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SERIES of LETTERS from a NoBLEMAN to his Son.

A NE w EDITION, carefully corrected.


Printed for G. G. J. and J. ROBINSON, Paternoster-row ; apud

A. HAMILTON, jun. Falcon-court, Fleet-treet. 1789,

[blocks in formation]



The Flemish sea-adventurers make themselves masters of the

Brille [A. D. 1572)


The provinces of Holland and Zealand throw off the Spanish

yoke ; and William prince of Orange, by forming the re-

volted towns into a league, lays the foundation of the repub.

lic of the United Provinces


The duke of Alva, repulsed before Alcmaer, petitions to be
recalled (A.D. 1573)


He is succeeded in the government of the Low Countries by

Requesens, Commandator of Castile


Middleburg taken by the Zealanders (A.D. 1574) ibid.
The fiege of Leyden ; which the Spaniards are compelled to
raise, after the most vigorous exertions

The conferences at Breda (A. D. 1575)

The revolted provinces

reduced to great distress, offer their fo.
vereignty to Queen Elizabeth


She rejects it, for political reasons


The Spanish troops in the Netherlands matiny on the death of

Requesens (A. D. 1576)


The pacification of Ghent


Don John of Austria, the new governor of the Low Countries,

agrees to confirm it

He violates his engagements


1578 Queen Elizabeth engages to support the revolted provinces ib.

Don John deposed by a decree of the States


They are distracted by jealoufies and diffentions


Death of Don John


He is succeeded in the command of the Spanish army in the

Netherlands by the famous Alexander Farnese, duke of



1579 The UNION of the Seven Provinces signed at Utrecht ibid.

The nature of that Union

1380 The United Provinces finally withdraw their allegiance from
Philip II.


The expedition of Don Sebastian, king of Portugal, to the

coast of Africa

His death


1581 Philip II. makes himself master of the kingdom of Portugal 15

1582 Attempt against the life of the prince of Orange


He is opposed to the duke of Parma

Distracted state of affairs in Scotland


James, the young king, is made prisoner at Ruthven


1583 The Spaniards invade Ireland


Account of the voyage of Sir Francis Drake


Discontents of the Catholics in England





Page 1583 Plot against the life of Elizabeth

19 1584 It is discovered

20 Affaffination of William prince of Orange

ibid, His fon Maurice elected Stadtholder The Duke of Parma invests Antwerp

ibid. 1385 The citizens agree to acknowledge the authority of Philip Rapid decay of that city

ibid. The United Provinces offer their sovereignty to Henry III. of France

23 He is obliged to reject it, on account of the distracted state of his kingdom

ibid. Queen Elizabeth sends over an army of fix thousand men, un

der the earl of Leicester, to the assistance of the States 24 And dispatches Sir Francis Drake, with a fleet of twenty fail to distress the Spaniards in the West Indies

ibid. 1536 Success of Drake

ibid. Misconduct of Leicester He is recalled

ibid. Babington's conspiracy aganst the life of Elizabeth

26 Trial of Mary Queen of Scots

ibid. Her fpirited defence

27 She is condemned to suffer death

ibid. Examination of the evidence against her

28 1387 Affecting circumstances attending her execution

29 Her gallant behaviour

ibid. Her character

30 Hypocritical forrow of Elizabeth

ibid. James VI. king of Scotland seems determined to revenge the death of his moi her

31 He is induced to live on good terms with the court of Enge land

ibid. Naval exploits of Drake and Cavendish

32 The failing of the Spanish Armada is retarded

ibid. 1388 Philip II. makes new and great preparations for invading Eng. land

33 Naval and military force of Elizabeth

34 Undaunted courage of the English queen

35 The Spanish Armada fails

ibid. Defeated by the English fleet, under the earl of Effingham and Sir Francis Drake

36 It is attacked by a violent form and wrecked on the western ifles of Scotland, and on the coast of Ireland

37 French Proteftants reduced to great distress by the powe

power of the Catholic League

ibid. Ambition of the second Duke of Guise

38 His violent death

39 thg

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