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the face of the child, and in a moment give worlds, if we possessed thein, to he recognised the son of his Emily. be near at the moinent of death, to He had seen the boy accompanying say or to do something that might his father to the parish chapel; he produce reconciliation : we feel on looked again the child smiled in his such occasions that an opportunity sleep-some of the images that arose is lost which can never be recovered. in his little dreanus had moved him. This was Emily's first feeling, and That smile was so like his mother's— she silently blamed herself for not 1 it reminded the old man of his Emily, having crawled to her father's feet, and of what she had been in early and clung around then until she had life: the triumph of Nature was com- extorted forgiveness: she felt angry plete ; he burst into tears—he stoop- with herself for having left to the ed to raise the young slumberer from friendly interference of others that the ground; but, as he stooped, he which her own duteous perseverance felt a dizziness surrounding his or filial humility might have effected. temples; he staggered onward, and This thought, however, was now enfell helplessly in the grass. A sort of tirely useless he was gone to another fit was on him ; it was a short, but world, and her only remaining task yet a fatal one. His eyes grew was to go and attend to the disposal heavy—the blood left his cheek-an of his aged limbs. Henry had not, indescribable turning, a nauseau of as yet, heard of the melancholy octhe heart, came on him-he struggled currence; he had gone on that mornfor a moment-and in another mo- ing to Ferns, for the purpose of ment the struggle was over-he was making some inquiries relative to his chill and lifeless. A neighbour, who long-lost brother, Edward. A stranger walked that way, found him with his had arrived there, who had but reface to the earth; the lamb was rest- cently escaped from France, and he ing under the hawthorn, and the poor thought that, by some chance, he boy running about screaming in utter might have seen or heard of the wanterror and astonishment.

derer. In her present state of disHe was carried home, and the pre- traction and anxiety, Emily was not parations for a formal wake went on; disposed to wait for the return of her the body was regularly laid out and husband. Old Mr. Fortescue offered washed the bed fitted up in mourn. his services ; but the night was chill ing style, with black crosses at the and damp, and she could not think feet and the head-a profusion of of allowing him to venture abroad. candles blazed about the room-re. She left home in the company of a freshments (including pipes and to- female servant; she reached the bacco) were procured for the use of dwelling of her father - the scene of the expected visitors; and, before the all the joys and all the troubles of her night was far advanced, the young infancy: the old domestics wept aloud and the old of the neighbouring cot- as they opened the door to admit hertages were collected around the de- in a moment she stood beside the ceased : all about the bed was silence, lifeless remains of her father; she except when it was broken by the low drew back the bed-clothes-gazed for tone of a select band, who joined in a start on his pale and care-worn reciting the Litany for the Dead. features-she seized his cold hand, In a scene of this kind the looks of that was extended on the pillow she all assembled are generally serious, held it and trembled. “Oh! God," while they are, probably, disposed to said she, “he is gone! he is gone! laugh at much of the ceremonies and his angry curse lies heavy upon which are going forward. Emily me.” She fell back into the arms of received the account of her father's an aged female who stood beside her, death from the person who conducted while all that were present felt a cold her son home : situated as she was, shudder creeping on them, from the her feelings on the occasion may be tone in which she uttered her words easily imagined. There is something of lamentation. At this moment an particularly touching in the thought aged man, dressed in black, entered of one whom we have loved dying the room-it was the parish priest : and dying in anger with us : we would he pronounced a prayer as he ap

