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I did hear
The galloping of horse. Who was't came by ?


I go, I go, look how I go;
Swifter than arrow from the Tartar's bow.


Miss MALCOLM's narrative was hardly concluded, when the Dwarfie suddenly appeared. “ Away! away !-to horse ! - your pursuers are near!” said she, hastily-and, snatching a hand of each, she hurried them off among the thick underwood, growing at the base of the rocks at one end of the meadow. There she desired them to remain quiet until she should return, and instantly left them.

It now required all Amherst's exertions to support Miss Malcolm in this new and trying alarm. He seated her on the soft moss, under the thick and drooping boughs of a large holly-tree, and

stood by her with a pistol in each hand, ready to defend her to the last extremity.

The trampling of horses' feet was now heard, as if coming down the horse-path, by which they had reached the hollow amphitheatre, and which was the only practicable descent into it.-Men's voices talking loud were also distinguishable, though as yet too distant for the words to be made out. The night was at its darkest hour, and the moon long since set.

A loud halloo was distinctly raised, as if by the person in advance, for the purpose of guiding him that followed. At length, the dialogue of the speakers could be caught.

“ This way, Antonio !—I have got to the flat meadow at last. Here we must rest for a while. All chance of the chace is lost for this bout."

“ Hah, maledetto !-furie d'inferno! what a cursed finale to all our exertions !” exclaimed the other, in a tone betraying the utmost rage and disappointment.“ Corpo del diavolo !-it was all your fault – did I not tell you that it would have been better to make sure of her ? — Accidente !—To lose so much time, and labour, and travel, by listening to such a chicken-hearted ani. malaccio !"

“ By Heaven! Antonio, you give your tongue too much licence.—Like a brute as you are, you have forgotten all that I have done for you in this matter-you would fain shift off that blame upon me which belongs to your own carelessness !"

Siete buggiardo!" retorted Antonio, with bitterness." She might have been dead and safely packed in a box by this time, had it not been for you.

“ Liar !" exclaimed Brandywyn, “ by Heavens you


for that word-draw, rascal, and defend your life."

“ Hold, you fool, I meant no harm,” said the other, more coolly ; “ but see what fire is that smouldering yonder amongst the bushes ! Let's tie our horses to this tree, and examine the spot.”

Both the men were overheard advancing as fast as the darkness of the night would permit towards the overhanging rock, within twenty paces of which Amherst and Miss Malcolm were concealed.


- Per Dio!" exclaimed the Italian, one has been here !"

" Aye, and lately too,” said the other.

Corpo di Padre!" cried Antonio, " there's a handkerchief-let me see it nearer the light-E. M:-By heavens, it is her's—she cannot be far off-Dannazion dell anima mia !--presto! presto!-bisogna cercare!-Let's try every bush. -Hah!—if we had her but again—by heaven and hell, I would make sure of her."

The two ruffians now began a most active search, smashing the bushes, and poking their swords everywhere around them. From the noise he made, Antonio seemed to be forcing his way through the underwood, in the direction of the very spot where Eliza was concealed. A deadly fear came over her. Amherst cocked his pistols, and stood resolved within himself to blow out the brains of the Italian, as soon as he should be sufficiently close to ensure his destruction. Enough of light came at intervals from the expiring faggots under the rock, to make his form visible, as he advanced in an irregular track through the opposing branches. He came nearer and nearer, trying the copse from right to left, as if resolved that no part



of it should escape him. The fatal tubes were more than once lifted to their object; and Antonio's death would have been sealed, had not Amherst felt reluctance shed even a villain's blood, in manner in itself so revolting to a generous mind. But he still came on-two or three random steps brought him to one side of the holly. He struck the branches with his sword. A faint scream burst involuntarily from the lady. It was hardly audible amidst the crashing noise made by Antonio; yet was it sufficient to arrest his attention. He stopped to listen. He was now in shadow, and a thick bough, rising from the ground, so hid his

person, as to prevent the possibility of Amherst firing at him with any hope of success, from the spot where he stood. He, therefore, prepared to move forward a single step, to obtain a better aim, when another and a more distinct scream arose a few yards from the place of their conceal


“ Hah-corpo del diavolo !-She is there !" cried Antonio, darting into the obscurity of the thicket. “She is here !-She is here !-qui camerata !-camerata !-qui!-qui!"

The crashing amidst the bushes increased both

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