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Special Session of the Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin Territory, begun and held at Madison, the Seat of Government of said Territory, on the eighteenth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven. In pursuance of a proclamation of His Excellency, the Governor, the several members elect, having presented their certificates of election and taken the oath of office, were called to order at 12 o'clock M. by La Fayette Kellogg, the Chief Clerk, and the roll having been called, the following named members appeared and took their seats, to wit:

From the Counties of Brown, Calumet, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Marquette and Portage—Moses Gibson. From the Counties of Dane, Green and Sauk—Messrs. E, T. Gardner and Alexander Botkin. From the Counties of Crawford, Chippewa, La Pointe and St. Croix—Henry Jackson. From the County of Grant—Messrs. Noah H. Wirgin and D. R. Burt. From the Counties of Iowa, La Fayette and Richland— Messrs. Timothy Burns, M. M. Cothren and Charles Pole. From the Counties of Jefferson and Dodge—Messrs. Levi P. Drake, James Hanrahan and Horace D. Patch.

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