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herst the various kinds of manly amusements the country afforded, leaving him to choose which he should first pursue. 'n!!!! Torbonne

* Shall we to the hill, Mr Oakenwold, to kill a few grouse and black game,

or would you like to look nearer at home for a roebuck, where you may also get plenty of hares ?--Or perhaps you would prefer salmon-fishing --Or if you are fond, of boating, you may shoot wild ducks upon the lake, and catch abundance of pike and trout. For ptarmigan or white hares, we must seek the highest tops of the mountains—as for red deer, we must have time to prepare for showing you a royal day with them." -- Amherst, like most young men, was extremely fond of such pursuits. This ample list of the animals of sport, made him forget the dubious situation he had placed himself in, by becoming an inhabitant of the house of Lochandhu. . Remembering that he must wait the promised communication from his mysterious nocturnal visitant, he was rejoiced to find that he could do so without


risk of tædium. He felt the neces sity of occupying himself, to keep down those distressing thoughts, resulting from his conversation

with Lord Eagleshome. 1 He resolved, therefore, to partake of all these amusements in succession,

A good many days soon passed away, in maku: ing war upon the various creatures we have mentioned, Lochandhu generally acting as his guide and companion. His success was far beyond what he had ever before entertained any idea of. But much as he enjoyed such amusement, bis pleasure was by no means confined to the mere trifling exultation arising from the extent of the murder coms mitted, in which every sportsman has mure or less felt the inclination of indulging himself. He had other and more exalted sources of delight from such excursions. As his foot trød lightly over the heathy hills in pursuit of his game,mas he inhaled the healthful breeze,--and as his eye roamed unconfined over the endless extent of brown moorland, where not a trace was to be seen of those pitiful barriers, raised by the sordid hand of allgrasping man, jealous of the intrusion of his fellow upon a few wretched feet of the surface of this earth,--he felt his soul expand with a freedom he had never before experienced. Nature seemed to be the only proprietor here, and her domain was without limits.

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Such sentiments as these, more particularly sug. gested themselves to Amherst, during his expeditions to the Cairngorums, whither he went, nominally, indeed, in pursuit of ptarmigan and white hares, but, in reality, more for the purpose of enjoying the solemn scenery of the endless forest of pines, covering the stretch of country at their base, and of the wild lakes and glens in their hollows, as well as the boundless prospects to be had from their different summits. Amidst the enthusiasm of that rapture, excited in his ardent bosom by the contemplation of Nature, on a scale of savage grandeur he had never before an opportunity of beholding, he almost forgot what others would have considered as the chief object.

Often would he stop to give full scope to the pleasure he felt. Now, in the very depth of the forest, would he lean his back against the trunk of one of those gigantic fir-trees, of which there were many twenty or thirty feet in circumference, and looking out from beneath its bold free growing arms, and thick foliage, catch a view of some white summit, and watch the various effects produced by the light mists and clouds sweeping along its brow, like the fitful transitions of hu

man emotions. Again, stretched upon a heathy bánk, or moss-grown caim, he would lie silently surveying the long drawn vista of one of those lonely woodless lakes, there so frequent;-its clear surface giving back the image of those overhanging cliffs, of height only accessible to the eagle, which sent down their foaming waterfalls, fed by the almost eternal beds of hardened snow hanging on their brow. Or lastly, rejoicing in those exhilarating feelings naturally arising from the occupation of a lofty and commanding position, he would throw his eyes from the ridge of the mountains, over the subjacent country, his field of vision reaching almost from sea to sea; and remarking how utterly all appearance of man and of his works was lost upon the face of the vast map below, he would think on the absolute insignificance of the creature, and on the vast—the immeasurable greatness,—the infinite power,-the eternity of the Creator !

It was after frequent instances of success in roeshooting, that Lochandhu at length proposed to Amherst to try the nobler game.

- You have been well enough bled with the roebucks, Mr Oakenwold,” said Lochandhu to him, one evening, as his guest returned from the woods; we must now endeavour to flesh you with the deer. With your leave, we shall go to-morrow evening on an expedition against them.”

Amherst readily agreed to Lochandhu's proposal, and every thing was arranged accordingly.


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