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Character Title and Description

Henry V, 1413-1422..... Play Henry V

Shakespeare Henry VI, 1422–1471... . Plays (3) Henry VI, pts. 1, 2, and 3 Shakespeare

Novel The Last of the Barons Lytton
Novel The Black Arrow

Stevenson Edward IV,

1471-1484.. Edward V, 1483... Richard III, 1483-1485.. Play Richard III

Shakespeare Henry VII, 1485-1509... Story Hal o' the Draft

Kipling Henry VII, 1485-1509.. . Story The Wrong Thing Kipling Henry VIII, 1509–1547.. Play Henry VIII

Shakespeare Henry VIII, 1509–1547.. Novel When Knighthood Was in


Major Edward VI, 1547-1553. . Fantasy Prince and Pauper Mark Twain Mary, 1553-1559.. Play Queen Mary

Tennyson Elizabeth, 1559–1603....Story Gloriana

Story Simple Simon

Novel Kenilworth

Novel Westward Ho!

Kingsley James I, 1603-1625..... Novel Fortunes of Nigel

Novel Judith Shakespeare Black
Charles I, 1625-1649... .. Story A Doctor of Medicine Kipling

Novel Maiden and Married Life
of Mary Powell

Dialogue Conversation between Mr.

John Milton and Mr.
Abraham Cowley touch-

ing the Great Civil War Macaulay

Novel Twenty Years After Dumas
Commonwealth, 1649-
.Novel Woodstock

Charles II, 1660-1685... Novel Deborah's Diary

Manning Novel Peveril of the Peak

Scott James II, 1685-1688..

Lorna Doone

Novel Micah Clarke

William and Mary,
Novel Shrewsbury

Novel Snarleyow

Novel Robinson Crusoe

Anne, 1702–1714.....
Novel Henry Esmond

Novel Devereux

George I, 1714-1727..
Novel Rob Roy

Scott George II, 1727-1760.... Novel Monsieur Beaucaire Tarkington Novel Waverley

Novel Treasure Island

Stevenson George III, 1760-1820.. . Novel Barry Lyndon

Thackeray Novel The Jessamy Bride Moore, F. F. Novel The Deemster

Hall Caine Novel The Virginians

Thackeray Novel Richard Carvel

Churchill Novel Hugh Wynne

S. Weir Mit

chell Novel Janice Meredith

Paul Leices.

ter Ford

.... Novel


Character George III, 1760-1820... Novel

Novel Story Story Novel Novel Novel Novel Story

Title and Description

Author Barnaby Rudge

Dickens Adam Bede

G. Eliot Brother Square-Toes Kipling A Priest in Spite of Himself Kipling Silas Marner

G. Eliot Midshipman Easy Marryat Charles O'Malley

Lever St. Ives

Stevenson Marklake Witches Kipling


SINCE the last words of the last chapter were written, great events have occurred. Russia has become a republic. The United States has taken its place side by side with Russia, Great Britain, France, and Italy in that world struggle for government of the people, by the people, and for the people which began among the Anglo-Saxons before the landing at Ebbsfleet. These events mean that English ideals, and hence English speech and English literature, in years to come will be more powerful than in the past. They mean that Byron's lines,

“For Freedom's battle, once begun,

Bequeathed from bleeding sire to son,
Though baffled oft is ever won,"


are still alive. They mean that Wordsworth saw clearly when he wrote:

• We must be free or die, who speak the tongue
That Shakespeare spake, the faith and morals hold
Which Milton held.”

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They invest with fresh significance the words of Shelley:

“But war's a game which, were their subjects wise,

Kings would not play at.”

that "

And, above everything else, they mean, as the inspired peasant sang,

man to man, the world o’er, shall brithers be, for a' that.” As Tennyson says,

The old order changeth, giving place to new,
And God fulfils himself in many ways,
Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.”

The maxim, “ From God the king, from the king the law,” is supplanted by the essentially nobler, more truly philosophical, and altogether English and Saxon maxim, " The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

OUTLINE MAP OF GRE The student should fill in this map little by little, as he progresses, with such information that it will be, at the end, a good literary map

British Isles.,


of the

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