Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Volume 96,Edição 7

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Página 6 - ... that in time of war no elector in the actual military service of the State, or of the United States, in the army or navy thereof, shall be deprived of his vote by reason of his absence from such election district...
Página 7 - Laws shall be made for ascertaining, by proper proofs, the citizens who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage hereby established, and for the registration of voters; which registration shall be completed at least ten days before each election.
Página 5 - ... shall be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall, at the time, be a resident, and not elsewhere, for all officers that now are or hereafter may be elective by the people...
Página 11 - An act to facilitate the construction of the New York and Oswego Midland Railroad, and to authorize towns to subscribe to the capital stock thereof,' passed April fifth, eighteen hundred and sixtysix, and the acts amendatory of and supplementary thereto.
Página 239 - He shall appoint one of the said clerks to be his deputy, who shall possess the powers and perform the duties attached by law to the office of principal during a vacancy in such office and during the absence or inability of his principal.
Página 10 - An act to extend the operation and effect of the act passed February 17, 1848, entitled 'An act to authorize the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes...
Página 239 - ... he shall employ, from time to time, the necessary clerks to discharge such duties as he shall...
Página 5 - ... he may offer his vote, shall be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall at the time be a resident, and not elsewhere...
Página 241 - Such corporation and its directors shall possess the usual powers, and be subject to the usual duties of corporations...

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