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Omar and Fatina, or, the apothecary of Tullock John, life of, 93
Ispahan, 5, 59, 136, 177, 291

Vesuvius, excursion to, 301
Paswan Oglou, life of, 41

Vicissitudes of life, on the, 85
Peace, on, 290

Villa Viciosa, origin of the name, 252
Pemberton, Mr. Thomas, life of, 40 University commencement in Philadel-
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, phia, 42

description of paintings now Waller, character of as a man and a

poet, 38

ing, 28

hibiting there, 263
Perseverance, on, 313

Washington, anecdotes of, 21
Philadelphia Museum, late donations Wax chandlers, feast of, 173
and additions to, 206

Weekly register of mortality, for Phila-
Picture of a wife, 242

delphia, New York, and Baltimore,
Pin, the, 35

54, 108, 165, 220, 277, 334
Piedmontese sharper, the, 307

Weights and measures, on, 15
Pompey's pillar and Cleopatra's needle, Will of an old bachelor, extract from,
description of, 307

Poet, the, his rank in the scale of be- Winter, thoughts on the approach of,

Poetry and genius, essay on, 243

Pope Sixtus V and the shoemaker, an Æolian harp, beautiful description of, 242
Italian anecdote, 81

Apparitions, thoughts on, 48
Population of the principal towns in Avon, lines addressed to a branch of, 103
France, 194

City shower, description of a, 34
Preble, commodore, life of, 92

Columbia's eagle, 50
Price of stocks, 56, 112, 168, 224, 280 Dying daughter to her mother, the, 159
Printing-offices, number of, in different Elegy on a dog, 249
cities, 160

Envy, pictures of, 37
Puff, a, 37

Epitaph on a monument in St. Saviour's
Pun, a, 172

church, 173
Potatoe plant, introduction of, 320 Extempore verses, on the author's being
Racine, character of, 10

cured of a fit of the head-ache by
Rank of nations, 209

dancing with Miss
Raven, natural history of, 250

Friendship, 157
Reflector, the, 14, 203, 238

Grave, the, 101
Regnard, character of, 13

Health, address to, 47
Remarks on the love of reading in Rus. Herbert and Lucy, 269
sia, 286

Holy man, the, 102
Rhode Island bridge, description of, Ivy-seat, the, 50

Lines addressed to a fountain, 104
Russian commerce in books, 286

Mr. -, who affirm.
Russian peasants, manners and customs ed Pope to have been correct in assert.
of, 77

ing that woman is at heart a rake, 117
Salutations, directions respecting, 246

Modern love, 241
Scratching the head, the art of, 23 Old bachelor's petition, the, 214
Self-knowledge, importance of, 117 On seeing a June flower blooming in
Sheep, account of the profit and loss November, 328
upon a flock of, 124

Prayer to the virgin, by queen Mary,129
Showers of blood accounted for, 147 Ring, the, 214
Singular character, a, 260

Scold, the, 158
Statistical view of Great Britain, 208 Simplicity, to, 160
Strawberry, the, an excellent dentifrice, Song, 157

Sonnet to Patience, 291
Suicide, historical remarks on, 17 Stanzas, 104
Suicides, average nember of in different The widow, 330
cities in Europe, 19, 20

Taylor, the water poet's mock-com-
Swalwell, the iron works of, 283

mendatory verses on “ Coriat's Cru.
*Taylor, the water poet, 172

dities," 171
The two Savinias, or the twins, 198

his petition to king James, 172
Theodore, king of Corsica, 173

To a young lady, on her birth day, 173
Time, the praise of, 27

Translation of a celebrated fragment
Tracey, Uriah, some account of, 40 by Simonides, 212
Tripoli, present state of, 192

Young widow's petition, the, 273

, 158

[blocks in formation]

BEWARE of the delusions of the former prospect of happiness fade heart, said the discreet, but still from before their eyes, as the sun beautiful step-mother of the lovely "removes his golden rays from the and enthusiastic Leonora B In sombre shade of night. When once all things there is a medium to be a deep impression is made on the observed; but more especially in the heart, it too generally remains a passion generally termed love, the slave to its object for ever, even reality of which is ever amiable.- though no suitable return should be But there exists a false species, made; some, it is true, require a mostly of luxuriant growth, which correspondent affection to keep should always be guarded against as their own alive; but others, those the sex's greatest enemy. It is ac- whose attachments are of a more knowledged by all, that coquetry and generous or persevering nature, conaffectation render us ridiculous, but tinue enslaved, though no enlivening love, without reason for its basis, is ray of hope should dawn on them; capable of causing an infinity of apparently resembling the gillyanguish to the susceptible heart; it flower of winter, which hesitates not then becomes a fatal destroyer of to bloom through that inclement the mind, a degrader of the nobler season, unmindful as it were of the faculties; it weakens the love of cruel buffetings of the north. But virtue, and by degrees lays all things how disconsolate, my dear Leonora, but itself into a lethargic slumber. must be the situation of such a

