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out, viz: the Asylums for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, and for the Insane.

Resolved, That we adopt the sentiments expressed in the President's Address in reference to the deceased members of this Society as our sentiments.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to report at the next annual meeting on the subject of medical education.

The report was accepted and adopted.

The hour for the special order having arrived, Drs. Bartholomew and Collins were appointed tellers, and the Society proceeded to ballot for officers for the ensuing year, when the following were elected: President-Dr. II. B. Shank, of Lansing. Vice-President-Dr. Moses Gunn, of Detroit. Secretary-Dr. E. P. Christian, of Wyandotte. Treasurer-Dr. J. H. Beach, of Coldwater.

Dr. Shank being absent, the Vice-President elect was conducted to the chair by the retiring President.

On motion, Dr. Davis, of


was elected to member

Dr. Beach offered the following motions, which were passed.

Moved, That the thanks of this Society be presented to the retiring President for his courteous administration, and especially for his able address just delivered.

Moved, That the thanks of this Society are due to Dr. E. P. Christian, for the ability and assiduity which he has exhibited in his duties as Secretary during the whole period of his acting in that capacity.

Dr. Pratt offered the following preamble and resolution : Whereas, The transactions of this Medical Society must contain much information relative to the preservation of health and the prevention of disease, which it will be important for the people of this State to have in possession; and

Whereas, It is unjust to require the medical profession, at their individual expense, to publish this information for the benefit of the State; and

Whereas, Other Legislatures have recognized it as their duty to spread before the people they represent all facts having an important bearing upon sanitary reform; therefore

Resolved, That we respectfully request the Legislature of this State, now in session, to inaugurate the practice of publishing, as one of the State joint documents, the annual transactions of this Society.

The resolutions were adopted, and on motion of Dr. Miles, the members of the Society who were members of the Legislature were appointed a committee to bring the resolutions before the Legislature.

The following members were then appointed delegates to the National Medical Society, the President having power to appoint substitutes in place of any delegate, such delegate giving him notice of desired substitution: Drs. Pratt, of Kalamazoo; E. Leach, of Owosso; H. S. Buel, of Oakland; Miles, of Flint; Cornell, of Ionia; Shank, of Lansing; Hoyt, of Oakland; Fairbanks, of Genesee: Wilson, of Port Huron; Enos, of Berrien; Shephard, of Grand Rapids; and Clark, of Detroit.

Dr. Pratt offered the following:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to gather information in relation to the condition of the poo houses, jails, prisons, penitentiaries, and houses of refuge in the State, particularly in reference to their sanitary condition, and the arrangements provided for the proper separation of the sexes, and the general principles upon which, in their opinion, the poor-houses and jails especially should be built, and report at the next annual meeti g. Adopted; and Drs. Pratt, Hoyt and Miles appoi od as the committee.

The President appointed the following committee on Medical Education :

Dr. J. H. Beach, Dr. E. Leach, and Dr. Pratt.

Dr. Beach offered the following:

Resolved, That it is derogatory to the character of physicians and surgeons to admit into their offices as students any persons of whom they have not certain knowledge that they possess all the moral, intellectual, and educational qualifications demanded by the letter and spirit of the . American Medical Association.

Resolved, That it is highly improper and inconsistent with professional honor for any physician or surgeon to allow his name to be used as preceptor by any individual aspiring to honors in any medical institution, unless he shall have full and certain information that said aspirant has complied with all the requirements of students, and is entitled to certificates of pupilage for the space of time which he claims to have studied.

Resolved, That we hail with gratification the zeal evinced by the American Pharmaceutical Association, and by many eminent pharmaceutists and druggists, to render medicinal agents agreeable as well as reliable; and that we hold in high estimation and fraternal regard that honorable portion who refuse to pander to the avarice of mountebanks or the stupid credulity of the populace, by trading in lying nostrums and factional fancies.

Resolved, That the character and appearance of the Peninsular and Independent Medical Journal have hitherto been highly creditable to all parties concerned in its matter and execution, and that it deserves the encomiums and support of the medical profession.

The resolutions were adopted.

Dr. Stockwell then read a volunteer paper from Dr. G. B. Willson, of Port Huron, on the Necessity and Proper Method of Obtaining Vital Statistics, which was refer

red to Legislative committee, and thanks of Society returned for the same.

Dr. Beach then presented a paper embracing vital sta tistics of Coldwater for 1858, which was referred to the committee on publication.

The President announced Drs. Shank, Christian, and Bartholomew, as the standing committee on publication. Dr. Allen moved that the resolutions appended to Dr. Stebbins' paper be referred to the Legislative committee. Carried.

Dr. Beach offered the following, which was adopted, and referred to the Legislative committee:

Resolved, That this Society earnestly recommend to the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives that they do, at the earliest practicable date, enact the neces sary laws requiring and providing for the thorough regis tration of births, marriages and deaths, occuring in this State.

On motion, the suggestions of Dr. Gorton, in relation to an enactment for legalizing the study of Anatomy, were laid on the table for one year.

The following persons were appointed to report upon the specified subjects at the next meeting of the Society, viz :

Dr. E. P. Christian-on Criminal Abortions.

Dr. A. Cornell-on the Use and Abuse of Cathartics. Dr. A. B. Palmer-on Infantile Therapeutics.

Dr. J. Adams Allen-on Nervous Action.

On motion, Dr. Van Deusen was elected an honorary member, and requested to furnish a paper at the next meeting, on some subject pertaining to his specialty (insanity.)

Dr. Abram Sager--On Ergot, and the various proposed substitutes as cholics.

Dr. Moses Gunn-On Plastic Operations.
Dr. Pratt-On New Remedies.

Dr. M. L. Leach-On the Diseases and Topography of Clinton county.

Dr. Wilson-On the Action of Quinine.

Dr. Fairbanks-on Adulterated Liquors.

On motion of Dr. Stockwell, Dr. Thos. C. Brinsmade, of Troy, N. Y., was elected an honorary member.

The President elect having returned, was conducted to the chair, and addressed the Society.

A vote of thanks was returned to the State officers for the use of the Supreme Court room.

Dr. Beach presented an invitation from profession in Coldwater to meet there next year.

On motion of Dr. Pratt, a committee of three, consisting of Drs. Phelps, Collins and Sackrider, were appointed to inquire into the charges preferred against Dr. J. C. Searles, of Ingham county, and report at the next meeting. The Secretary was requested to furnish this committee with papers relative to the case.

On motion, the Society adjourned.

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