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to induce him to join that evening's party. I thought of his poor mother, and the execrations which, in the anguish of her soul, she would bably pour out upon him who had misled and deprived her of the only stay Heaven had left her.

The moon was still high, and as I lay with my ear to the ground, I heard a slow and gentle brushing of the short grass, at if some light foot were advancing. I looked up, and how was my blood frozen in my veins, when I beheld the figure of the drowned boy pass slowly along the path. His head was bare, and his long locks, as well as his garments, were dripping wet, and his eyes seemed fixed, and his face had the blueness of death upon it! I could not doubt that it was the ghost of him whose life had just been sacrificed by my folly and wickedness; and though I have often since tried to reason myself out of this idea, all my attempts have been in vain, so strong was the impression made on my mind by the ghastly figure, and I have since often fancied I saw him in a thousand forms. Appalled by the sight, I followed the apparition with my eyes, as it moved on without sound, until it was no longer visible, - and then starting from my hiding place, I regain

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ed the road, and fled with fresh wings of terror. In the transient catches of reflection that came upon me as I ran, I resolved never more to visit my father's roof. Indeed, the crime of murder, to which I was certainly an accessary, made it too dangerous for me to do so, and I urged my flight almost unceasingly, until I reached the nearest sea-port, where I immediately hired myself as a cabin-boyin a coasting vessel bound for London. I had no sooner arrived there than I fell in with a number of dissolute characters, with whom, during the time our ship was discharging her cargo, I frequented the gin shops and low tap-houses about Wapping: and there my education, you may easily believe, was but little improved. To support my expences I took the bounty, and entered as a man-of-war's-man on board a ship fitting out for a foreign station. Whilst loitering about, I happened one day to take up a newspaper in one of my places of resort, and my eyes being accidentally attracted by a paragraph headed Durham, I read as follows :

« « The gamekeeper who was so desperately wounded in the nocturnal affray with the poachers of this neighbourhood, still lingers in such a state

as to leave no hopes of his recovery. As connected with this unhappy affair, we are sorry to be obliged to notify the death of Mr Harrison, long the wealthy and highly respectable farmer of Wickersmere in this county. This truly worthy old gentleman, whose loss to the circle he moved in is irreparable, is supposed to have died brokenhearted, owing to some existing suspicions implicating his son George in the above murder. The young man, who is said to have been very wild, dissappeared immediately after the commission of the crime, and has not since been heard of.':

“ Conceive what were my feelings, Sir, on reading this paragraph, knowing myself, as I did, to be that very George Harrison alluded to. But-Good Heavens, Sir!-what?—what is the matter?--are you unwell? - Eppy ! call for help, II beseech you !-he is going to faint !? 121111

“ No, no !" said the good clergyman, recovering himself, and speaking with great agitation “ do not call for help!- do not summon indifferent persons to witness my heart-rending emotions !---I I am your younger brother Henry !!!! .. He threw himself upon the miserable man, and embracing him, they mutually lost all power of language for some minutes, until relieved by giving full way to their feelings.

The best medical advice was now procured, and the wounds of the unfortunate prisoner were ably dressed. For some days he gave the most flattering hopes of a speedy recovery ; his pious and affectionate brother was unwearied in his attention to him ; and his spiritual amendment advanced even more rapidly than that of his body. The performance of the marriage ceremony, that made Eppy his wife, gave him additional ease. All was going well. But an unexpected relapse took place, -and he died suddenly in the arms of his wife and brother.

To paint Eppy's grief would be a vain attempt. But the excellence of Henry Harrison's heart was never more tenderly displayed, than in the welljudged care and kindness he bestowed on his newly acquired sister. 1913 g

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Whose foot spurns back the ocean's roaring tides, to
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10: Life is all a variorum,

We regard not how it goes,
Let them cant about decorum
Who have characters to lose.

Here's to budgets, bags, and wallets,
Here's to all the wandering train !
Here's our ragged brats and callets !
One and all cry out, Amen!

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The Jolly Beggars, but

Return we now to Amherst, whom we left in a convalescent, but very weak state of health.

He had no sooner recovered, than, by the advice of his physicians, he went down to the coast for the benefit of the sea air, and took up his abode with his friend Cleaver, who, better aware of the nature of his malady than any of the

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