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No. 8.


ANNUAL REPORT of the Inspectors of the State

Prison, for the fiscal year ending Nov. 80, 1858. To the Secretary of State of the State of Michigan:

Pursuant to the statute, the undersigned, Inspectors of the State Prison, make the following report of the receipts, expenditures, business and proceedings of the State Prison, for the year ending November 30, 1858.

The reports of the officers of the Prison to the Board of Inspectors, hereto appended, furnish a detailed account of the financial, and other transactions of the Prison, during the past fiscal year, and its present condition.

By reference to the abstract of monthly reports, it will be seen that the expenditures of the Prison during the year have been the sum of,......

.$56,227 01 And that the total receipts have been as follows: For convict labor.......

$32,659 26 From United States,

623 83 From visitors,...

828 50

From State Treasury,
From all other sources,.

21,000 00
1,026 93

56,138 52

Excess of Expenditures,..

$88 49

It appears by the report of the Agent, that there is now due from contractors on account of convict labor the sum of .....

.. $11,013 32 Add amount received during the year for convict labor,....... 32,659 26

$43,672 58 Deduct amount due from contractors December 1st, 1857..

$9,562 78 Less amount then stated to be due

from Walter Fish, since settled, as hereinafter stated,.....

830 00

8,732 78

Amount charged for convict labor during the year,

$34,939 80 There have also been 11,422 days labor per

formed by convicts for the Building Commissioner, and 3,716 days labor for the Agent, in building and repairing, making a total of 15,138 days labor, mostly performed during the long days of summer, and by convicts who have been for several years mostly employed in the building department. This labor has been worth to the State at least 75 cents per diem, on the average,.....

11,353 50 Total earnings of convicts upon contracts, and

for permanent buildings and improvements,. $16,293 30 It appears by our last annual report that the

total amount charged for convict labor during the year ending Nov. 30, 1857, was the sum of ....

.. $26,852 24

And the estimate of the earnings of

convicts in the building department for the year 1857, was the sum of ....

9,600 00

36,452 24

Increase of earnings of convicts 1858 over 1857, $9,841 06

The expense of the Prison for the past year may be stated as follows: Total expenditures, .

$56,227 01 From which deduct the following items : Amount received for property sold, ...

$844 87 Outstanding indebtedness,

November 30, 1857......7,756 33

And a difference shown as follows: Excess of expenditures of

1857,.......... $1,118 60 Less excess of 1858, 88 49

-1,030 11

9,631 3:

46,595 70 To which add the following items : Outstanding indebtedness shown by the Agent's

report, Nov. 30, 1858,.... $7,396 53 And a difference shown as follows in

the valuation of moveable prop

erty, &c.: Valuation for 1857, ..... $12,418 15 for 1858,

12,078 72

369 43

7,765 96

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Total expenses,

$54,361 66

Of which was expended for building and repairs,

Total expenses other than for buildings and repairs,

4,695 77

$49,665 89

The Agent's report shows the average number of convicts at the Prison during the year, to have been 443.6. Dividing expenses as above, by this number, and we have the sum of $111 96 as the average expense of each convict during the year.

For the purpose of giving a comparative view of the transactions and expenditures of the Prison as compared with former years, the Inspectors have prepared the following tables:


STATEMENT showing the number of convicts in the Michigan State Prison at the beginning of the undermentioned fiscal years, the number received, and the average number in Prison during the year:

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473 Nov. 30th, 1858.

The above table shows that the increase of the number of convicts in the Prison has been very rapid, the average number having more than doubled within four years, and being more than three times as great as seven years ago.

It also shows the imperative necessity of a constant increase of prison accommodations and work-shops, and explains the increase of expenditures during the past and former years.


STATEMENT showing the aggregate amount of disbursements for rations and provisions during each of the undermentioned fiscal years, the average expenses for provisions of each convict during each year, and during each week of the year:*

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The fiscal year of 1846 ended Oct. 31st; the fiscal year for 1854 is for 13 months, ending Nov. 30th. All the subsequent years are for 12 months, ending Nov 30th.

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