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, on the

day of

collect and enforcing collection according to his warrant. The director is to make out the rate bill in strict conformity with section 45° All the proceedings in the course of making out the rate bill and collecting it should be in strict pursuance of the law. The private dealinys and business of the teacher should not interfere with the duty of the director in making out his rate bill as the law requires.

FORM OF NOTICE OP ASSESSOR'S SALE. Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of the warrant annexed to a rate bill for school district No. of the township of bearing date the day of - 185 , I have levied on the goods and chattels of

and shall expose the same for sale at public auction at the house of

in the said school district, (or wherever the property may be,) in the township of and county of

day of

at the hour of o'clock in noon of said day. Given under my hand at


185. A- В.

Assessor of said Distrid. This notice should be posted up ten full days before the day of sale, in three of the most public places where the property is to be sold.

Sxc. 47. In case the moderator and director shall deem it necessary, they may, by an endorsement on such warrant signed by them, extend the time therein specified for the collection of such rate bill, not exceeding thirty days.

FORM OF ENDORSEMENT. We hereby extend the time specified in the within warrant for the collection of the rate bill attached, for the further period of days. Dated the

day of

185 .

B Director,

C- D Moderator. 1. Sixty days is sufficient time for the collection of the rate bill in most cases, and it is better as a general principle to collect the rate bill promptly within the period first specified in the warrant.

Sec. 48. The director shall provide the necessary appendages for the school house, and keep the same in good condition and repair during the time a schoi I shall be taught therein, and shall keep an accurate account of all incurred by him as director.

1. The duty of directors under this section is special. The care and custody of the school house, and other property of the district, except so far as this section directs, belongs to the district board. The power of the director here given, extends to the supervision of the building, so far as it needs appendages and repairs; and to keep it in

good condition. He may and should see that the school house is provided with a good lock and key, whether he has been directed or not to procure it. The windows and doors should be guarded in the winter season to secure the scholars from the inclemency of the weather; broken

panes of glass at all times removed, and new ones substi. tuted; the stoves properly secured; the house sufficiently warmed; the desks, seats and school house protected from injury; the school house yard and out houses attended to and kept neat and clean. To defray these expenses a tax may be voted, and the director is entitled to compensation for his services, out of moneys collected by tax for the support of schools, or by special vote.

2. The health and comfort of chillrea, the success of the teacher, and the welfare of the school depends greatly upon the manner in which the director attends to his duty.

3. As the director must necessarily incur expense, it may be well for the district to vote a specific sum, to cover the estimated amount required, in advance.

4. A director may charge for his time in hiring teachers-and in making out rate bills, but not for conveying teachers to be inspected, or taking them home.

Sec. 49. He shall present said account for allowance to the qualified voters of the district, at a regular meeting, and the amount of such account, as allowed by such meeting, shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as other district taxes; but no such accoun! shali be allowed at a special meeting unless the intention to present the same shall be expressed in the notice of such meeting.

Sec. 50. He shall give the prescribed notice of the annual district meeting, and of all such special meetings as he shall be required to give notice of in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, one copy of which for each meeting shall be posted on the outer door of the district school house, if there be one.

Skc. 51. The director shall draw from the township library the proportion of books to which his district may be entitled, and return the same to the township library at the expiration of three months, and shall continue to draw books in like manner, at the expiration of every three montlis, and to return the same as aforesaid.

1. This last provision does not efficiently aid in carrying out the wishes of the people and the intention of the Legislature, in the establishment of libraries. It needs amendment. Directors are frequently delinquent in drawing and in returning books. In some cases they live at such distance from the township clerk, that it is inconvenient to draw them, and oftentimes it is rendered quite as inconvenient for

the inhabitants to obtain them of the director. (See note to section 115.) Directors in some instances have refused to draw books, in which case they are liable for neglect of duty. In this event, however, the law does not provide who shall draw them.

Sec. 52. He shall distribute the books drawn out by him to the parents or guardians of the children of the district of the proper age, for the time and under i he restrictions contained in the rules prescribed by the board of school inspectors.

1. The township libraries are the property of the township. The parents and guardians of all children between the ages of four and eighteen years are permitted [section 114) to use books from such library without charge, being responsible to the township for the safe return thereof, and for any injury done thereto, according to such rules and regulations as are or may be prescribed by the board of school inspectors. The books in such library are once in three months to be distributed by the township librarian among the sev. eral school districts of the township in proportion to the number of children in each between the ages aforesaid, as the same shall appear by the last report of the director. [Section 115.) Inhabitants of the district not parents or guardians of children between the ages mentioned, should have access to the books of the library, and may do so under regulations made by the inspectors.

