The Book of Positive Quotations

Steve Deger, Leslie Ann Gibson
Fairview Press, 2007 - 755 páginas
First published in 1997, The Book of Positive Quotations has sold more than 200,000 combined trade copies. This new edition has been expanded to include 3,000 new quotations (10,000 total) from 1,300 additional authors. One of four books in Fairview Press' popular Positive Quotation series.

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I am in administration. This book is a great resource for those inspirational quotes. It will also be helpful to add to personal cards that are sent to family and friends. Ler crítica na íntegra

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John Cook studied physics at the University of Queensland, Australia. After graduating, he majored in solar physics in his post-grad honours year. His interest in climate science began when he was given a speech by prominent 'skeptic' U.S. senator, James Inhofe. Researching the various skeptic arguments presented by Senator Inhofe revealed many fundamental scientific flaws. This led Cook to begin cataloguing the full range of skeptic arguments and documenting what the peer-review science said about each topic. This work formed the basis of the website which aims to communicate the peer-reviewed science to a broader audience.

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