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[A cry is heard without" More prisoners !" An nt.

ficer enters with letters for Cicero; uho, after glancing at them, sends them round the Senate.

CATILINE is strongly perturbed. Cic. Fathers of Rome! If man can be convinced By proof, as clear as daylight, here it is! Look on these letters! Here's a deep-laid plot To wreck the provinces : a solemn league, Made with all form and circumstance. The time Is desperate,-all the slaves are up ;-Rome shakes! The heavens alone can tell how near our graves We stand even here - The name of Catiline Is foremost in the league. He was their king. Tried and convicted traitor! go from Rome! Cat. [haughtily rising.] Come, consecrated lictors, from your thrones :

[ To the Senate. Fling down your sceptres :—take the rod and axe, And make the murder as you make the law. Cic. [interrupting him.] Give up the record of his banishment.

[To an officer. [The officer gives it to the CONSUL] Cat. Banished from Rome! What's banished, but

From daily contact of the things I loathe?
“ Tried and convicted traitor!" Who says this?
Who'll prove it, at his peril, on my head ?
Banished-1 thank you for 't. It breaks my chain!
I held some slack allegiance till this hour-
But now my sword's my own. Smile on, my lords!
I scorn to count what feelings, withered hopes,
Strong provocations, bitter, burning wrongs,
I have within my heart's hot cells shut up,
To leave you in your lazy dignities.
But here I stand and scoff you: here I fling
Hatred and full defiance in your face.
Your Consul's merciful. For this, all thanks.
He dares not touch a hair of Catiline.
[The Consul reads]:-"Lucius Sergius Catiline: by

the decree of the Senate, you are declared an en-
emy and alien to the State, and banished from the
territory of the Commonwealth."

The Consul. Lictors, drive the traitor from the

temple! Cat. [furious.] “ Traitor !” I go—but I return.

This-trial] Here I devote your Senate! I've had wrongs To stir a fever in the blood of age, Or make the infant's sinews strong as steel, This day's the birth of sorrows !--this hour's work Will breed proscriptions :- look to your hearths, my

lords ! For there, henceforth, shall sit, for household gods, Shapes hot from Tartarus !-all shames and crimes ! Wan Treachery, with his thirsty dagger drawn; Suspicion, poisoning his brother's cup; Naked Rebellion, with the torch and axe, Making his wild sport of your blazing thrones; Till Anarchy comes down on you like Night, And Massacre seals Rome's eternal grave!

[ The Senators rise in tumult and cry out, Go, enemy and parricide, from Rome! Cic. Expel him, lictors! Clear the Senate-house !

[ They surround him. Cat. [struggling through them). I go, but not to

leap the gulf alone. I go-but when I come, 'Twill be the burst of ocean in the earthquake-rolling back In swift and mountainous ruin. Fare you well! You build my funeral-pile, but your best blood Shall quench its flame. Back, slaves ! [To the lictors.] -I will return!

[He rushes out.]



Comstock's Elocution is designed for the Promotion of Health, Cure of Stammering, and Defective Articulation, and contains Exercises in Elocution, Vocal Gymnastics, Articulation, Pitch, Force, Time, Gesture, Reading and Declamation ; with Postures of the Body, Arms, Head, Face, Eyes, Shoulders, and the Lower Limbs.

Illustrated with two hundred and sixty-three engravings, of figures in various positions, and diagrams illustrative of the whole subject.

BY ANDREW COMSTOCK, M.D. To which is added a collection of gems from the writings of the best authors in prose and verse, edited and selected

BY PHILIP LAWRENCE. Professor of Elocution, and Teacher of Reading and Recitation in the First Schools and Colleges in Philadelphia

The whole of the above is contained in a large duodecimo volume, of six huniired pages, (being double the size ever before issued,) printed on the finest paper, and bound in the strongest manner. Price Two Dollars.

Copies of “ Comstock's Elocution, Enlarged," will be sent at once, to any one, to any place, per first mail, post-paid, on receipt of price.


COMSTOCK'S COLORED CHART. Being a perfect alphabet of the

English Language, Graphic ami Typic, with Exercises in Articulation, Pitch, Force, and Gesture. It comprises, first, the Elementary Sounds of the English Language--second, Forty-four Colored Engravings, showing the best and only correct positions of the mouth, in the energetic utterance of words-third, a Perfect Alphabet, graphic and typic --fourth, Exercises in Pitch, Force and Melody-fifth, Exercises in Gesture-sixth, Sixty-eight colored figures, representing the various postures and different attitudes to be used in declamation. The whole comprised on a large colored chart, measuring sixty-two by fifty-one

inches, and mounted on muslin and on rollers. Price Five Dollars. Address all orders and remittances for either of the above, to receive immediate attention, to the Publishers,


306 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

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