Manual for the Use of the Legislature of the State of New York for the Year ...

Secretary of State, 1921

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Página 210 - Laws relating to the property, affairs or government of cities, and the several departments thereof, are divided into general and special city laws; general city laws are those which relate to all the cities of one or more classes; special city laws are those which relate to a single city, or to less than all the cities of a class.
Página 156 - Senate, but shall have only a casting vote therein. If during a vacancy of the office of Governor, the Lieutenant -Governor shall be impeached, displaced, resign, die, or become incapable of performing the duties of his office, or be absent from the State, the President of the Senate shall act as Governor until the vacancy be filled or the disability shall cease...
Página 190 - The Legislature shall have 110 power to pass any act granting any special charter for banking purposes; but corporations or associations may be formed for such purposes under general laws.
Página 166 - He may also make temporary designations in case of the absence or inability to act of any justice in the appellate division...
Página 170 - The Court of Appeals is continued. It shall consist of the Chief Judge and Associate Judges now in office, who shall hold their offices until the expiration of their respective terms, and their successors who shall be chosen by the electors of the State.
Página 170 - Court of Appeals. The Justices so designated shall be relieved from their duties as Justices of the Supreme Court and shall serve as Associate Judges of the Court of Appeals until the causes undisposed of in said court are reduced to two hundred, when they shall return to the Supreme Court.
Página 210 - After any bill for a special city law, relating to a city, has been passed by both branches of the Legislature, the house in which it originated shall immediately transmit a certified copy thereof to the mayor of such city, and within fifteen days thereafter the mayor shall return such bill to the house from which it was sent, or if the session of the Legislature at which such bill was passed has terminated, to the Governor, with the mayor,s certificate thereon, stating whether the city has or has...
Página 98 - No member of this state shall be disfranchised, or deprived of any of the rights or privileges, secured to any citizens thereof, unless by the law of the land, or the judgment of his peers.
Página 166 - Whenever the Appellate Division in any department shall be unable to dispose of its business within a reasonable time, a majority of the Presiding Justices of the several departments at a meeting called by the Presiding Justice of the department in arrears may transfer any pending appeals from such department to any other department for hearing and determination.
Página 190 - The term corporations, as used in this article, shall be construed to include all associations and joint-stock companies having any of the powers or privileges of corporations not possessed by individuals or partnerships. And all corporations shall have the right to sue, and shall be subject to be sued, in all courts in like cases as natural persons.

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