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picking up some of the ship's provisions, and other necessaries, washed ashore by the storm.

“ Whilst engaged in looking for these, I was seen accidentally by some of the inhabitants of the neighbouring fishing hamlet, with my hair hanging down. Their superstitious fears led them to fly in the utmost alarm. My figure was thus associated, in their minds, with the storm and wreck. I resolved to avail myself of these circumstances, to make myself the terror, instead of the sport of the vulgar. The discoveries I made in the cavern enabled me to carry my plan into the most perfect execution. I found out a narrow hole immediately over the fallen fragments, heaped up at the further end of the larger outer cave, which, opening at a considerable height, and just over a projecting ledge, so as to be quite unseen from below, led through a series of magnificent natural apartments, and came out through an almost invisible crevice near the sainted well.

“ The belief in my being something supernatural became so fixed among the ignorant natives, that, to propitiate my supposed malevolence, they put down fish, and food of all kinds, and coins, and various other articles, by the side of

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the iwell I was supposed to delight in Bus something more was necessary for you than were foods and I began to be unhappy that I had secured no asylum for you, where you might receive education fitted to your birth. Had I then known that your mother was the last remaining child of Lord Eaglesholme's only uncle, I should have thought that the hand of an all-seeing God had led me to him; but I was ignorant of this circumstance, and then looked upon him in no other light, than as a nobleman of whose history I knew something, and whose wretched and recluse sort of life, bespoke at least a sincere repentance for the errors he had been led into.

“ In the course of a few weeks residence in the cavern, I had various opportunities of gathering more about Lord Eaglesholme, and I finally made up my mind to convert him, by stratagem, into the guardian of my infant treasure. How to effect this, required some previous consideration. To accost him, and to tell him at once who you were, would have been to subject myself to the suspicions of imposture; and ignorant as I was of his connection with your mother, I only anticipated indifference on his part, to the pretensions

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of one of whom he knew nothing. At last "I rei solved to awaken his remorse, and to move his tenderness for you, by giving you to him as his own child.

“ I soon found out, that he was in the frequent habit of rambling alone upon the cliffs af ter dark, and I resolved to avail myself of the rumours, spread over the whole district, of my strange appearance, and supernatural powers, to meet and address him, in a manner that should at least command his attention, if not inspire him with some portion of the general belief regarding me. I carried my scheme into practice with all the effect I was capable of. I started upon him near the sainted well, in so inexplicable a manner, that I saw plainly he hardly knew whether to believe me mortal or no; but when I told him the history of his past life, he shuddered with horror, and was lost in astonishment. I then told him that the only punishment Heaven had assigned to him, was the care of his adulterous child; and taking you from under a cloak in which I had laid you to sleep, I gave you into his arms, and disappeared before he had time to re_ cover from his surprise, or to know whither I had gone. He believed my tale ; and, to hide the infamy of your birth, he gave you out to be the daughter of his widowed sister, who had died abroad.

" Finding my place of concealment convenient for my purposes, I resolved to remain there to watch over your fate. I showed myself frequently to Lord Eaglesholme during his walks on the cliffs: and, keeping up the mystery in which I had first enveloped myself, I continued to have considerable control over a mind, remorse had rendered, in some degree, unsound.

" It was not until after your being carried off, and when I was fully satisfied of the strength of his affection towards you, by his distraction at your loss, that, on his coming to seek me near the well, I at last disclosed to him the secret of your birth, and learned with surprise, for the first time, that it had pleased Heaven to direct me for protection to the very threshold where you had the best - right to look for it. And now young lady, said she, in a melancholy accent, it only remains for me to give thee a wretch's blessing, and bid thee farewell for ever-never again shall this disgusting form distress thee!"

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Amherst and his bride replied to her at once“ No!" said they warmly,“ no! we cannot let you leave us. Our lives shall be devoted to make yours comfortable."

The poor creature gazed upon them both for a moment, and, seating herself again on the grass, from which she had risen, she burst into a flood of tears, and was for some time convulsed by the intensity of her feelings.

“This kindness," said she, “is more than I can well bear.-But it will not do. I cannot be a burden to you.- I cannot be a burden to myself. I cannot again subject myself to the persecutions of my own species. I have been too long accustomed now to live in solitude, and to be free. Yet, to leave you !" continued she, looking towards Miss Delassaux with inexpressible feeling, “ to leave you who are the only living thing which chained me to the earth, is to break my last tie with it, and to pine in living death!”.

Why should you leave me then ?” said Miss Delassaux, seizing her long and bony hand, through which she felt the warm pulses of a strong affection beating ;

why should you leave me? A small cottage shall be fitted up in

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