proached the bed he took Emily by that I don't wish to spoil your innothe hand-he slowly conducted her cent merriment I don't wish to cross through the crowd-he led her to your little amusements- but rememanother apartment; and, after placing ber, my children, that these are danher under the care of two or three gerous troublesome times, and we prudent and sensible females, to ought to be all upon our guard." He whom she had been known from her turned to leave the room; and all childhood, he returned to those who there that had listened to hiin cried, were gathered about the dead. The as with one voice, “Heaven bless you, door was slowly opened, and he stood Father John!” among them. ' A dead silence pre- After the warning that had been vailed—“My friends," said the old given, the men were not much disman, "you all know the state of things posed for remaining ; the advice of around us you know that, even on the priest and the dread of the law Sunday last, from the blessed altar, I hung heavy on them : the story. told you that there was some mischief tellers--the squib-makers—the playgoing forward-some private plot- ers of “ old dowd” and of “ Turnsome plan against the government- Spit Jack”- felt an uneasiness that God send that it will end well.” He cast a damp over their sport; the paused for a moment-his breath greater number of them gradually failed him, for he was weak and retired, and the place was left to the sickly, and the fumes of the tobacco women and the children. Among the which flew around the place affected women there were four or five prohim-“The youngest here knows that fessed keeners; and these, in due time, Feros, and the parish of Ferns, ay, and were called on for their contribution the parish of Clone, and all the of melancholy harmony, or rather of parishes about us, are under martial dismal discord. The things said or law-every child knows its forms sung on occasions of this kind are every body knows that every man nearly all alike; there is seldom any here, if he is not home within another great difference in the words--the hour, may be taken and sent across same praise is usually dealt out to all, the seas. Now I see some of you if a scanty entertainment happens not stare at me, and others of you cross. to chill the ardour of the panegyrists. ing yourselves; but you needn't Old Booker's death-song was reguwonder at what I'm telling you, for it larly chanted ; the copy of it, which is the law of the land. Go home, I find among the papers from which then, and go to your beds--if any of this narrative is taken, is in Irish. the women, or any of the little ones. The following is a tolerably correct wish to stay a while longer, they may translation :I am only for your good. God sees

“ Oh! slowly, slowly, begins our cry,

For we are not of the fabling race,
Who can deal out a legend, or dress up a lie,

The name of the dead to grace.
Oh! here may our praises justly fall,

For, let hatred say the worst it can,
The • Farmer,' taking him all in all,

Was a hard but honest man.
He shrunk from no debt which was fairly due-

He paused at no claim which was clearly shown ;
From no orphan's pittance a portion he drew,

Or added it to his own.
He freely talked as he chanced to feel,

He never drew back from a word once said ;
He left the living with Heaven to deal,

And he meddled not with the dead.”

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A step was heard in the passage.- was not for nothing that I had my the latch of the door was raised-it dreams, though my good man opened, and an old man walked in; wouldn't hearken to them.” his look betrayed terror and agita- A curse upon your dreams," tion ; and, before he opened his lips, said the old man, who stood listenit was evident that he had something ing; “ did we want dreams or visions of a fearful tendency to communi- to tell us of what every one knew? cate. He spoke in a low but hurried When we saw Jem Davis locked up tone—“ Drop your keening-put the at midnight in his forge, making children directly to bed-turn down pikes when we heard pass-words the candles, and rake up the fire !- given, and knew that oaths were let not a glimmer of light be seen, taken- when we saw the Boys' exfor there's murder going on around ercising after dusk upon the hillus: come to the door here, and look did we want a witch to tell us what up to the hill-see what is doing on they were about? Wasn't martial law Curragruah.” They followed him to proclaimed ? weren't the Orangemen the door—" See, the place is all in a threatening us ? didn't the magisblaze! Squire Buckey himself has trates and the yeomen, and the North been killed-and the ‘Boys' are now ('ork, with their whipping and pitch plundering and burning his house and caps, do all they could to drive the all about it. Look up to the rocks people into rebellion ? and must we behind the house-see the crowds of be talking about dreams and stories armed men; they seem half-poised when the wliole matter was as clear in the air-passing and repassing as the sun at noon ?” They returned some of them have muskets, but the to the room where the dead rested; pikesmen can't be reckoned ! God they sat in silence about the corpse help us! what a frightful thing is a until the morning dawned, and put fire! See how it spreads about, and an end to their watching, but not to curls into the dark sky! Look at the their fears. crowd below-how red and wild their Emily, accompanied by the priest faces seem in tha strange light! They and a few friends, attended the reare moving now - they have seized mains of her father to the grave; he some poor wretch that was hiding“ was buried among his relatives, in they drag hiin on. Oh! mercy! it the churchyard of Clone. Henry is the old white-headed steward! Some Fortescue had not made his appearof them owed him a grudge; and ance at the funeral, nor had he renow they have him among them. turned during the night to his faOh! God! see that brute with the ther's. Emily thought of Curragruah, pike; he has fairly fastened the old and she trembled; she knew Henry's inan against the tree. A flash ! there's ardent temper, and she was aware of a musket gone off—some of them, in his intiinacy with some who were pity, have shot him-he is on the known to be deep in the secrets of ground. But see! see! Oh, for the “ United Irishmen.” She returnHeaven's sake, come away! they are ed from the churchyard to Efferkicking him about like a mere foot- nogue; and she sat there with her ball! The fire is drooping--the roof two children playing around her, has fallen in—and who can tell how anxiously expecting her husband's many have perishell? In! in! and arrival. "About sunset he made his close the door!” cried the speaker; appearance ; he walked cautiously in : “I hear the tramp of cavalry-thev Emily screamed as he entered, and are coming down the road.” The looked on him with doubt and terror; women instantly retired-they slowly there was a wildness in his manner shut the door; and, on looking out that at once realized all her fears. through an opening, they saw a “ Good God !” said she, “ Henry, strong party of dragoons pass in full where have you been ?-have you been gallop down by the gate.

