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Fellow-citizens of the Senate,

and House of Representatives:

The Constitution makes it the duty of the Governor, at the close of his official term, to give to the next Legis lature "information by message of the condition of the State." I have the honor, therefore, in compliance with its requirements, of making this communication" to you. The receipts into the State Treasury during the fiscal year, ending Nov. 30, 1858, were as follows:

Balance of cash in Treasury Dec. 1, 1857,... $158,642 70 General Fund.

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5,297 28

Internal Improvement Fund.

From sale of lands and U. S. 5 per cents,...

Trust Funds.

From sales of University, Prima

ry and Normal School lands,.. $22,573 91

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For expenses of sales, refunded to counties, redemptions refunded, &c.,...$112,873 08

For salaries, expenses and appro

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For payment of D. &. P. R. R.

bonds, ..

97,000 00

225,208 93

Trust Funds.

For support of University,..... 35,425 01
For Primary School apportion-

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15,654 94 40 00

M. C. R. R. deposits refunded,..
Balance cash on hand Nov. 30, 1858,......


176,347 20

$1,024,363 05

It will be perceived that the aggregate of receipts and expenditures is largely increased by including bonds to the amount of $266,000 00, which have been issued in conformity to the law of January 30th, 1858, all but $50,000 00 of which were to redeem the outstanding bonds of the State, which fell due on the 1st of July last, and on the 1st of January instant.

The conditions of the law, for the issue of these bonds, have been faithfully complied with, and bonds to the amount of $196,000 00 have been redeemed and cancelled, and provision made for the redemption of $20,000 00 which fell due on the 1st of January instant. It is gratifying, also, to be able to state that the credit of the State is in a high condition; and that while the bonds of the States of Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and several other

States, were below par, we were able to negotiate these bonds at a premium.

It will also be noticed, that other large amounts of money, as the interest on the University and School lands, constitute no part of the revenue of the State, but that the Treasury is simply made the agent for their receipt and disbursement.

The receipts into the Treasury for delinquent taxes upon non-resident lands, have been largely increased over the last year. This is to be attributed mainly to the able decision of the Supreme Court, which has rendered hope-. less the efforts of that class of property holders to avoid their just proportion of the public expenses. If this just decision had not been promptly made, or if the Court had arrived at a different conclusion, the Treasury would have been greatly embarrassed, and the resident tax payers subjected to an inconvenient, if not insupportable burden.

The State indebtedness, for which Bonds have been issued, is as follows:

Penitentiary Bonds due January 1, 1859,.... $ 20,000 00
Penitentiary Bonds due in 1860,..

Internal Improvement Warrant bonds,.....
Full paid Five Million Loan Bonds, due Jan-

uary, 1863,.....

40,000 00

50 00

177,000 00

[blocks in formation]

New bonds issued in July last, due 1878,....

266,000 00


$2,337,629 67

The average amount of cash in the Treasury, for the four years next preceding Dec. 1st, 1854, was,... $285,536 06 The amount of interest received for the use of

the same, was,.

1,553 86

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