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His pardon was recommended by the Prosecuting Attorney, who said that the person injured admitted that he was as much to blame as the convict.

William Odell.-Convicted of larceny in Lenawee, Sept., 1857, and sent to the State Prison for two years.

This was a young man, a stranger in Adrian, who stole a watch valued at $5. His pardon was recommended by R. R. Bachie, Esq., Prosecuting Attorney, and certificates of former good character. Pardon granted Nov. 3, 1858.

James Kelly and Andrew Kelly, were convicted in Wayne, Nov. 1857, of the crime of resisting an officer, and sent to the county jail for one year.

Pardon recommended by Judge Witherell, Prosecuting Attorney Gavin, the jurors who convicted and others, and granted a few days before expiration of sentence.

Samuel De Wolfe.-Convicted of assault and battery in Wayne, August, 1858, in the Police Court, and sentenced to pay a fine of forty dollars or seventy-five days in jail. Pardoned at the end of sixty days, upon the recom mendation of Justice Bagg and others.

Gilbert R. Shays.-Convicted of larceny in St. Joseph, September, 1857, and sentenced to State Prison for five years.

He was a lawyer, and all the members of the bar of St. Joseph, with the Judge, united in asking his pardon, as his offence "did not exhibit a great degree of depravity." Pardoned November 3, 1858.

Hosea Reeves.-Convicted of arson in Jackson, September, 1855, and sentenced to eight years imprisonment. His age, and respectable connexions, good behavior in Prison, and the circumstantial testimony upon which he was convicted, induced me to grant a pardon at the end of

three years, which was asked for by a great number of citizens.

Samuel P. Hart.-Convicted of rape, in Jackson, February, 1856, and sentenced to the State Prison for ten years. Hart was a physician, and it was alledged that the of fence was committed upon his patient when under the influence of some stupifying drug. No positive proof could be produced; but, under a high excitement, he was convicted upon circumstantial testimony. Certificate of the highest character from Hon. S. Colfax, and others, were produced, and of excellent behavior as assistant in the hospital of the Prison, and a pardon granted December 25, after near three years imprisonment.

Richard B. Coleman.-Convicted of forgery, in Macomb, June, 1857, and sentenced for three years to the State Prison.

Pardon recommended by Judge Green, who tried him, and Richard Butler, Esq., and Giles Hubbard, Esq., and others. Granted November 23.

John Winter.-Convicted of murder, in Calhoun, in May, 1848, and sentenced to solitary imprisonment for life. This is an old man who has been in the cells for ten years, and whose punishment was commuted to hard labor for life-at the earnest solicitation of all the officers of the prison.

Charles A. Baker.-Convicted of burglary in Wayne, on several indictments and sent to the State Prison for forty years.

He was a boy only seventeen, and although his offences were bold and desperate, yet it was believed by Judge Douglas, Capt. E. B. Ward, and many other citizens, that he could be safely restored to society with a prospect of becoming a good citizen. Pardoned Dec. 14, 1858.

James Weaver.-Convicted of burglary and larceny, in Calhoun, in July 1851, and sent to the State Prison for

nine years.

This was a colored man, and his good behavior has so commended him to the officers of the Prison, that they united in recommending his pardon, which was granted at the expiration of six years and six months.

Rinaldo Baxter.-Convicted in Branch of having in his possession counterfeit money, in 1856, and sent to State Prison for five years.

Pardoned upon certificate of Physician of the prison and Inspectors, that he is low with consumption. His friends in Ohio offered to take care of him. Pardoned Dec. 18, 1858.

John Wilson.--Convicted at the April term in Lenawee of breaking and entering a shop and stealing, and sentenced for five years.

Judge Wilson and Pros. Att'y Beecher asked his pardon on account of his failing health. Granted Dec. 21, 1858.

Frederick Chilson.-Convicted at the December term, 1857, in Lenawee, of receiving stolen goods.

Pardoned Dec. 25, 1858, upon the recommendation of Judge Wilson, who tried him, and Hon. R. R. Beecher, who was the prosecuting officer, who both certify their doubt of his guilt.

Barney Riley.-Convicted at the February term of the Monroe Circuit Court of an attempt at bestiality, and sentenced to the State Prison for two years.

Pardon granted upon the petition of Hon. Harmon Allen and others, who certify that the prosecution was malicious, and upon the recommendation of F. Johnstone Esq., Prosecuting officer of the county.


Executive Office, Jan. 1, 1859.

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