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acknowledgements to the editors and publishers of those newspapers which have been so generously given for the benefit of the inmates of this Asylum. Newspapers are more eagerly sought and read than books, and are better adapted to many of our patients. Many will take a newspaper and read here and there a paragraph, who will not open a systematic treatise. Our patients are also furnished with stationery for writing. If they do not write on subjects connected with their delusions, their minds are dis verted and favorable results will follow."

We have a carpenter's shop for those of our patients who have been aca customed to use its tools. We have had several respectable and ingenious mechanics, who have rejoiced during their convalescence, that they were able to assist us in our benevolent enterprise. Their assistance has been duly appreciated. The female patients, besides those who have engaged in fine needlework, have greatly assisted in preparing the bedding for the new wing which has just been erected. Many of them have engaged in the work with a laudable zeal, and from the purest motives to relieve the sufferings of the afflicted. We trust their labors have been approved by Him who has said, “inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Our male patients amuse themselves by playing billiards, chess, backgammon, draughts, cards, and other pleasant games. Our female patients play battledoor, graces, chess, backgammon, and those who have been taught, play on the piano, which serves to beguile their own time, and gratify the other patients. One of the patients, who was duly qualified, gave lessons on the piano to some of the convalescents.

Now the building is so nearly completed, we shall immediately commence our endeavors to beautify and improve the grounds around it. Considerable shrubbery and many shade trees must be transplanted, which will afford much pleasant employment for the patients.' All that we can interest in these works of improvement and ornament, as well as those we employ in the garden and on the farm, are not only our most contented and happy class of patients, but are the first to recover,

We have been very fortunate in obtaining attendants and nurses who, by their humanity, intelligence, faithfulness and integrity, were qualified for their important trust. No similar institution in the world has better assistants than those of this Asylum, We have made their employment a respectable as well as an important one, and many of them, we trust, endeavor, in some humble degree, to imitate the example of Him who, while on earth, went about doing good, binding up the broken heart, and restoring the lunatic to the right use of his reason. We never employ any to whom we would not confide our dearest friends.

The effects of our religious exercises have been very beneficial. All who are in a proper condition attend them, and to many they are the source of the greatest comfort. We have had religious exercises from the commencement of our operations. In no instance, do we recollect of their being injurious to any individual, and to many they have been of great benefit.

In conclusion, the Superintendent would make honorable mention of all who have been associated with him, for their faithful and cheerful co-operation, by which his duties have been performed with comparative ease and enjoyment. Cheered by the success which has already attended our

labors, we are encouraged to persevere with renewed zeal in this work of benevolence and humanity.

WM. H. ROCKWELL, Brattleboro', Oct. 1st, 1841, .

TERMS OF ADMISSION. For convenient accommodations in the wing, two dollars and fifty cents per week.

For indigent patients of this State, two dollars per week, or one hun. dred dollars per year, if they remain so long in the Asylum.

Those who require extra accommodations, and those laboring under neryous diseases, will be received at reasonable prices, according to the accommodations required.

No patient will be received for a less term than three months. But if the patient should recover before the expiration of that term, the pay for the unexpired time will not be required. If the patient remain longer than three months, the subsequent payments will be required only for the time the patient remains.

No charge is made for damages in any case.

Application for the admission of patients may be made, by letter or otherwise, to Dr. Wm. H. Rockwell, or either of the Trustees.


AGGREGATE AMOUNT, by towns and counties, of the free white persons and free colored persons, in the State of Vermont, as taken by the Marshal of the United States for the Vermont District, conformably to the provisions of the act of Congress of the United States, entitled " An Act to provide for taking the sixth census or enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States," approved the 3d day of March, 1839; an attested copy whereof was duly filed by said Marshal, conformably to law, with the Clerk of the District Court of the United States in said District, on the 25th day of November, 1840, to wit:

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