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AM'NT. Feb. 25,940, Charles Hopkins, 1128 For five days time making report to legislature on

state prisoners, Mar. 6, “ 129 Esec Atwood, Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners, ..
130 A. G. Chadwick,

For state printing,
131 E. H. Prentiss,
1 For ten cords wood for state house,
132 Town of North Hero,

For boarding state paupers,
“ 133 H. F. White and Co.

For state printing and stationary,
April 8, “

R. Pierpoint, Com. to revise statutes,
For expenses revising publication,
135 Samuel Swift, do. do.
For like expenses,

Norman Williams, do. de.
For like expenses,

P. G. Camp, Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners,
6 138 Ebenezer Eaton,

For state printing,
139 George W. Rice, Jailor,
For boarding state prisoners,

Anson Davis, Jailor,
For the like service, I.
141 Nathl. Daggett, Jr. Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners, € 27, 5

142 E. P. Walton and Sons,

For state printing and stationary,
L Sundry persons,

For services at court martial,
May 13, “ 144 Lucius llowes, Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners, “ 27, “ 145 Jno. Kelley, Jailo,

For boarding state prisoners, . June 10, “ 146 Esec Atwood, Jailor,

For like services,

Richard Fisk,
For doctoring and clothing do.
149 R. Fisk, Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners,
150 J. E. and H. Roberts,

For state printing, . 151 L. S. Noble, Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners, 152 D. R. Boyce, Sheriff,

For boarding state prisoners, . . 159 76 July 10, “ 153 Joel Lull, Sheriff,

For distributing packages, . “ 17, " 154 Sabin Kellum, Sheriff, for distributing packages, 18 00

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IN WHOSE NAME DRAWN. July 17, 240, 155 Aaron Pierce, Physician,

For doctoring state prisoners, 6 6 6 156 Nath'l. Ďaggett, Jailor,

For boarding state prisoners, “ 27,“ 157 Zerah Lull, Jailor,

| For boarding state prisoners, , Aug. 1, " 158 . J. D. Powers, physician, For doctoring state prisoners,

4.00 5 5, “ 159 Jonathan Kelsey, Jailor,

| For boarding state prisoners,
6 160 L. S. Noble, Dept. Jailer,

For boarding state prisoners,
161 Jeptha Bradley, late Sheriff,
For boarding state prisoners,

Town of St. Albans,
For paid boarding state paupers,
I L. S. Noble, Deputy Jailer,

For boarding state prisoners,
“ 10, “ 164 Esec Atwood, Dept. Jailor,
For boarding state prisoners,

69 64

$8130 20 Auditor's Office, Woodstock, ?

October, 3d, 1840. 3 I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct abstract of all orders drawn on the treasurer of the state of Vermont, on accounts by me allowed, as Auditor of Accounts, since the eighth day of October, 1839, to this third day of October, 1840, inclusive, amounting to the sum of eight thousand one hundred and thirty dollars, twenty cents.

DAVID PIERCE, Auditor of Accounts. His Excellency, S. H. JENISON, Governor, &c.

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I hereby certify three of the state.ce the eight


To the Senate now in session :

The select committee, to whom were referred certain communications from the states of New York, Connecticut and Kentucky, on the subject of the Public Lands, which accompanied the special message of the Governor to the Senate, of the 13th of October instant, having had the same under consideration, beg leave to report.

That they regard the subject as of pre-eminent inportance, both as it respects the principles of justice and good faith, as well as the vast amount of property involved; still they deem it unnecessary to present their own views at length, inasmuch as a very able and elaborate report on this subject was made to the Legislature at its last session, and printed in the Journal of the Senate; in the general views and conclusions of which, your committee most fully acquiesce.

Such is the coincidence of views, exhibited in the several reports and resolutions from the states above mentioned, that your committee deem it sufficient to select two only of the resolutions from the State of Kentucky, which, in their opinion, are declaratory of the true doctrine and policy in reference to this subject; which resolutions are in the following words, to wit: .

1. “Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Public Lands of the United States are not, of right, the property of the particular States in which they lie, nor that of the people of such States, and therefore the Congress of the Unite:1 States ought not to cede such lan:ls to such States or any of them, or to appropriate such Lands for any purpo:39 whatever, but in behalf and for the benefit of a?l the States."

2. “Resolve:], That the National debt being now paid off, all moneys arising froin the sales of the Public Lands after defraying the expenses incident to such s.ales, ought to be distributed among the several States according to the federal numbers of cach State."

Your committee therefore recom:nend the adoption of the following resolutions :

Resolve:1, by the Senate and Ilouse of Representatives, That they fully concur with the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the views set forth in their resolutions above recited.

Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing report and resolution, be forwarded by the Governor to each of our Senators an: Representatives in Congress, an:1 also to the Governors of t!12 several States in the 'Union, with a request to lay the saine before thcir respective Legislaturcs.

A. G. DANA, for Committee.



Abbott, B. F., petition of
Addison County Baptist Association, memorial of
Adjournment, resolution for

41, 48, 53,
without day, .
Adjutant General, report of (Appendix xxxiv.] . 32, 52,
Amendment to the bill (H. 2) granting a ferry to David H. Sumner,

(S. 14) relating to jurors' fees, . 48,
(H. 33) annexing Acton to Townshend, 49,

(S. 19) in relation to highways, . . 50
resolution for adjournment without day, . 35, 66
bill (S. 21) relating to banks, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66

(S. 27) extending charter of Bank of Bennington, 60
(H. 41) incorporating Readsboro' Manufaca

turing Company,
(H. 50) relating to banks, , 74, 75, 76
(H. 101) extending charter of Bank of Rutland, 78
(S. 34) relating to the militia, . . 82
(H. 24) to pay the town of Alburgh the sum

therein mentioned, . . 88
(S. 3) for ascertaining boundary line be-

tween Bennington and Windham counties, 92

(H. 37) relating to State Prison accounts, ., 97.
Annual town meetings, resolution to alter time of holding 28, 44, 45
Assembly, joint, resolutions for (See Joint Assembly.]

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