2. The revised constitution provides for the establishment of at least one library in each township, and that all fines assessed and collected in the several counties and townships for any breach of the penal laws shall be exclusively applied to the support of such libraries.

3. The school inspectors make themselves liable if they appropriate the library money to any other purpose than for the support of the library

4. For library purposes $25 of the two mill tax is assessed under section 107. This cannot be diverted from the objects specified in the law.

Sec. 53. He shall draw and sign a! orders upon the assessor for all moneys to be disbursed by the district, anil all warranis upon the township treasurer 10- miner's rui-ed for district purposes, or apportioned to the district by the township clerk, and present the same to the moderator to be countersigned by liin.

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Assessor of School District No. — of Tironship of
Pay to the order of

the sum of

dollars and cents, out of any moneys in your hands belonging to said district. Dated this


A- B-Director. C-D-Moderator.

day of


day of


Treasurer of Township of
Pay to the order of

the sum of

dollars and cents, out of moneys in your hands belonging to said district, and raised for the

purposes of Given under my hand this


A B-Director. C-D-, Muderator.

1. If orders legally drawn by the director and countersigned, are not paid on presentation at the proper treasury, the district is liable for the amount, and may be sued therefur. If the district officers have complied with the law, they are not liable individually, for orders drawn by them officially. If they have performed the duty which the law imposes on them, in order to raise the tax, they may presume the money is in the treasury after the time fixed by law for its collection has expired.

Sec, 54. The director shall also, at the end of each school year, deliver to the township clerk, to be filed in his office, a report to the board of schoul inspectors of the township, shouing,

1. The whole number of children belonging to the district, between the ages of four and eighteen years, according to the census taken as afureBaid:

2. The number attending school during the year, under four, and also the number over eighteen years of age:

3. The whole number that have attended school during the year:

4. The length of time the schouil bas buen tanght during the year by a qualified teacher, the name of each teacher, the length of time kept by each, and the wages paid to each:

5. The average length of time scholars between four and eightcen years of age have attended school during the year:

6. The amount of money received from the township treasurer, apportioned to the district by the township clerk:

7. The amount of money raised by the district, and the purposes (or which it was raised:

8. The kind of books used in the school:

9 Such other facts and statistics in regard to schools and the subject of education, as the Superintendent of Public Insiruction shall direct.

1. The provisions of the law regulating the duties of the Superinten lent, and authorizing the correction of errors, approved April

4, 1851, do not extend to the reports of the directors.

Hence, great care should be observed to perfect their reports. Blank forms for directors are annually forwarded to the county clerks, for all the districts of the State.

2. When a district loses iis proportion of the income of the primary school fund and of all funds arising from taxes for the support of schools, by neglect of the director to make out and deliver bis report to the inspectors, such director is liable to the district for the amount, of which it has been deprived by his neglect; and he is also liable to the forfeilure as provided in section 130.

3. Suit may be commenced for such forfeiture within two years from the time the forfeiture was incurred.


Sec. 55. The moderator, directur and assessor shall constitute the district buard.

1. By an additional act (section 92] it is provided that in districts containing more than one hundred scholars between the ages of 4 and 18, the district board may be enlarged by adding thereto four trustees, provided the district determine to do so by a twothirds vote, at iny annual meeting. In such districts the district board would consist of a moderator, director, assessor and four trustees.

2. A district board elected at the annual school meeting, and filing their acceptance forth with, supercede the old officers at once, and mus (or any two of them) notify the supervisor of the amount of taxes voted at said meeting.

Sec. 56. Said boaril shall, between the last Monday of September and second Monday of October in each year, inake ont and deliver to the supervisor of each township in which any part of the district is situated, a report in writing unler their hands, of all taxes vuteil by the district during the preceding year, and of all taxes which said board is authorized to impuse, to be levied on the taxable property within the district.


To the Supervisor of the Township of

The undersigned, district burrii lor school district No. in said township, do beseby certify that the followiny taxes have been ruled in said district, during the school year last closed, viz: (Here specify the amount of tax voted, and the purpose to which it is appropriales: ulso, the amount of taxes imposed by the district buari, uod give the sum wtal of the whole:) which you will please

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