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affliction. The people appear to be willing to maintain the gospel to their utmost abilities, but except they have some as. sistance they will be obliged to abandon the idea, which gives them much anxiety.” The Society voted for their present relief one hundred dollars.

BOOKS. The Society voted, last year, $200 for the purchase of books for distribution. That sum was expended in the purchase of the following books :

Baxter's Saints' Rest
Memoirs of Mrs. Ramsay
Hemmenway's Discourses to Children
Clinton on Baptism
Watts' Catechisms
Religious Tradesman
Jay's Life of Winter
Wright & Haweis on Communion
Henry on do.
Hymns for Infant Minds
Doddridge's Sermons to Young Persons
Friendly Visit to the House of Mourning
Watts' Psalms and Hymns
Spelling Books

Primers. Most of these books have been distributed; and they have been gratefully received. The Society has appropriated $50 for the purebase of' books, the present year.

The preacher, appointed to deliver the annual sermon, having failed the last year through ill health, no account has been given of the proceedings of the Society since November 1811. This Appendix resumes the account from that time.

The success of societies, iostituted for benevolent and pious purposes, seldom rises to the height of their designs. Impediments, often unforeseen, and not unfrequently insurmountable, prevent the complete execution of the best schemes for diffusing


the knowledge, and promoting the practice, of Christianity. It is our constant aim to obtain the most correct information of the state of destitute churches and people, and of their comparative as well as absolute claims on our charity, and to employ the best means in our power to accomplish the end. The difficul. ties attending missions, whether among the new settlers, or among the native inhabitants, of our country, are not easily imagined by persons, who view the subject at a distance, and have no share in its labour or responsibility. To suffer those difficulties, however, to discourage our hopes, or to slacken our exertions, in so good a cause, were unworthy of Christians. After all the deductions that must be made, the amount of good, effected by associations like ours, is incalculable. Thanksgivings are doubtless ascending daily to God for their pious charities, and the blessings of thousands ready to perish will come upon the benefactors. The preceding narrative, it is believed, carries internal evidence, sufficient to satisfy the fair and candid mind, that our efforts, far from being fruitless, have, with the divine blessing, been productive of great and extensive good. Encouraged by the past, we shall be animated to the future, Nor will we doubt, that, while the object of the Society shall be faithfully prosecuted, there will he a readiness in our fel. low Christians to aid it by their alms and their prayers.

STATEMENT OF FUNDS. U. S. six per cent stock, 7500 dollars—real value 1st April, 1813,

82733 39 Union Bank stock, 6300 dollars, advance paid 413,

6713 00 Massachusetts State Vote, 640 dolls.

640 00 Bonds and Mortgages,

900 00 Massachusetts Bank Stock, 11500 dolls.-advance paid $1322,

12822 00

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$23808 39 D Of this


88861 56 is considered as the donation of John Alford, Esq. and the income thereof appropriated exclu. sively for the benefit of the Indians.

D 8500 was presented to the Society in July last, by His Honor William Phillips, Esq. to be expended during the current year.

DP The collection at the Church in Chauncy Place, on the 4th of Nov. 1813, amounted to $186 40.

DP Received from an absent member on the 6th of Novem. ber, 810.

Names. Places of abode.


Months. Rev. Hezekiah May Brownville Brownville and vicinity

Daniel Lovejoy Fairfax Vassalborough and vicinity 3
Nathaniel Porter Conway N. H. Alfred and vicinity
David Smith Temple Temple and vicinity
Robert Cochran Camden Appleton and vicinity

3 Peter Nurse Ellsworth Schools in Ellsworth, grant $100 Silas Warren Jackson Schools in Jackson do.

$100 Perez Chapin Pownal Ministry in Pownal do.

$50 Books for distribution




Rev. John Sergeant N. Stockbridge N. Stockbridge
Mr. Silas Shores Taunton

Charlestown R. I.

12 months. grant $100

His Honor William Phillips, Esq. President.
Rev. John LATHROP, D. D. Vice President.
Rev. ABIEL Holmes, D. D. Secretary.
Rev. WILLIAM E. CHANNING, Assistant Secretary.
Mr. Samuel H. WALLEY, Treasurer.
Mr. Josiah SALISBURY, Vice Treasurer.

Hon. Thomas Dawes,

With the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

i complete List of the Members of the Society.

N. B. The act of incorporation provides, that the whole number of the

Society shall at no time exceed fifty members.

Those to whose names an asterisk * is prefixed, are deceased.

* Nathaniel Appleton, Esq.
Rev. 'I homas Barnard, D. D.
Rev. Joshua Bates
*Rev. Jeremy Belknap, D. D.
* His Excellency James Bowdoin, Esq.
Alden Bradford, Esq.
Benjamin Bussey, Esq.
* Richard Cary, Esq.
Rev. William E Channing
*Rev. John Clark, D. D.
* Hon. Richard Cranch
* Hon. Francis Dana
Hon. John Davis
* Hon. Thomas Dawes
Hon. Thomas Dawes
* Rev. Joseph Eckley, D. D.
Samuel Elliot, Esq.
* Rev. John Eliot, D. D.
Rev. Nathanael Emmons, D. D.
* Rev. Levi Frisbie
* His Honor Moses Gill, Esq.
David S. Greenough, Esq.
Rev. William Greenough
*Rev. Timothy Hilliard
Rev. Abiel Holmes, D, D.
Dr. Edward A. Holyoke
* Rev. Simeon Howard, D. D.
* William Hyslop, Esq.
Mr. David Hyslop
Rev. James Kendall
Rev. John T. Kirkland, D. D. LL. D. Pres. Harv.

Rev. John Lathrop, D. D.

* Thomas Lee, Esq. * Hon. Benjamin Lincoln * Rev. Daniel Little * Hon. John Lowell * Hon. Jonathan Mason * Rev. Joseph Mc Kean, D. D. Pres. Bowd. Coll. Rev. Jedidiah Morse, D. D. * Rev. Phillips Payson, D. D. Rev. Elijah Parish, D. D. Samuel Parkman, Esq. Eliphalet Pearson, LL. D. *Hon. William Phillips His Honor William Phillips, Esq. Mr. Jonathan Phillips Rev. John Pierce Rev. Eliphalet Porter, D. D. Rev. Thomas Prentiss, D. D. Daniel D. Rogers, Esq. * Hon. Thomas Russell Samuel Salisbury, Esq. Mr. Josiah Salisbury * Ebenezer Storer, Esq. * His Excellency James Sullivan *His Excellency Increase Sumner • Rev. David Tappan, D.D. * Rev. Peter Thacher, D. D. * Hon. John Treadwell Hon. Cotton Tufts, M. D. Hon Dudley A. 'Tyng Mr. Samuel H. Walley Rev. Henry Ware, D. D. Prof. Divin. Hary. Coll. Hon. Oliver Wendell James White, Esq. Ebenezer Wight, Esq. * Rev. Edward Wigglesworth, D. D. Prof. Div. Harv.

Coll. * Rev. Joseph Willard, D. D, LL.D. Pres. Harv. Coll. Samuel Williams, LL. D. Mr. William Woodbridge.

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