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of each, and the name of the person liable for the tuition of each, according to his best information and belief, which list he shall return to the director as aforesaid.

1. Under these sections various questions bave arisen, pertaining both to the director and the teacher. No time is fixed for the return from the teacher to the director. The return without certification is not a legal return. If a teacher neglects to make the certificate until after the term of the director in office at the time his school closed, has expired, but makes it to the director subseqently chosen to office, it is the duty of such director to make out the rate bill in accordance with the provisions of section 45.

2. The list required to be kept is the basis upon which the rate bill is to be made out, and the effect of carelessness or error in keeping it, will, to a greater or less extent, be felt throughout the district. The teacher should regard it his special duty to keep it with care. To carry out properly these provisions of law, a convenient and proper form should be had. This form, as filled up, besides being the basis of the rate bill, has been found by teachers to be useful and necessary in order to keep a correct account of the attendance of the scholars. A register, adapted to this purpose has heretofore been much used in the schools at the east, called “Wickham's School Ledger," and if the districts feel able to afford the expense, wbich is not great, it is strongly recommended to them to procure it. No form so well adapted to the requirements of the law, can be prescribed in this edition of the laws, for want of the proper space. What, in addition is required in the register, to use the words of the author himself, “ will please the scholar and parent, interest the visitor and inspector, and be valuable and satisfactory to all.” For the rate bill, it will furnish a correct guide; for the parent, a test of the teachers fidelity; and an evidence to both, of the scholarship and deportment of the pupils. The use of it in the schools will add materially to their means of usefulness.

The following form of a list will answer the purposes of both di. rector and teacher, under section 43, at least so far as to furnish a guide, in the absence of a printed register:


List, containing the names of all the children between the ages of four and eighteen years, belonging to district No. ---, of the township of

taken by the director previous to the annual district meeting for the year 185 .

To the Teacher:

In pursuance of section 42 of the school law, you are furnished with the annexed copy of a list of names of all the children belonging to the district, between the ages of four and eighteen years. You are required carefully to note the daily attendance of each scholar, and to make return thereof to the director, including the ages of all scholars whose names are not on the annexed list, and to certify and return, according to the best of yonr knowledge and belief, the name of the person liable for the tuition of each scholar. Dated, — day of -

185. A--B-- Director. Names of children bei wen tour

Whole No. olfaame or person liable and eighteen years Lelonging to Time of entrance. days al tend- for tuition of each the district,

ance of each. scholar.

Jan. 1, 1852. 901B H-
" 9,

75 G N
Feb. 1,

45 F M


I hereby certify and return that the foregoing is a true statement of the facts contained therein, and that to the best of my knowle Ige and belief, the list of names of the persons liable for tuition of each scholar is correct.

AB-Teacher. The foregoing form will answer the requirements of the law, so as to enable the director when it is properly filled up, to make out bis rate bill; but in order to note the daily attendance, the teacher will be under the necessity of keeping a day or check roll. As a guide to the teacher in this respect, the forms and instructions of the Superintendent of New York, (Mr. Randall,) are well adapted to this purpose, and are herewith subjoined and recommended to the teachers of this state. Where no list is furnished by the director, this list kept by the teacher, must be certified to, as in the foregoing form, and returned to the director:

At the time any pupil enters the schools, the teachers should immediately insert the date and the name of the scholar. At the close of the quarter, the whole number of days that each pupil attended

is to be ascertained, from the check roll, and entered in the third column.

Each teacher, at the commencement of every quarter, must provide a day or check roll, in which the name of every scholar is to be entered. It should be ruled so as give six columns, corresponding to the number of days in the week. The number attending should be ascertained each hall day, and pencil marks made in the column for the day opposite to the name of each one present. At the end of the week, the n'lmber of days each pupil has attended during the week should be summed up and entered on the weekly roll. Each half day's attendance should be noted, and two balf days should be reckoned as one day. The pencil marks on the day roll may be obliterated, so that the same roll may be used during the quarter. The weekly roll should be formed in the same manner, so as to contain the names of the pupils, and thirteen columns ruled, corresponding to the of number weeks in the quarter. In each of these columns is to be entered the result of the daily check roll for each week, in the following form:


Attendance of Pupils in District School of District No.

of 1st week. 2d week.l3d week. 4th week. 5th week. Pupils.

1 S Thorn,.... 6 days. S. ,

4 days. / 5 days. 6 days. | 5} days. Sec. 44. The director shall ascertain from the return of such teacher, the number of days for which each person not exempted shall be liable to pay for tuition, and the amount payable by each.

