Minor Elizabethan Drama, Volume 2

Ashley Horace Thorndike
Dent, 1913

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Página 190 - Did I unfold the passions* of my love, And lock them in the closet of thy thoughts ? Wert thou to Edward second to himself, Sole friend, and partner of his secret loves ? And could a glance of fading beauty break Th...
Página 37 - Sweet Mistress, whereas I love you nothing at all, Regarding your substance and riches chief of all; For your personage, beauty, demeanour, and wit, I commend me unto you never a whit. Sorry to hear report of your good welfare, For (as I hear say) such your conditions are, That ye be worthy favour of no living man, To be abhorred of every honest man.
Página 181 - And lock'd him in the brightness of her looks, Was not so beauteous in Apollo's eyes As is fair Margaret to the Lincoln Earl. Recant thee, Lacy, thou art put in trust : — Edward, thy sovereign's son, hath chosen thee, A secret friend, to court her for himself, And dar'st thou wrong thy prince with treachery ? — Lacy, love makes no exception of a friend, Nor deems it of a prince but as a man.
Página 207 - Sends out his glorious glister on the north, The head will speak : then, Miles, upon thy life, Wake me ; for then by magic art I'll work To end my seven years
Página 192 - fore the morning sun Shall vaunt him thrice over the lofty east, Margaret will meet her Lacy in the heavens. Lacy. If aught betides to lovely Margaret That wrongs or wrings her honour from content...
Página 183 - Beccles, and hear'st not of these news ? Lacy, the Earl of Lincoln, is late fled From Windsor court, disguised like a swain, And lurks about the country here unknown. Henry suspects him of some treachery, And therefore doth proclaim in every way, 710 That who can take the Lincoln Earl shall have, Paid in the Exchequer, twenty thousand crowns.
Página 218 - Yes, marry, am I. MILES. Good Lord, master Plutus, I have seen you a thousand times at my master's, and yet I had never the manners to make you drink. But, sir, I am glad to see how conformable you are to - the statute. I warrant you, he's as yeomanly a man as you shall see : mark you, masters, here's a plain honest man, without welt or guard.
Página 57 - Tib. Talk. Shall I go fet our goose? C. Custance. What to do? Tib. Talk. To yonder captain I will turn her loose, And she gape and hiss at him, as she doth at me, I durst jeopard my hand she will make him flee. C. Custance. On forward. R. Roister. They come. M . Mery. Stand. R. Roister. Hold. M.
Página 176 - Edward's courageous resolution, Done at the Holy Land 'fore Damas' ' walls, Led both mine eye and thoughts in equal links, To like so of the English monarch's son, That I attempted perils for his sake.

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