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criticism, I will add that, in my opinion, the most meritorious act ever performed by Napoleon was to order one of them shot. Though I perceive that the last sentence is a trifle ambiguous, I purposely leave it so.

The reader will note that some authors, who, in the encyclopedia of literature, should be treated at length, are scarcely mentioned, while others receive a relatively large amount of attention. This circumstance is due to the fact that my purpose is to stimulate the interest in beginners in literature rather than to convey information to experts. Thus there is a good deal about Pope and Macaulay and not much on the subject of Arnold and De Quincy. I am guided, in other words, in my choice of bait, not by my own taste, but by what I conceive to be the taste of the fish.

It is my belief that, of all the chapters in the book, the reader will find most satisfaction in those on Milton, Bunyan and Dryden. This need occasion no surprise, for I did not write them myself. They are from the pen of Miss Helen M. Hard.







I 22

William Shakespeare (from the Droeshoet Engraving).... Frontispiece
Medieval Scribe ...
The British Museum, London.

14 Chart of Prehistoric Human Remains.

16 Facsimile of Eleventh Century Manuscript Containing Descriptions of the Wonders of the East....

17 Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.

32 Geoffrey Chaucer..

62 The Canterbury Pilgrims The Monk...

72 Paper-making in the Fifteenth Century..

81 From the Metrical Romance of Richard Cour de Lion (1528).

85 The igh Street, Oxford..

90 The Dining Hall at Christ Church College, Oxford..

91 Sir Philip Sidney...

99 Edmund Spenser...

104 Reproduction of a Sketch of the Swan Theatre, London. Portia's Speech..

127 Facsimile of Title-page to the Fourth Edition of “Hamlet” in the Quarto

Text.... Francis Bacon.

144 Ben Jonson..

153 The Tower of London..

164 John Milton.....

175 Facsimile of the First Page of the First Edition of "Paradise Lost"

188 John Bunyan..

194 Facsimile of Title-page of First Edition of “The Pilgrim's Progress 195 Reproduction of an Old Broadside Representing a Scene in a Typical English Coffee-house of the Restoration Period.

203 John Dryden....

207 Daniel Defoe.

214 Edward Gibbon..

216 Title-page of First Edition of Percy's “Reliques"

218 Jonathan Swift..

223 Joseph Addison.

233 Alexander Pope.

248 Samuel Johnson.

267 The Cathedral at Lichfield.

269 Interior View of the Cheshire Cheese.


132 The Corner from Which Dr. Johnson Held Forth.

276 The Strand, London.

277 Oliver Goldsmith.

282 Edmund Burke..

290 Robinson Crusoe .

299 Thomas Gray.

305 Robert Burns..

317 Burns's Birthplace at Alloway.

324 William Wordsworth..

329 Sir Walter Scott....

347 Samuel Taylor Coleridge...

359 Charles Lamb..

365 Lord Byron..

374 Percy Bysshe Shelley

385 John Keats..

391 William Blake..

397 Thomas Moore..

407 Thomas Carlyle...

412 The “Sound-proof” Study in Carlyle's House upon Cheyne Row. 414 Carlyle's Monument on the Embankment at the Bottom of Cheyne Row 416 Thomas Babington Macaulay

426 Lord Tennyson...

437 Robert Browning.

446 Charles Dickens.

455 William Makepeace Thackeray..

465 John Ruskin..

475 Robert Louis Stevenson

486 Fanny Burney (Madame D'Arblay). Maria Edgeworth... Mary Russell Mitford..

499 Mrs. Hemans...

500 Charlotte Brontë.

501 Jane Austen....

505 Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

517 George Eliot...

525 Charles Robert Darwin.

536 Matthew Arnold...

541 Herbert Spencer..

543 Dante Gabriel Rossetti..

546 Algernon Charles Swinburne.

548 Rudyard Kipling..

563 The Houses of Parliament.

567 Outline Map of Great Britain


496 498

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