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SUM ALLOWED. Jan. 1, 1841. 80 Chauncey Goodrich, for State printing, 277 49

81 Nath'l Daggett, jailor, for boarding State pris'rs,37 50 16, 82 Ira Parsons, sh'ff, for like services, . 30 65

83 John A. Conant, for publishing acts of 1840, 15 00 Feb. 11, | 84 Wm. E. Ryther, for the like service, . 15 00

| 85 John W. Moore, for the like service, . 20, 86|Ira Parsons, sh'ff, for boarding State prisoners, 63 93

87 E. H. Prentiss, Serg't-at-arms, for paid labor

about State House, .. . 47 69 88 H. T. White & Co., for State printing, station

1 ery, &c. for militia, March 4, 89 E. P. Walton & Sons, for printing, stationery, &c., .

. 859 84 90 L. S. Noble, jailor, for boarding State prisoners, 43 70 12, 91 Esec Atwood, jailor, for like service, 15 42 92 Anson Davis, jailor, for like service,

175 48 93 E. S. Camp, Serg't &c., for paid for wood, 44 00

94 A. G. Chadwick, for State printing, i 15 00 April 3, 95 P. G. Camp, jailor, for boarding State pris’rs, 93 87

95 Sweat & Jackman, for State printing, i 20 00 94 Geo. B. Manser, Sec'y &c., for paid postage, 9 71

96 Anson Davis, jailor, for boarding State pris’rs, 73 83 May 97 Palmer & Thayer, for doctoring State pris’rs, 9 00

| 98 Ira Parsons, sh'ff, for boarding State prisoners, 62 83
99 Sam'l Swift, Clerk Addison County Court, for

travel and time to canvass votes for Council
of Censors,

. 18 64
1100 Wm. H. Russel, Cl'k Grand Isle County, for
1. I like service, i .

22 10 (101 Sam'l B. Mattocks, Caledonia, for like services, 11 10 102 P. G. Camp, Lamoille, for like services, 9 32 103)L. B. Webb, Essex, for like service,

20 90 104 Joseph H. Brainard, Franklin, for like service, 18 04 105 Stillman Churchill, Washington, for like service, 5 12 106 Geo. A.Allen,sh'ff, Chittenden, for like service, 12 30 107 F. W. Hopkins, Rutland, for like service, 19 98 108 Pobbins Densmore, Orange, for like service, 10 14 109 H. M. Bates, Orleans, for like service, 16 00 110 Sam'l H. Blackmer, Bennington, for like service,39 20 111 D. R. Bogue, jailor, for boarding State pris's, 303 05 |112 Norman Williams, for paid cash for seals for ; Courts Chancery, . .

63 00 113 Esec Atwood, jailor, for boarding State pris’rs, 23 43 June 3, 114 L. S. Noble, jailor, for like services, : 62 24

115 Joel Lull jr., sh’ff, for distributing packages, 24 00
116 G. H. Smith, sh'ff, for boarding State pris’rs, 152 72
117 Eben'r Eaton, for publishing acts passed Oct
1840, .

:. .. 15.00
118|Joseph Poland, for like service,
119 S. H. Jenison, Governor, for postage on official

. .. 2 74 120 Wm. B. Martin, sh’ff, for distributing packages, 13 50 1121 Nath'l Daggett, jailor, for boarding State pris’rs, 6 34







SUM ALLOWED. Aug. 4, 1841 122 Esec Atwood, jailor, for like services, 60 08 10, 123 Sundry persons, for services at court martial at Hydepark,

249 90 Sept. 13, 24 F. W. Hopkins, Adjutant and Inspector Gen

eral, for postage on military affairs, 45 00 125 L. S. Noble, jailor, for boarding State pris’rs, 43 24 126 Sundry persons, members of committee of in

quiry at St. Albans, for time and expenses, 11 17 127 Robert Pierpoint, Bank Commissioner, for in1 specting banks,

144 00 128 Zerah Lull, jailor, for boarding State pris’rs, 58 25 129 Ira Parsons, for like service,

51 50 130 George B. Shaw, for reading proof sheets to revised statutes,

5 15 00 Oct. 4,

131 J. E. & H. Roberts, for publishing acts of 1840, 15 00
(132Norman Williams, Clerk Windsor Co. Court,

for time, travel, &c., to canvass votes for
Council of Censors,

. 13 50

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October 5th, 1841. 3 I hereby certify, that the foregoing is a just an 1 true abstract of all orders drawn on the Treasurer of the State of Vermont, on accounts by me allowed as Auditor of Accounts, since the eighth day of October, 1840, to and including this fifth day of October, 1841, amounting to the sum of seven thousand thirteen dollars and thirteen cents. $7,013 13.

DAVID PIERCE, Auditor of Accounts. His EXCELLENCY, GOVERNOR &c. &c.

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To the Hon. the General Assembly of the State of Vermont :

The Trustees of the Vermont Asylum for the Insané respectfully, present their fifth annual


The Institution has now been nearly five years in successful operation. Notwithstanding the continual enlargement of the buildings, the number of patients has generally exceeded the accommodations. In consequence of the appropriation made by the Legislature at their last session, the trustees have erected the left wing of the Asylum, which will enable them to receive all patients who may be presented for admission. The new wing will be finished in a few weeks. So numerous had been the applications for admission, it was found the wings of the new building should be of greater length than was originally contemplated. The wing erected the present season, is twenty-seven feet longer than the other, which will also be lengthened as soon as the funds of the Asylum will admit, that the symmetrical proportions may be preserved, and greater accommodations furnished.

Since the opening of the establishment, three hundred and twenty-three patients have been admitted. Two hundred and twenty-eight have been discharged, and ninety-five remain in the institution. Of those discharged, one hundred and thirty have been restored to reason and usefulness. Sufficient has already been accomplished, to amply compensate for all the expenses which have been incurred in erecting and supporting the institution. But when we contemplate the future beneficent results which will probably attend its operations, we feel greatly encouraged to persevere in this benevolent enterprise.

From a review of the past year, the trustees feel a high degree of satisfaction in being able to assure the Legislature of this state that there have been unceasing exertions, on the part of the resident officers and assistants, to render the institution worthy of public confidence and patronage. Many of the patients have been restored to reason, and others have been greatly improved in their habits and condition. There has been no epidemic, and an unusual degree of health has prevailed. No suicide or severe injury has happened to any person, (patient or otherwise,) connected with the Asylum, since it was first opened ; and an unceasing and untiring care and vigilance has ever been manifested for the welfare of the inmates.

It is a source of gratification to the trustees that we have so healthy a

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