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“ He is a violent fellow, Sandy,” said Lochandhu, as Amherst joined him. 66 You must know, Mr Oakenwold, he is only my natural brother, though, in his presence, I chose to give him rather a more respectable appellation. He is not a bad fellow in the main ; but, as I said before, hot and violent, as such merry-begottens are often apt to be. He is gone to look for deer with these lads. But for all I could say to him about the state of the wind, I couldn't get him advised to take the right cast, or the proper stand.”

Amhérst reflecting within himself that the rhetoric seemed to have been all exerted on the other side, and that the monosyllabic replies of Lochandhu but ill accorded with this account of their conversation, was as little satisfied with this voluntary explanation, as with that he had obtained from him about Macrory in the morning. But the train of thought it excited was speedily snapt, by his companion soon afterwards exclaiming

“ Mr Oakenwold, I may now almost venture to congratulate you on the safe termination of your journey, for yonder twinkles a light in the house of Lochandhu."

Amherst was by no means sorry to hear this, for the night had already closed in.

“ 'Tis but an humble dwelling, compared to those you have been accustomed to in your own country, and even since you came to Scotland," continued he, after they had emerged from the deep bed of a brook. “ But," added he, “it is fortunate that you won't think the worse of it after your last night's lodging. Such as it is, however, I trust that you will be at home in it, and that when you find things not comfortable, or not quite to your liking, you will for my sake believe, that for your sake they would be better, if the owner could afford it. But, stay, we are just almost at the door. You may dismount if you please, and Hamish will show your man to the stables with the horses, and afterwards to the kitchen-fire, where, I daresay by the time he has done up his beasts, he will be right glad of a snug corner.

In the meanwhile, permit me to show your way.” They now alighted on a piece of soft natural grass near the door, and Amherst followed Lochandhu into the house.


La vertù est si necessaire à nos cæurs, que quand on a une fois abandonné la veritable, on s'en fait une à sa mode, et l'on y tient plus fortement peut-être parcequ'elle est de notre choix.


The charitable shades of night threw a veil over the more glaring defects of the mansion, and left it to the good natured imagination of the stranger to supply all deficiencies, yet it had no very flattering exterior. It seemed to consist of a plain and very low centre, hardly high enough for one story, but appearing, from its double row of small windows, to be divided into two. On each side was a lower wing, running out to the front at right angles, dedicated to a variety of domestic purposes.

Lochandhu lifted the latch. “ Take care of your head, Mr Oakenwold,” exclaimed he as Amherst was entering. But the caution came too late, for, not having made due allowance for the lowness of the door, he struck himself a severe blow on the forehead, and at the same time slipped down an unseen step inwards, so that he staggered into the passage like a drunk man.

“ Preserve me ! if he binna bringin' hame some o'thae fu’ fouk, to put the house a' in a steer!" exclaimed Mrs Macgillivray, a shrewd, acute, bustling little woman, who, in a dirty dark-printed gown, and a high cap, came hurrying from an adjacent room.

“ Mrs Macgillivray," said Lochandhu,“ pray, bring a light with you.--I am afraid, Mr Oakenwold, you have hurt yourself.”

Amherst having assured him that he had suffered nothing, received his assistance in taking off his cloak, which was hung up on a deer's horn, amongst the numerous hats, plaids, bonnets, and sticks, covering the wooden partition.

When Mrs Macgillivray came with the light, Lochandhu formally introduced Amherst to her, as his most particular friend, and, above all, as the son of that gallant sea-officer to whom, as she had often heard him tell, he had owed the preservation of his life when abroad. He concluded

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by saying, that he had prevailed upon Mr Oakerwold to honour his poor mansion with a visit, and he trusted she would assist him in doing all in his power to manifest to the son, how deeply sensible he was of the obligation he owed to the father. ', 1:31:26 And, therefore, my good woman, to begin will you set Mary to work immediately, to cook Tsomething hot for supper, and see that clean sheets' are put upon the stranger's bed, and a fire in the room?!... " 741 Mrs Magillivray stared at her husband for an instant, but, making her obeisance to Amherst, and stammering out something about the happibness she felt in seeing him as their guest, all the while smoothing her gown, and pinning her hand

kerchief, and applying the points of her fingers to Hier head-dress, with a consciousness of the want Dof proper arrangement in her drapery, she sidled out of the room.

1, "!" 13. She had no sooner left them, than she was heard 1 issuing hasty and pointed directions to a female servant. These were the death-warrant tota pair of unfortunate fowls, at that moment reposing in fancied security, with their heads under their 19 I: di , W blissus said nobod bilo

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