Sec. 45. Within twenty days after receiving such list and certificate from the teacher, the director shall make out a rate blll, containing the name of each person so liable, and the amount due him for tuition and fuel, or either, adding thereto five cents on each dollar of the sum due, for assessor's fees, and shall annex thereto a warrant for the collection thereof, to be signed by him and the moderator.

1. Under section 58, it is the duty of the district board to exempt from the paynient of teacher's wages and from providing fuel, all such persons residing in the district, as in their opinion ought to be exempted, and to certify such exemption to the directors. (See section 58.)

2. In order to ascertain the amount of tuition to be paid by each person who has sent to school, the amount of the public money should be deducted from the teacher's wages, and the remainder should be apportioned to those who have sent to school, according to the time sent by each. If but one person has sent to school, that person is liable for the whole amount of teachers' wages, after deducting the public money, and it may be collected of him by rate bill.

3. Scholars sent from one organized district and boarding there, stand on the same footing in relation to the rate bill, and the public moneys, as residents of the district. The person with whom such scholar boards may be made liable, and the rate bill should be made out against such person for tuition and fuel.

4. When two schools are kept in the same district, a rate bill should be made separately for each school.

5. A rate bill cannot be made out for any other purposes than for tuition and fuel.

6. A taxable inhabitant of a school district is not shielded from payment of a rate bill if he has sent to school, for the reason that the district board has admitted scholars from another district.

7. Persons residing within the district, sending the children of others to the school, are liable on rate bill for tuition and fuel.

8. A private claim or demand against the teacher can not be setoff against the amount due on the rate bill.

9. The exemption law does not apply to the rate bill.


Rate bill containing the name of each person liable for teachers' wages, in district No.

in the township of for the term ending on the

185 , and the amount for which each person not exempted from the payment thereof is so liable, with the assessors fees thereon:

day of

Whole am't Amt. for fuel.

to be raised.

Names.of persons sen-
Whule No. Amount of


school ding to school.

tees thereon seni.

bill. Peter Parley,

104) $1 041 $0 05 Richard Roe,

104 1 001 05

[blocks in formation]


8 To the Assessor of school district No. -, of the lownship of

In the name of the people of the State of Michig an: You are hereby commanded to collect from each of the persons in the annexed rate bill named, the several sums set opposite their names, in the Jast column thereof, within sixty days after the date and delivery hereof; and upon collecting the same, or any part thereof, at the expiration of the time allowed therefor by law, to pay over the amount so collected by you (retaining five per cent for your fees) to the or

the director of said district, countersigned by the moderator

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thereof; and in case any person therein named shall neglect or refuse on demand, to pay the amount on said rate bill for which he is liable, you are to collect the same by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of such person or persons, wherever found in the county or counties in which said district is situated, having first published said sale at least ten days, by posting up notices thereof in three public places in the township where such property shall be sold. Given under our hands this — day of A. D. 185.

A-B- Director.

CD Moderator. Sec. 46. Such warrant shall command the assessor that within sixty days he collect of the persons named in said rate bill the amount set op pusite their respective names, and that if any person shall neglect or refuse, on demand, to pay the amount on said rate bill for which he is liable, he collect the same by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of such person wherever found in the county or counties in which the district is situated, first publishing such sale at least ten days by posting up notices thereof in three public places in the township where such property shall be sold.

1. The annulment of a teacher's certificate by the board of inspectors does not affect the collection of a rate bill for the time the teacher taught under his certificate.

2. No rate bill can be collected after the time fixed in the warranty except the time has been extended under section 47, and such extension cannot exceed thirty days.

3. Rate bills can not be collected from persons residing out of the district, except such as pay taxes in the district for which the rate bill is made out and who send scholars to school therein. (See seo. tion 137.)

4. No person can be sued for an amount due on the rate bill.

5. The public money is in reduction of the tuition of all the children who have attended school without regard to their ages.

6. All the children who attend the school must be charged at the same rate for tuition, without regard to the studies they have pursued, except in cases where the district officers have classified the scholars as provided in sections 92 and 93.

7. Persons who pay the teacher, voluntarily, such sums as he may require, may, by taking his order therefor upon the director, be entitled to receive the amounts from him, from the moneys raised for the teacher by rate bill, but the rate bill is to be made out in conformity with the teacher's return. If the rate bill and warrant is legal on its face, the assessor would not be liable for proceeding to

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