Chile Pleaze

AuthorHouse, 01/03/2007 - 280 páginas
Chile Pleaze Who said church folks don't have ISSUES- Chile Pleaze! The Friends cultivate the essence and strength of Spirit. But is Spirit enough to hide the brash of reality? Does being a Christian band-aid REAL ISSUES of REAL LIFE involving REAL PEOPLE? Loving the Lord is one thing, but what about the men, the women, the sex, temptation- THE LIFE! The friends have ISSUES that are major players in living. As they war with these ISSUES, they find themselves face to face with SUBSCRIPTIONS that they didn't sign up for along with MEMBERSHIPS to controversy of faith and feeling. Compromising for temporal fixes, they each find that a fix is not the Perfect mix! Cyon, the corporate executive, is opposed to being the diva in distress. With the relationship rule book under her wing, she refuses to be foolish enough to get caught up in the love game! Play or get Played is her rule, but what if Jesus was on the other team? What then! Justice the preacher and spiritual standard finds herself in caught between a Genesis and a Revelation that can compromise her Psalms. Who said preachers were excluded from REAL LIFE! While Micah's sexual preference is challenged, he discovers power in closet secrets. Tevin and Sasha, aren't as happy, as they seem to the good church folks. In a clash of Titans, they find themselves sticking like fly paper to a trap that-- just doesn't stick anymore! Val is seeking GOLD in stardom, but at the end of the rainbow it isn't always a pot of gold. "Nobody is perfect," especially when it comes to church folks! If you think people are perfect- Chile Pleaze! The standard of this book is real. How do we live saved in a real world reality, when evil is always present?

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