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excluding from their accounts the amount of moneys received as fines and from the state treasurer and paid for officer drills; all which items, being since their returns, n.ust be embraced in their accounts of next year.

Since the 22d of November, 1838, the number of commissions issued from this department is nine hundred and forty-six; and the number of commissioned officers who have resigned, removed and deceased is three hundred and seventy.

Within the same period there have been three general courts-martial, and one court of inquiry ; by which three officers have been tried and the case of one investigated ; all of whom were found guilty of charges preferred. One was dismissed the service, one was reprimanded in orders, one privately reprimanded, and one fined the sum of ten dollars.

There has been no time within the last thirteen years, when so much interest, so great zeal and military spirit, has been manifested by the militia of this state, as is now awakened. The reviews have been well attended during this year, and the appearance of many of the general, field and staff officers of all grades has been such as is not surpassed by those of any other state ; and a spirit of emulation seems to pervade the whole.

A number of independent companies have been formed under the encouragements and inducements which the legislature has afforded, the members of which, in officer and soldier like appearance, zeal, emulation and military skill in the discharge of their duties, bid fair to put the state under greater obligations to her soldiery, than we have ever been.

These facts, with a view of all the obstacles and difficulties which have been thrown in the way of our militia by charlatan legislators, evidently shew that it needs but the fostering hand of our legislature, manifested in the providing of a new and adequate system, to make it all that is desirahle as an arm of the state.

I have the honor to be, sir,
With the greatest respect,
Your most obedient servant,

F. W. HOPKINS, Adj. & Insp. General.
His Excellency, S. H. JENISON.


ABSTRACT of the annual return of the Militia of the State of Vermont,

for the year 1840.

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Buglers and Trumpeters.

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13960 | Muskets
13774 | Bayonets
13738 | Cartridge boxes and belts
13652 | Bayonet scabbards and belts
13839 | Brushes and picks
21966 Spare flints

Ball Catridges
1298 | Rifles
1268 Powder horns
1265 Pouches

| Loose Balls

Pounds of Rifle powder.
418 | Horseman's pistols
209 | Swords

209 | Sword Scabbards and Belts. 13659 | Knapsacks

384 Drums
196 | Fifes
22 | Bugles and trumpets
Adjutant General's Office, Rutland,

1st day of Oct. A. D. 1840. 3
F. W. HOPKINS, Adj. General of the Militia

of the State of Vermont.

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