with the inurderers?” _“I have,” “Oh! but this is a dismal night," said he, “ been among the murdersaid one of the kceners ; “ we have ers! I have been, I believe, among death within doors and without-it the damned! Oh, Emily ! such a night of horror as I have passed-hot no one shall be hurt; if they resist for worlds would I go through it us, let them take what they getagain. They may murder me! but Buckey is my cousin, but I don't what of that?-get me something to care for that.” eat, for I have tasted but little since · It was now dark-a scout arrived I parted from you. Your father's almost out of breath, and brought sudden death has shocked me; I word that Buckey, so far from waitthought to have been at the funeral- ing to have his arms taken, had acbut how could I venture there ?” tually set out with a party of his Emily wiped off her tears : she hasten- yeomen cavalry, to seek for us in our ed to procure him some refreshment; gathering-place. The neigh or the and, as he sat, she questioned him tramp of horses was heard at a disabout the horrible affair in which he tance--the enemy approached. Kahad been engaged. “You remem- vanagh coolly ordered his men to ber,” said he, “Kavanagh's message stand to their arms; the place in to me on yesterday morning—the which we stood was a thick grove, story of the French stranger was all situated in a hollow where the road a mere pretence: that stranger was, was lark and narrow. On the roadindeed, a Frenchman, but he was side we planted ourselves, sheltered only an agent from the United Irish- from danger by a high ditch and a men of Dublin : unfortunately, I had thick hedge: near an opening in this meddled too much already with these hedge stoor Kavanagh with a case of matters; but the arguments of the pistols beside hiin, and a blunderbuss foreigrer and of Kavanagh nade me in his right hand. I looked at him, go still farther. We dined together; and I must own that at the moment I and, after dinner, drank rather freely: admired his calm and determined the stranger left us—I remained still manner. The cavalry came nearer at the table with Kavanagh until we we could distinctly hear their converwere both tolerably flushed: he pro- sation-" It was about this grove,” posed a visit to the house of a “ sworn said one, “that we saw them last brother," near Curragruah ; and, in week." "No," replied another, “it an unlucky hour, I consented to acc was lower down, near the little company him. On arriving at the stream.” At this moment we were place our friend was not to be seen, all waiting in silent anxiety : we could but we were directed to seek him in a plainly notice each other's breathing grove that spreads at the bottom of ---we whispered not, but did all by the hill: there we found him, in the signs : an awkward fellow let his pike centre of his armed associates; he fall, and the sound at once discovered was surrounded by nearly a hundred our hiding-place. “Here, here!” men, all provided with pikes or said Buckey, turning his horse to the muskets: a sword and a case of pistols ditch,“ boys, follow me.” He dashwere handed to me. I paused; but ed at the opening already mentioned Kavanagh whispered " that there was stood upon the gap-and Kavanagh no back-door ;), meaning, of course, was before him. 6 Cousin Buckey, that I had no choice. I consequently I am waiting for you," cried he; and, received them, although, at the mo- with the word, sent the contents of ment,my mind misgave me. Kavanagh the blunderbuss through the body of then addressed the crowd—“My his unfortunate kinsman. This was friends," said he, “I believe we are the signal-all our gunsmen disall here good men and true: we are charged their pieces-every shot told all willing to fight for our religion and in five minutes more than a and liberty---we are all ready for work dozen of the wretched yeomanry lay -but what can the best workman do lifeless in the road : the rest retreated without tools? We want fire-arms- for life ; and, as we had no means of there are lots of them in Squire overtaking them, we allowed them to Buckey's above there, if we could run. only get at them- shall we try to have “ After this the inen insisted on 'them?” He looked around for a being led to the squire's dwellingmoment-"We will then go and de- house, to get some