with patience the developments of the mere serfs and vassals of States with which they our elder brothers who go on four legs instead of coming year, trusting that they may justify the are, and of right ought to be, co-equals. It would two; but has there ever been a time when this judgment of honest approval rather than demand be useless to say how indignantly Maryland would simplification of the Whole Duty of Man met with

such general allowance-was so universally as. the severity of indignant criticism.

protest against this outrage. Excepting the class muusudul CTILCISM.

serted of others and admitted of ourselves? "A But, unfortunately, there is danger that the de- of e hat the de. of ex-office-bolders-whose tyranny and proscrip-lis

ose tyranny and proscrip-is a great ass in most things," says his enemy B. termination of the most vital questions of public tion

1. tion drove them from place, and whose vindictive-"but I will say this of him, that he is no fool where policy may not be left to the possible conservatism ness jus

am ness justifies their ostracism forever—and that his interest is concerned." "B is a capital fellow," of the new Administration. The grounds--what- class who would purchase power at any sacrifice says his The grounds-what. class who would purchase power at any sacrifice says his friend C, “and knows how to look after

"As for ever they may be-upon which moderate men. ofl of character or principle—there is no portion of the main chance as well as anybody." all parties, rest their expectations that General the minority who voted for the Republican nomi- me," says candid D, "the chief rule of my life is

ness that would not denounce such an accression to take care of number one. So it is with all the Grant will be controlled by toleration and liber- nees that would not

And yet, 1"

rest of you, only I am honest enough to say it ality, have aroused the apprehension of ultra and upon the sovereignty of the State.

plainly." So Vice, grown independent, not merely Annal there is every reason to apprehend that protest, I refuses to pay the old tribute to Virtue, but stamps extreme Radicalism. What inspires confidence there is every reason to apprehen in the one class, excites distrust in the other; and

however eloquent or denunciation, however uni- J its own image and superscription on the coin, and consequently we find the latter demanding that the versal, will weigh but as feathers against the de-calls itself Cæsar. presert Congress, with its absolute and irrespon-cision which may determine so vital a question. | Losers always have leave to grumble, and desible power, shall do that which it fears cannot be l Whatever hopes or trusts may have been based | feated parties are expected as a matter of course to left to the action of the Forty-first Congress and upon the policy of the coming administration, lose predict the speedy wreck of the country that de

But there the administration of the new President Thus the possibility of their realization by this ingenious | Clines to trust itself to their pilotage.

are heavier interests at stake than party gains or we have one press, representative of this distrust, prologue, which forestalls anticipated justice and

| losses, and a higher point of view than even that requiring that the Fortieth Congress in December,

converts the power, which might assure it, into an

moan of the statesman. A nation is something greater as their first and main work, shall propose an implement of present and unalterable. wrong. than a cock-pit for wranglers, or an arena for amendment to the Constitution conferring suf-| Now, where is the remedy, or rather i

conferring suf: Now, where is the remedy, or rather mode, of gladiators; it is something nobler than even an frage on negroes in all the States of the Union. I prevention? Properly, in the utterance by the Exchange or a market, though this may seem s and declaring that its adoption is the onlu thing mass of the Republican party in Maryland of wild doctrine. which can "give us what we all long for-PEACE" their hostility to negro suffrage and negro equality. | We may perhaps be croakers, but this increasing And thus another naner of the same clasa isoned | No appeal from the Democratic and Conservative national cynicism strikes us as an exceedingly

k ing . There is * on the same day in a distant locality reôchoes the party of the State can have influence with the brave symprom, and wor

moral atmosphere as well as a physical, and, when cry of “Peace," according to its understanding, present Congress. Let the protest, then, come it is pervaded with malaria, it is hard for the and asks that it be secured, by the present Con

I from those supporters of General Grant who do healthiest to escape a taint. Many slopes lesd to gress proceeding upon its reassemblage "to rein

not mean that their advocacy of the “Peace” he the pit prepared for falling States, but none is of state the expelled menabers of the Georgia Legis- has invoked shall be converted into an influence steeper incline and swift

is has invoked shall be converted into an influence steeper incline and swifter descent than the loss of : to add to the bill for Civil Rights Gas its by which the social and political integrity of their faith in virtue and honor. logical sequence) a corresponding bill for Political State shall be hopelessly degraded and demoralRights; and to repair the mischief of the four-ized. Such a protest; from such a source, will

FIRE-FLY. teenth amendment of the Constitution, by adding Weaken

weaken the nerve of Congressional outrage, and Stage-princesses have this disadvantage in coma fifteenth, preventing any State from disfranchisenectual

his effectually rebuke the insolence of its interference mon with other royal personages. They are lisble ing any citizen. except for some other than God's with questions of purely domestic and internals to have their ages known. In dedicating themcrime in ordaining the color of a black man's policy. Will it be made? The answer is with selves to the service of the public, they so far be face." them alone.

come the property of the public that they cannot

conceal that which most women, if they could, Now, what does all this mean? In the Southern IS CYNICISM A VIRTUE? would keep secret from their own mothers, viz: States, negro suffrage has been established by the “The King of Hanover,'' says the vivacious Cor- the date of their birth. Consequently, Lotta could bogus Constitutions adopted by the bogus Con-Inelius O'Dowd in a recent paper on the outlook of not complain if the public should be made aware

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