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ravages of the British during their excursion from Boston. They were transmitted to England and to the Continental Congress, and widely circulated, as the justification to the nation and the world, for the appeal to arms. These have been placed in the Appendix.

Frequent references in the journals to the letters of Arnold, and to communications relating to the capture of the fortresses at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, rendered the correspondence with Congress and the commit

tees, a necessary supplement to the volume.

Some extracts have been made from the journals of the Continental Congress, detailing proceedings connected with the acts of the provincial assemblies. A few papers of interesting character, copied from the files, have been added.

A copious table of the principal subjects, and a full index, will afford the means of ready access to the facts spread through the pages of the work, and will render

the use more easy.

Such are the contents of this volume. It was conceived to be the primary purpose of the resolve authorizing the publication, to perpetuate materials for the history of a glorious era in our national existence. Within the restrictions imposed by its terms, efforts have been made to give to the records the best form which could

be bestowed. It was not the object of the legislature to provide for the preparation of a new narrative of the revolution, but to preserve the remains of the past. Had it been permitted, it would have been a pleasant labor to have drawn from the journals illustrations of the virtues of our ancestors, and of their devotion to liberty : the humbler duty of arranging some testimonials of their worth, it is hoped, will be found to have been executed with diligence and fidelity.


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|| || Words in the original journals which have been omitted from the copy in the archives of the Commonwealth, and words different in the original from those in that copy, have been enclosed by parallels: the reading of the original has been followed in this volume; that of the copy is

placed at the foot of the page with appropriate references.

|a|| The words added to the original journals in the copy before described, have been placed in the margin, and the place they occupied in the public transcript indicated by a letter of reference

between parallels.

[ ] Words and passages neither in the original nor copy, inserted in the text of this edition, are

enclosed between brackets.

[a] A letter of reference enclosed by brackets, points to some word removed from the text to the margin as being superfluous. Words clearly erroneous in the original or copy have been changed, and those substituted have been enclosed by the same marks, while suitable reference

points to the words first used.

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1774. Sept. 28–Proclamation of Governor Gage, declaring his intention not to meet the general court at Salem, on the 5th of October, and discharging

all persons elected as representatives from attendance, - Oct. 5—Members elected to the general assembly meet at Salem, and organize a convention, - - - - - - - “ 7—Their resolutions on the refusal of the governor to meet them and administer the oaths, - - - - - - Provincial Congress formed at Salem. List of the delegates. Original territorial limits of the county of Suffolk, - - Original extent of the county of Hampshire, -

Incorporation of Rutland district by the name of Hutchinson. Proceedings of the citizens, and of the general court, in relation thereto, County of Lincoln, Congress adjourns to meet at Concord, “ 11–Provincial Congress meets at Concord, . - - - John Hancock elected president, and Benjamin Lincoln secretary. Rev. Mr. Emerson invited to act as chaplain. Monitors chosen, . “ 12—Committee to take into consideration the state of the province, . “ 13—The committee reported a message to the governor, which was considered and accepted, - Committee to present address to the governor, . - - “ 14—Constables, collectors of taxes, and other officers, advised not to pay over money in their hands to the crown officer; but to retain it, subject to the order of the towns, Provincial Congress, or general assem

bly, - - - - - - “ 17–Congress meets at Cambridge, . - - - - Answer of Governor Gage to the address of the Provincial Congress, Referred to the committee on the state of the province, . - Intercepted letters of the Rev. Mr. Peters referred to the same committee, Rev. Doct. Appleton appointed chaplain, - - “ 18–Sessions of the Congress ordered to be held with closed doors, . The Congress determine to reply to the governor, - - “ 19–A committee appointed to inquire into the state and operations of the British army, . - -

Reply to the governor, reported, and recommitted; reported again, and laid on the table, - - - - - “ 20-Report of the committee to inquire into the state and operations of the army. Ordered to lie on the table, b

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Oct. 20–Committee to consider what is necessary for the defence and safety of the

Report relative to collecting and paying outstanding taxes,
Committee to report a resolve relative to a non-consumption agreement,

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