The moth, when hovering round heart, and how evidently does it the alluring fame, is too striking a show the indispensible necessity of resemblance of those incautious fe- keeping a wary eye on so unruly a males, who, in the simplicity of their part, which, if once allowed to get hearts, trifile on the precipice of des. predominancy, generally dismisses truction which too often awaits its most faithful advisers from office. them. Or, if so fortunate as not to be Nothing tends so much, except reprecipitated into guilt, they have the al religion, to the guidance of the extreme infelicity of seeing every heart, and consequently to the troe VOL. VIII, NO. XLVI.


your view.

elevation of the sex, as an enlighten- few minutes ago supposed, but of ed education. You have had no pains wormwood deeply tinctured with spared in yours; every mean has gall. Such often admire Virtue, been pursued, not merely to make pronounce her all beautiful as thé you a fashionable, which at best morning, yet want steadiness to folmeans but little, but rather an ac-' low her footsteps; hold Vice, whatcomplished and useful, female cha ever the garb she may chuse to as'racter. While yet a child, your lit- sume, as detestable, yet suffer their tle hands were taught to do menial unwary hearts to be caught in her offices for the children of penury snare. and wretchedness; you were taught Shall I, Leonora, give you the to prepare clothing and food for the lost, and once beautiful Laura as an tattered and weary; lessons on hu- example. Once was she the daughmanity and humility, those delight. ter of sensibility, but now her heart ful sister virtues, were constantly is dead to feeling, the cold earth has given you, and daily practised in become her pillow, her form rests

in the grave. In childhood, Laura You had an early ear for music : was the delight of her idolizing pathat, and the more elegant kind of rents, who promised themselves needle-work, will not only prove great felicity from the many amiapreventives against idleness, that ble traits they saw dawning in her destroyer of the mind, but will keep infant mind. Even then had the you from looking for amusement in big tear of sensibility coursed down a crowd, where it is seldom found her cheek, and the sigh of sympa. by the good and rational; while thy swelled her susceptible heart. drawing and painting enlarge the At an age when the character is mind and improve the heart, for in supposed to be formed, she supporttracing and admiring the beauties ed a part in a sable drama that reof nature, you will learn to love, as quired Herculean powers to sustain, the poet expresses it, nature's God. and support it she did in such a These are pleasures, my beloved manner as to receive the loudest and Leonora, that demand no usury; united plaudits of the surrounding may the pursuits of your heart be audience. Never as yet had she ever as innocent.

caused a sigh in the bosom of a Women who have the happiness friend, from disobedience, or follies of possessing cultivated minds, are natural to youth; but, alas, in an ill seldom of the number of those who timed hour her evil genius had the go astray; the light disseminated ascendancy, she became an object round them unfolds the separat- for the finger of scorn to point to; ing walls of the different virtues, indecency was affixed to her chaand blends them sweetly all in one; racter, nor could she lean on innono longer a delicate organization, cence a support against the resembling sensibility or lively pas- world's contumely. Where Self-apsions are to be considered as evils, probation had been wont to display united now as promoters of the ge- its standard with all the boldness of neral good. Love, with this class, conscious innocence, Self-accusation assumes the most elegant form, not appeared as with the bold front of farther from libertinism, than from an enemy which would not be rethat chimerical idea of the brain, pulsed, and in its train introduced formed, as it were, only for the Despair, whose sooty habiliments heart's torment, often ignorant of its despoiled the tenement, unmantled own wishes, and possessing nothing Hope, and turned her out a fugitive but folly for its basis. Enthusiasm to return no more ; all of which is seldom attached to well-regulated was the effect of a mind, from naminds ;


poor " deluded visionaries ture and education highly enthusiasgenerally find love composed, not tic. Her heart, her affectionate of every thing delightful, as you a heart, bad drawn to its centre the


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