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Account. Some account of suffragan bishops in England. (With a

list of them).
Biblio. Topog. Britannica. Vol. 6.

4to., 1785. An account of the celebration of the jubilee, on the 25th October, 1809; being the forty-ninth anniversary of the reign of George the Third, “ The Father of his people.” Collected and published by (a lady) the wife of a naval officer. “And all the people shouted and said, 'God save the King.'” Portrait of the king, æt. 71, in the 50th year of his reign.

4to., Birmingham, 1809. A true full, and particular account, of the horrible confession, of John Williams, (lately tried at Salisbury Assizes for a capital offence, found guilty, and received sentence of death) of the wilful murder of Farmer Fowler of Chew Magna, some time since.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1814. A true and particular account of the awful state of John Williams, ploughman to Farmer Griffin, of Taunton, who with dreadful oaths wished he might be struck dead, or buried alive in the field, on Monday last November 2, 1818; which may prove an awful lesson to all swearers, blasphemers, &c., &c.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1818. Account of the trials of Edward Blandy and William Pitcher executed at Ilchester, on Wednesday April 29, 1818.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1818. A true full and particular account of Matilda Wilkinson, a poor sailor's wife, who with her two infants, was found frozen to death, at the extremity of Mendip Common, on Saturday morning last December 11, 1819 by some milk-maids, and the nipples in the infants' mouths.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1819. A true and full account of a most horrid and cruel murder, that was committed on Thursday last April 20, 1820, by Rebecca Worlock, on the body of her husband, Thomas Worlock of Welling's Common, near Hanham, by infusing poison in his beer.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1820. A full and particular account of the dreadful damages that has been done during the past week by the tremendous hurricanes that have prevailed during the same: giving a further account of the number of lives lost, houses blown down, trees torn up by the roots, &c., &c. (South Petherton, Crimchard, Avishays, Crewkerne.)

ss., fol., Bristol, 1821. An account of a most barbarous murder which was perpetrated on Monday, the 24th of June 1822 between Whitchurch and Pensford on the body of Henry Wann of Oakhill, Somersetshire.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822.

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Account Account of the apprehending and taking of five doctors'

ressurrection men, who were detected early this morning, Nov. 2, in Bedminster Church Yard in the act of robbing a grave.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. A full and true account of the trial of the five resurrection men who attempted to rob a grave in Bedminster Church Yard for which they were tried on Saturday last at the Quarter Sessions held in Wells.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. Examination of the doctors at Ashton, on Saturday last Nov. 2, 1822, and the apprehension of Mr. Ward son of the sexton of Bedminster Church as an accomplice.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. A full true and particular account of the execution of B. Glover, G. Paddy, W. Darch, and B. Day on Wednesday the ist of May, 1822, at Ilchester with the copy of a letter and a hymn written by Benjamin Day to his wife signed by his hand.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. An account of the last awful moments of Robert Chilcott (of Freshford) who was executed at Ilchester, on Wednesday last September 4, 1822, for committing a detestable crime on a sow. Woodcut, a man hanging.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. A full and particular account of the melancholy death of Thomas Grinther and Jane Wetherett (in Beech-wood, Lansdown) who died from the effects of poison which they took by mutual consent rather than submit to be separated.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. A true and particular account of a most horrid murder which was committed on Monday night last at Stoke Lane near Evercreech, in Somersetshire, by John Salter on the bodies of his wife, child, and a friend during a fit of jealousy.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1822. An account of the execution of Isaac Thomas who under. went the awful sentence of the law at Ilchester on Wednesday last August 27, 1823, for burglary. Woodcut.

ss., fol., Bristol, 1823. An account of the dreadful hurricane which prevailed during the 22d and 23d of Nov., 1824, stating the number of shipwrecks and the loss of lives. (Yeovil.)

ss., fol., Bristol, 1824. A correct account of the execution of S. Blanning, H. York, P. Radford, J. Gill, and John Wilmott, at Ilchester on Wednesday, April 27, 1825, for various crimes. Woodcut.

ss., fol., Yeovil, 1825.

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Account. Account of the apprehending and taking of Thomas

Wheeler charged with having committed a rape and attempted to murder Miss M. Middleton only 14 years during the absence of her father and mother, on Monday last at the village of Weston two miles from Bath.

ss., fol., Bristol (182-). An account of the apprehension and taking of Elizabeth Smith of Perthton for the wilful murder of her father, on Monday last with her full commitment to Ilchester Gaol for trial at the Spring Assizes. Woodcut, a man and woman.

ss., fol., Bristol (182-). An account of the damages sustained by the most dreadful thunder storms by which we have been visited, including the loss of several lives, the destruction of cattle, and the burning of hay-ricks, barns, houses, &c., in different parts of the country round Bristol. (Newton St. Lo, and Mendip.).

ss., fol., Bristol (182-). An account of the shipwreck of eleven vessels one of which bound from Bristol to London went to pieces on Weymouth beech whereby the whole of the crew, except one man, perished. Together with the darnages sustained by the most dreadful thunderstorms by which we have been visited, including the loss of several lives, the destruction of cattle, and the burning of hayricks, barns, houses, &c., in different parts of the country round Bristol. (At Newton St. Lo a man killed on the coach.)

