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jungle, but those planted in the shade succeed better than when exposed to the sun.- Asiatic Journal.

So far as can be judged from appearances the Assam tea is considered equal to that of China, and has been officially pronounced marketable. The principal difficulty now is the lead for packing, of which the Chinese use a peculiar quality.

BURMAH.—The“ schoolmaster abroad” has arrived lately at Burmah, for a periodical paper has recently been undertaken at Moulmein. Forty of the natives have subscribed to it, and it gains ground considerably amongst them.

The present king of Burmalı, talking with Col. Burney on the articles commenting upon his conduct in the Bengal newspapers, and which have been both frequent and severe in their strictures, declared that he did not care what they said of him, as he meant to establish a paper in his own behalf.

CHINA. The importation of opium into China, which was formerly allowed as a medicine, but ever since 1799 has been strictly prohibited, is now, according to the latest accounts from Canton, permitted, on payment of an impost duty of 3 teals, 3 maies, and 8 cardarym, per pical, besides over and above the payment (to be hereafter fixed) to be made to the office of the Hoppo; the trade in opium is to be carried on by means of the Hong merchants; and lastly, the trade shall be by barter for other goods, and every purchase made for silver in base or in foreign coin, shall be punished by the destruction of the opium and confiscation of the silver paid for it. The motives for this important resolution of the Chinese government are, that notwithstanding the heavy penalties, smuggling has increased, because it is so profitable.- Times, May, 1838.

MISCELLANEOUS. ABYSSYNIA.—It had long been desired by oriental scholars, that the Ethiopic MS. of the Apocryphal Book of Enoch, brought by Bruce from Abyssinia, and deposited in the Bodleian Library, should be published in the original. No one, however, seemed disposed for such a task, until the present Archbishop of Cashel, formerly Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford, and well known by his many valuable and learned writings, has set about the work, which is now in the press. By a singular coincidence, it happens that Dr. Hoffmann, of Jena, has also just announced a similar publication of the text of Enoch, from a MS. brought to Europe by Rüppell, the traveller.


map of the world, equally interesting to native and foreign readers of our Journal, has just been published, in two sheets, by Mr. Wyld, of Charing Cross. It marks in different colours, over the extent of countries, the great predominating classes of religions, with the language spoken in each, and into which a translation of the Bible has been made by the British and Foreign Bible Society. Also the number of inhabitants and the proportion of Christians, &c. &c. It is equally curious and interesting.

UNIVERSAL LITERARY CABINET.–Our readers will be glad to learn that the difficulty of procuring foreign newspapers in London no longer exists. An institution, entitled as above, is opened in St. James's Street, and is intended to receive all foreign newspapers and light reading, with which the tables are absolutely heaped. The English newspapers also, provincial and of the capital, are to be seen there. It is also an Agency Office for advertisements for all the Journals of Europe, &c.

The subscription is trifling.

We are happy to find that the scheme set on foot by M. Alexander Vattemara for instituting a regular exchange of duplicates of books, MS., collections of natural history, &c. &c. in the public libraries and institutions of Europe, meets such general patronage, as removing one great obstacle to the labours of learning in every country, and facilitating also the literary intercourse of nations. The importance of M. Vattemara's undertaking may be gathered from the simple fact, that in a single library, that of Munich, there are not less than 200,000 duplicates of books; that a large number of books, printed between 1457 and 1520, are included in the duplicates of the library at Vienna, and 25,000 duplicates in the entomological portion of the Brazilian museum alone in that city, while St. Petersburg possesses even a duplicate mammoth.

Not less curious, though less important, is the extraordinary collection made by M. Vattemara, of drawings by the first artists of every country in Europe, verses by its first poets, Moore, Scott and Byron included, in their own writing; and the autographs of all remarkable personages, including our youthful and beloved Queen, the King of France, the Emperor of Russia, &c. Six numbers of this work, the Album Cosmopolite, which numbers her gracious majesty and several of the royal and imperial families of Europe amongst its subscribers, have already appeared.





156 Acta SS. Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, graece. Parts I. & II. 4to. Hal. Sar.

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194 Freyberg, Max. Freiherr von, bayerische Gesetzgebung und Staatsverwaltung,

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to VI. 8vo. Allona. 21. 12s. 6d.

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11. 10s. 211 Lacroix, S. F., Essais sur l'Enseignement en général, et sur celui des Mathéma

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Plates. 4to. Wien. 10s. 214

Gnomonik, oder Anleitung zur Verfertigung aller Arten von Sonnenubren. 2d Edition. 8vo, with 2 Plates, 4to. Wien.

2s, 6d. 215 Vega, G. von logarithmisch-trigonometrisches Handbuch. 4to. Leipz. 5s.6d. 216 Monge, G., Génométrie descriptive; suivie d'une theorie des ombres, et de la

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Paris. 12s. 217 Wachsmuth, W., Europäische Sittengeschichte vom Ursprunge volksthümlicher

Gestaltungen bis auf unserer Zeit. Vol. I. to V. Part I. 3s.



218 Berzelius, J.J., Lehrbuch der Chemie, aus der Handschrift des Verfassers übersetzt

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seinem Werden bis zum Tode. Parts I. and II. 8vo. Wien. 8s. 6d. 220 Brongniart, A., Histoire des Végétaux fossiles. Livraisons XIII et XIV. 4to.

with 10 Plates. Paris. Each Livraison, 13s. 221 Chaubard, L. A., Elémens de Géologie. 2d Edition. 8vo. with 4 Plates. Paris. 222 Dietrich, Dr. A., Flora regni Borussici, oder Abbildung und Beschreibung der

in Preussen wildwachsenden Pflanzen. Vol. VI. in 6 double Parts, with 72

coloured Plates. 4to. Berlin. 2s. 223 Deutschland's Lebermoose in getrockneten Exemplaren. Herausgegeben von

J. W. P. Hübener und C.F.F. Genth. Parts I. to IV. 8vo. Mainz. Each 5s. 224 Endlicher, S., Genera Plantarum secundum ordines naturales disposita. No. 3.

4to. Vindobon. 4s. 6d. 225

Iconographia Generum Plantarum. No. I. II. and III. 4to. Vindobon Each 78. 6d. 226 Kiener, L. C., Species général et Iconographie des Coquilles vivantes. Livraison

I. to XX. 8vo. Each Part, 6s. The Work will consist of 100 Parts. 227 Kobell, Fr. von, Grundzüge der Mineralogie. 8vo. Mit 4 Tafeln in Folio.

Nürnberg. 12s. 228 Koch, W. D. J., Synopsis der deutschen und schweitzer Flora. 8vo. Part II.

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vegetabilis. 4to. Freiburg. 5s.

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