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SIXTH EXERCISE. This Exercise exhibits the analysis of words in which there are easy combinations of elements. In the first column the words are presented as they are usually spelled ; in the second, their elements are separated by hyphens. The pupil should spell the words, uttering, separately, each element, and not the name of the letter, as is generally done in the schools. ale .......... 8-1

end .......... e-n-d day .......... d-à

says .......... s-eJane ......... d-2-à-n

said ..


isle .....

cart ..


law ...

beau ........ b-
orb ........ à-r-b

lose ...... 1-6-2 awe ....

John ..... d-2-0-n morn ......... m-à-r-n

rhyme .. ink ..... oak .....

muscles which move the tip, and root of the tongue, and to contrast the elements, d and g, and I and k, which, by children, are sometimes confounded. The want of entire command of the muscles of the tongue and lips, is the reason why some persons speak thick, as it is called. A part of this Exercise is adapted to the case of lispers, those who substitute the subvowel th for ; and the aspirate the for &

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NINTH EXERCISE. The pupil should pronounce all the vowels, which admit of long quantity, alternately with the rising and falling inflection, through various intervals of pitch, as shown by the Diagram.

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Diag. 23.

Diag. 24.

field, house, temple. thunder, battle, heaven,

A storm of universal fire blasted every fields, con sumed every house', and destroyed every tem ple.

Then shook the hills with thunder riv'n,
Then rush'd the steed to battle driv'n,
And louder than the bolts of heav''n,
Far flash'd the red artillery.

Diag. 25.

Diag. 26.

tower, shine, glad, terrible. man, woman, child, beast.

Ye are the things that tower, that shines, whose sinile makes glad', whose frown is ter rible.

They did not see one mani, not one woman, not one child, not one four-footed beast', of any description whatever. Diag. 27.

Diag. 28.

erulting, trembling, raging, fainting. disturbed, delighted, raised, refined.

Exult'ing, trembling, raging, faint ing,
Possess'd beyond the Muse's painting.
By turns they felt the glowing mind,
Disturb’d., delighted, rais'd', refin'd.

Diag. 29.

seasonless, herbless, treeless, manless, lifeless, death, clay.

The populous and the powerful was a lump,
Sea'sonless, herb less, tree less, man'less, life less —
A lump of death'- a chaos of hard clay,.

Diag. 30.





complicate, wonderful

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