The Works of Thomas Kyd

Clarendon Press, 1901 - 470 páginas

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Página 400 - nox ruit, Aenea ; nos flendo ducimus horas. hic locus est partis ubi se via findit in ambas : 540 dextera quae Ditis magni sub moenia tendit, hac iter Elysium nobis ; at laeva malorum exercet poenas et ad impia Tartara mittit.
Página xxi - The sea exhaled by droppes will in continuance be drie, and Seneca let bloud line by line and page by page, at length must needes die to our stage...
Página lxxx - I have been told by some anciently conversant with the Stage, that it was not Originally his, but brought by a private Author to be Acted, and he only gave some Master-touches to one or two of the Principal Parts or Characters...
Página 44 - And, wishing, want, when such as I prevail. As for the fear of apprehension, I know, if need should be, my noble lord Will stand between me and ensuing harms: Besides, this place is free from all suspect.
Página 405 - Remember he's a courtier, and a soldier, And not to be trifled with; and, therefore, when He comes to woo you, see you do not coy it.
Página 40 - For want of ink, receive this bloody writ. Me hath my hapless brother hid from thee; Revenge thyself on Balthazar and him: For these were they that murdered thy son. Hieronimo, revenge Horatio's death, 30 And better fare than Bel-imperia doth.
Página lxxxiii - I would fain see all the poets of these times pen such another play as that was ! — they'll prate and swagger and keep a stir of art and devices, when (as I am a gentleman), read 'em, they are the most shallow, pitiful, barren fellows, that live upon the face of the earth again.
Página 346 - My prime of youth is but a frost of cares; My feast of joy is but a dish of pain; My crop of corn is but a field of tares, And all my good is but vain hope of gain.
Página 67 - O ambitious beggar ! Wouldst thou have that that lives not in the world? Why, all the undelved mines cannot buy An ounce of justice, 'Tis a jewel so inestimable! I tell thee, God hath engrossed all justice in his hands, And there is none but what comes from him.
Página xxvi - The heavens are just, murder cannot be hid : Time is the author both of truth and right, And time will bring this treachery to light.

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