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AsseMBLY, LEGISLATIVE, when and where held, 3.

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Bill to provide for the payment of

the expenses of the special ses.
sion of, A. D. 1847, received from
council, 60. Proceedings, 60, 61,
64, 65. Passed H. of R. with
amendments, 65. Further pro-
ceedings, 65, 66. Signed, 66.
Presented to governor, 67. Ap-

proved, 67.
ANNUAL, bill to change the time of holding

next, reported, 23. Proceedings,
23, 24. Negatived, 25. :


ABBEY, Henry G., elected assistant clerk, 14.

ADJOURNMENT, resolution relative to, introduced, 13. Laid on

the table, 14. Resolution fixing the time of, introduced, 38. Passed H. of R., 38. Passed council with amendment, 60. Amendment concurred in by H. of R., 60.

Resolution to inform council of, adopted, 67. APPROPRIATION, resolution calling upon secretary for infor

mation relative to, to defray expenses of present session, adopted, 23.


BROWN, BERIAH, resolution to employ, to do incidental print

ing of H. of R., introduced, 11. Proceedings, 11, 12, 13. Adopted, 13.


Census OF THE TERRITORY, resolution calling upon the secre

taro for a report relative to, in

troduced, 18. Adopted, 18. CHAIRS, petition of grand jury of Dane caunty, to be allow

ed the use of, presented, 53. Resolution relative to, introduced, 53. Passed H. of

R., 53. Passed council, 53.. CHAPLAINS, resolution relative to employment of, received

from council, 14. Proceedings, 16. Passed H. of R., with amendments, 16. Further proceedings, 23, 27. Indefinitely postponed, 27. · Preamble and resolutions relative to pay of, introduced, 32. Indefinitely postponed, 33.

CLARK, WILLIAM H., elected fireman, 16.
CLERK, ADDITIONAL, resolution relative to employment of, in-

troduced, 19. Adopted 19.

COMMITTEES to wait upon governor appointed, 6, 7, 67. Re-

ports of, 5, 7, 67

STANDING, resolution relative to, appointment of,

introduced, 26. Adopted, 26.

Appointment of, 26, 33.

CONSTITUTION, resolution calling upon governor for statement

of votes on, introduced, 25. Adopted, 25.


DELANO, JOSHUA L., appointed messenger, pro tem., 4.

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DEAN, E. B., JR., accounts of, presented and referred, 31, 33.


FULLERTON, T. M., appointed assistant clerk, pro tem., 4.

FIREMAN TO GOVRRNOR'S ROOM, resolution of council, relative

to employment of, received
from council, 16. Proceed.
ings, 16, 17, 18, 19. Adop- ·
ted, 19.

FEATHERSTONHAUGH, Geo. W., admitted to his seat, 18.

Foot, W. H., account of, presented and referred, 37.


GOVERNOR, communication from, in a resolution of

H. of R., 31.

GIBSON, Moses S., statement of, relative to his vote on ap-

portionment, 66.


H UGUNIN, E. R., appinted sergeant-at-arms, pro tem., 4.

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