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such as laws, documents, files of important vouchers, records of taxes, &c., together with the State Library, and which, if destroyed, could not, in some instances, be replaced at all, and if replaced must be at a cost almost as great as the building of a State House itself, must render the consideration of this subject very important indeed.

The Board instruct me, as their chairman, further to remark, that, in their opinion, proper economy, and the beat interests of the State would be consulted, should your honorable body institute measures promptly for providing means to erect a new

w State House at as early a day as may be deemed to be practicable, without making it burdensome to the people.

The Board are aware that the remarks they have deemed it their daty to submit in this report to your honorable body, are entirely gratuitous on their part, as there is no requirement in the act calling therefor ; yet they have thought the circumstances and the necessities such as to jastify these remarks, without infringing upon the prerogative of the executive or other official departments, or assuming to direct your honorable body in the discharge of your duties toward the people and the State. By order of the Board.


Chairman Board of Auditors. LANSING, January 1st, 1859.

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No. 4.


ANNUAL REPORT of the Auditor General.

Lansing, Dec. 27, 1858.

To the Legislature of the State of Michigan:

Pursuant to the requirements of law, I submit the fol

lowing as my official report:

The receipts of the Treasury from all sour

ces, during the fiscal year ending November 30, 1858, amounted to......

There was in the Treasury at the close of the previous fiscal year,.....

Making the available fund for the year just closed,.....

The expenditures during the same period


Leaving balance in the Treasury at the close of the late fiscal year, November 30, 1858, of......

$865,720 35

158,642 70

$1,024,363 05

848,015 85

$176,347 20

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