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[Within the last few years, several works have been published in this Country on subjects more or less closely approaching to that here treated. It may, therefore, be not superfluous to say that the Author of the following pages believes that he has not borrowed any of his views or illustrations from recent English writers on Natural Theology.]



Chap. I. Object of the Present Treatise 1

II. On Laws of Nature G

III. Mutual Adaptation of Laws of Nature . 11

IV. Division of the Subject 14

BOOK I. Terrestrial Adaptations 17

Chap. 1. The Length of the Year 21

II. The Length of the Day 33

III. The Mass.of the Earth 42

IV. The Magnitude of the Ocean 52

V. The Magnitude of the Atmosphere 54

VI. The Constancy and Variety of Climates .. 55
VII. The Variety of Organization corresponding

to the Variety of Climate 62

VIII. The Constituents of Climate 75

The Laws of Heat with respect to the Earth 76

IX. The Laws of Heat with respect to Water.. 80


VI. On Deductive Habits; or, on the Impression produced on Men's Minds by tracing the consequences of ascertained Laws .. 323

VII. On Final Causes 342

VIII. On the Physical Agency of the Deity .... 356 IX. On the Impression produced by considering the Nature and Prospects of Science; or, on the Impossibility of the Progress of our Knowledge ever enabling us to comprehend the Nature of the Deity 366

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Chapter I.

Object of the Present Treatise.

The examination of the material world brings before us a number of things and relations of things which suggest to most minds the belief of a creating and presiding Intelligence. And this impression, which arises with the most vague and superficial consideration of the objects by which we are surrounded, is, we conceive, confirmed and expanded by a more exact and profound study of external nature. Many works have been written at different times with the view of showing how our knowledge of the elements and their operation, of plants and animals and their construction, may serve to nourish and unfold our w.s B

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