ss., fol., Bristol (182-). An account of a most horrid barbarous and cruel murder that was committed by Henry Cummins (a reputable farmer's son residing near Wells) on the body of Mary Price (a servant in his father's family) between Wells and Taunton on Thursday last May 3, given in the following affecting copy of verses.

ss., fol., Bristol (182-). An account of the apprehending and taking of David Thomas and Hen. Southcote, two tinkers, for the wilful murder (near Castle Comfort, between Wells and Frampton) of Mary Sampson, which horrid deed they committed by setting their dogs on her by which she was almost torn to pieces, and afterwards beating out her brains with a stick; with an account also of their full commitment to Ilchester Gaol, and Thomas's confession of the crime.

ss., fol., Bristol (182-). ACLAND, James. (Parliamentary and Electoral Agent.) The Im

perial Poll Book of all Elections from the passing of the Reform Act in 1832 to June, 1869, with an alphabetical list of all candidates within that period. To which is prefixed suggestions upon representation as it is and as it should be with a view to the reduction, if not prevention, of bribery and corruption.

8vo., 1869.

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ACLAND, THOMAS Dyke. Oratio numismate annuo peeliano dignata

et in scholæ Harroviensis auditorio recitata. Die Jun 1, A.D. MDCCCXVI.

8vo., 1826. Ecclesiastical duties and revenues. Speech of T. D. Acland, Esq., M.P., in the House of Commons, Monday June 29, 1840.

8vo., 1840. On the farming of Somersetshire. Two maps. I, a physical map. 2, outline of the geology of Somerset. Prize report Royal Agric. Soc. Vol. 11.

8vo., 1850. AND William Sturge. The farming of Somersetshire. Prize report, reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, vol. xl., pt. 2 ; with the addition of some communications from practical farmers, and a note on tenant right. A physical map of Somerset and a map showing outline of the geology of Somerset.

8vo., 1851.
Report on the exhibition of implements at Taunton. By
T. D. A. and Samuel Pitman.
Jrnl. Bath and W. of Eng. Soc. Vol. I, 2 s. 8vo., 1853

Report on the exhibition of live stock (at Taunton).
Jrnl. Bath and W. of Eng. Soc. Vol. I, 2 s. 8vo., 1853

Middle Class Education. Scheme of the West of England examination and prizes ; to be carried into effect with the assistance of the Rev. F. Temple and J. Bowstead, esq., under instructions from H.M. Committee of Council on Education ; resolution of the Bath and West of England Agricultural Society thereon ; Mr. Temple's scheme of examinations; with introductory remarks addressed to members of the Universities. Work and learn.

8vo., 1857. Three pamphlets with separate pagination, No. 2 being,

examination papers, with the awards. No. 3, a report of the examinations by the Rev. F. Temple.

The education of the farmer viewed in connection with that of the middle classes in general; its objects, principles, and costs.

8vo., 1857 Meat, milk, and wheat; an elementary introduction to the chemistry of farming. To which is added a review of the questions at issue between Mr. Lawes and Baron Liebig. Work and learn.

8vo., 1857 Two letters to George Richmond, esq., and John Hullah, esq., on the arts in connexion with general education.

8vo., 1857 Some account of the origin and objects of the new Oxford examinations for the title of associate in arts and certifiACLAND (continued).

cates. For the year 1858. ... And selected papers relating to the West of England examination, with Mr. Temple's report.

8vo., 1858.

2nd edit. 8vo., 1858. Speech of Thomas Dyke Acland, esq., at the nomination of candidates for the representation of the borough of Birmingham on Thursday the 28th of April.

8vo., 1859. Mounted rifles. The use of the horse and the gun for national defence. Considered in a letter to S. Pitman, Esq.

8vo., 1860. An elementary introduction to the principles and history of art, with some account of the arts department of the Bath and West of England Society for the encouragement of agriculture, arts, manufactures, and commerce.

8vo., 1860. Remarks on battalion prizes on the average figure of merit, the annual course of drill and other questions relating to administrative battalions of Rifle Volunteers.

8vo., Exeter, 1862. Agricultural education, what it is, and how to improve it, considered in two letters to Sir Edward C. Kerrison, bart., M.P., President of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. With an appendix containing the result of inquiries among farmers and schoolmasters.

8vo., 1864. The discouragement of elementary mathematics in general education at Oxford, considered in a letter to the Rev. the Vicechancellor.

8vo., 1867. The principles and practice of Volunteer discipline with proposals for a reserve staff corps, and a reply to Captain Phipps, R.A., on “Our sham army."

8vo., 1868. Preliminary question on the constitution of the reserve. (Reprinted) from a volume containing a letter to Colonel Erskine with proposals for the further organization and instruction of the Volunteer force; and a short treatise on the principles and practice of Volunteer discipline. By T. D. A., M.P., Lt.-Col. ist Adm. Batt. Devon Rifle Volunteers.

8vo., 1868. General education and special studies. A letter to the Rev. Professor Liddon, D.D., on a portion of his evidence before the Lords' Committee on University tests. 8vo., 1871.

(now Sir Thomas, ith bart.). The county franchise and Liberal policy. Two addresses to tenants of allotments. By Sir T. D. A.

8vo., 1884.

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