refreshment; they mand' them : if they are given quietly swore that their object was not plunder. Kavanagh could not refuse; walked a good way, and were rather and I was obliged unwillingly to ac- fatigued. Emily readily procured company them—but I can hardly bear the drink; and, as she had some cold even to think of what occurred there: meat remaining from the festivities of most of the domestics had friends the wake, she pressed them to take among our party—they were allowed what they called a lunch ; over this to escape, and to take under their care they regaled themselves for some two ladies, who unfortunately had time, till the officer gave the word to remained in the house. The old move. He arose; and, after wishing steward had made himself unpopular his fair hostess a good evening, he by soine turns of unnecessary se- and his attendants set out on their vérity, and for him there was no way for Ferns. hope ; he cried like a child-he laid "In about a quarter of an hour, to hold on Kavanagh, who shook him Emily's surprise, the officer again off-he then clung to me I thought entered the place—“ You will proto save him; but, in trying to do so, I bably be surprised,” said he, «at endangered iny own life. As to the my return-but, damn it, your good burning, and what followed, I cannot drink has made those dragoons talk of it-you must have heard and tipsy, and I don't like to be seen seen it.” '« Oh, Heavens !” said along with them I have given them Einily, “ it is horrible-but tell me, the slip, and will go home to Ferns Henry, are you not in danger if you by another road-or probably you are seen?" "Show me some place,” could procure me a bed for the night." said he, “ where I can safely rest; -As he spoke he cautiously fastened for I am scarce able, at the present the door. Emily took no particular moment, to raise my head. I'll sleep, notice of this, for she heard the and to-morrow may settle all.” She dragoons talking outside, and their conducted him to a little room at the conversation was far from being upper end of the house it was a agreeable. “Curse it,” said one, favourite place of her's, for she and "where did the lieutenant turn? Henry had often sat there at an earlier Could he have gone again into tbis period, and talked of a thousand blasted old farm-house.” “ Damn things interesting only to lovers. She that house !” said another, “ they sighed as they entered it now. She are a Popish set in it-didn't you see urged him to undress for the night: the old Popish prayer-book lying upon this he refused he lay down upon the table we ought to hang them the bed in his clothes, and, before or blow them all up.” They were she quitted the room, was apparently now close under the eave of the sunk in a sound slumber.

· house; they spoke for a few minutes She returned to the lower room, in a lowered tone, and then went and was sitting there with her little away laughing. « They are gone,” girl beside her, when her eldest child, said the officer, “ and I am glad of young Edward, ran in almost breath- the riddance; I find it a hard matter less" Mother, mother!” said he, to keep the scoundrels in order, par. “ here are some strangers coming— ticularly in a lawless time like this they have red beards upon their lips, wherever they go they are bent on and long swords hanging by their killing the men and kissing the sides.” “As he spoke they made their women; to the latter they show no appearance: the party consisted of mercy. But have you inquired about an officer and three privates belong- the bed ? for the night is now coming ing to one of the German regiments on, and the walk to Ferns is lonely then stationed in the neighbourhood. and tediouz." These soldiers did not appear to be “I shall try what can be done,” loreigners--they spoke English fluent- replied Emily, in a tone that was fy enough, and had nothing about hardly audible. “ And if you can them that looked outlandish except bespeak a pretty bed-fellow for me, their mustachios. The officer bowed I shall take it as a favour-What as he entered, and civilly requested think you," continued the soldier, something in the way of a drink for “ of taking care of me yourself?” himself and his men—he said they had Emily reddened and trembled"Nay,

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