The American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century: Imperial control. Beginnings of the system of royal provinces

Thorough history of legal, institutional and administrative aspects of life in the colonies.

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Página 118 - English are planted are and ought to be subject to and dependent upon England and hath ever since the Planting thereof been and ought to be subject to such Laws Orders and Regulations as are and shall be made by the Parliament of England...
Página 273 - Advancement and propogation of Trade, liberall Arts or sciences is here Extant in any [way] adaquate to our vast chardg, now let us compare these things togit[her] and see what spounges have suckt up the Publique Treasure and wither it hath not bin privately contrived away by unworthy Favourites and juggling Parasites whose tottering Fortunes have bin repaired and supported at the Publique chardg...
Página 419 - We do therefore seize upon the persons of those few ill men which have been (next to our sins) the grand authors of our miseries ; resolving to secure them for what justice orders from his Highness, with the English Parliament, shall direct, lest, ere we are aware, we find (what we may fear, being on all sides in danger...
Página 182 - ... it will be absolutely necessary, that you perform and pay all that reverence and obedience, which is due from subjects to their King, and which his Majesty will exact from you, and doubts not but to find from the best of the colony, both in quality and number.
Página 172 - ... to visit all and every the several colonies aforesaid, and also full power and authority to heare and receive and to examine and determine all complaints and appeals in all causes and matters, as well military as criminal and civil...
Página 418 - There is a general buzzing among the people, great with expectation of their old charter, or they know not what ; " — such was the ominous message of Andros to Brockholt, with orders that the soldiers should be ready for action.
Página 275 - Carolina haue taken no notice of the People, nor the People of them, a long time; and the people are resolv'd to own their Governour further; And if wee cannot prevaile by Armes to make our Conditions for Peace, or obtaine the Priviledge to elect our own Governour, we may retire to Roanoke...
Página 261 - Mexico that we know of, except some few ffrench that are beyond New England. The Indians, our neighbours are absolutely subjected, so that there is no fear of them. As for correspondence, we have none with any European strangers; nor is there a possibility to have it with our own nation further than our traffick concerns.
Página 55 - May last, in which he saith, that his full resolution is, to the end that there may be one uniform course of government, in and through all his whole...
Página 55 - Selfe, and not be committed to any Company, or Corporation, to whom it may be proper to trust Matters of Trade and Commerce, but cannot be fit or safe to communicate the ordering of State Affairs be they of never so mean consequence,

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