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that he had not taken Cleaver's advice, and made an'attempt to rescue her from what he could not help thinking tyramy.

He easily worked himself into the belief, that, if Lord Eaglesholme should still persist in opposing his wishes, and those of his niece, he should be justified in taking any means to relieve her from such oppression. 133 As he was in the midst of such reflections as these, Lochandhu and Macrory entered, and put an end to them for the present..." 1.16 glad to have it in my power to announce supper, Mr Oakenwold," 'said Lochandhu gaily. sd The grand sewer is about to bring in the golden goblets, and many a dainty dish of rarest price. But, joking apart, I wish you may be able to partake of this our sylván fare. To the stomach of a båre-legged Scotchman, who has been trudging the mosses and moors all day, it is indeed erquisitely palatable'; but to you, who have been bred in the very lap of luxurious civilization, I fear our food will taste but coarse and homely." 1.Amherst assured him he was by no means very delicate in general, though at present he had not in re:lity much t-tordisel. 1.

“Well, well, nl said Lochandhu, “ I hope the

novelty of the supper, as well as of the supperroom, may have the effect of making a young man enjoy both. I remember, when I was a lad, I used to prefer lying in the heather all night, let the weather be what it might, to the softest and warmest bed iin my father's house. But although I don't fear doing so even now, when occasion requires it,ther glory and the novelty of the feat have dost their relish for me. But here comes

: the smoking cogue !"-49;llis, fj ,?

As he said this, one of the Highlanders entered, bearing a broad deep vessel, constructed of staves and hoops, full of smoking hot broth of a very substantial description, being made of great quantities of mutton boiled down to rags, and thickened with oatmeal and shredded onions. This was propped up on some bunches of ferns, and the gentlemen and Macrory drew their fern cushions around it. A deep wooden bowl, and a hom spoon, iwas handed to each of them, and they began to help themselves from the cogue, that

fresh/steams every time it was stirred, like the partial eruptions of a half extinguished volcano. Amherst, although he did not much admire the appearance of this dish, imitated the

threw up

others, and helped himself to some of its contents; nor did he find it altogether so unpalatable as he had anticipated

This entrée was followed by another of similar shape and size, heaped up with hissing fragments of broiled mutton, sending forth a very savoury steam, and a knife and fork, drawn from a dirkcase, were handed to Amherst, together with some hot oaten cakes, baked on a flat stone, and toasted before the fire. The viands were by no means uninviting, and although Amherst's sickness of heart had robbed him of his appetite, the other two did not fail to do ample justice to them, ever and anon washing the morsels of food down with a tasse of brandy.

When they had finished their meal, the cogues were carried out to the fire, where O'Gollochar and the Highlanders speedily cleared them out, assisted by the dogs, who stood by, and alertly caught up the offals, both cooked and raw, which were thrown to them. Nor was brandy awanting at this second table, being drank from small wooden queaghs, made with narrow staves of different-coloured woods nicely hooped together. The liquor went frequently round; but, although

a great deal was drank by each individual, there did not appear the slightest approach to intoxication.

ht115 PORN The conversation within the grotto during the meal, and during the short time after it, employed in sipping brandy, chiefly turned on the subject of deer-stalking, and the chace of different animals, objects of sport to the Highlanders. Lochandhu and Macrory each narrated various anecdotes relating to such toils, and told of many a feat they had personally performed. At length all rattling of horn-spoons, and crunching of jaws, having ceased in the neighbourhood of the fire, Macrory called to his people, who brought in large additional bundles of dry fern, and made up three very luxurious beds, and Amherst, glad to be permitted to retire into the society of

his own thoughts, however gloomy, immediately wrapped himself up in his cloak, and, took possession of one of them, Lochandhu and Maerory, soon afterwards following his example,

( pon ) 919W The lights in the grotto were then extinguisha ed; a watch was set to keep up the fire ; O'Go lochar threw himself on the ground near, him master; and such of the Highlanders who were


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not on duty as sentinels, disposed of themselves, each according to his own fancy, forming a sort of group just within the entrance.

Amherst lay for some time awake. still, save only the muffled sound of the rushing river, and the deep breathing of the sleepers around him; or the drowsy tapping of the man stationed at the fire, as he poked together and arranged the half burned fragments of wood, with the end of a stake; or the smothered growl, or half uttered whine of the dogs, as they urged the fancied chace in dreams. At last he also yielded to the gentle influence, and, fatigued by his mental sufferings, his want of rest the night before, and the exercise he had undergone during the day, he dropt by degrees into profound oblivion.

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