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cant. He cannot sign his own certificate with one other member of the board. It must bear the signature of the other two inspectors, or it is not valid, and he can not be deemed a qualified teacher under the law.

5. In no instance can the requirements of the law for the exami. nation of teachers be dispensed with. Every person offering him.self as a candidate, must be examined in the manner and upon the points specified in the law. Such examinations must be had regularly at a meeting of, and before the board, and not before one of the inspectors at a time. When there are several persons offering them: selves, the better way is to examine them as a class.

6. An inspector cannot authorize another member of the board to act for him on the examination of a teacher, or to sign a certificate for him, without his having participated in the examination.

7. A certificate is valid when two of the inspectors sign it after having had an examination as the law prescribes under section 86. The township clerk should give the notice under section 87; but there is no provision for public notice.

8. The inspectors cannot refuse to examine any person who offers himself before them at the time specified in section 86. In relation to the moral character of the applicant, they may act upon their own knowledge, or upon any satisfactory evidence adduced before them.

9. The general jurisdiction given by law to the inspectors is not affected in any way when the district has not employed a qualified teacher. A school kept by such teacher is subject to the inspection and visitation of the inspector appointed to do that duty. FORM OF CERTIFICATE TO BE GIVEN BY SCHOOL INSPECTORS TO QUALIFIED

TEACHERS. The undersigned inspectors of primary schools for the township of -, in the county of having personally examined A- B—, at a regular meeting of the board, called for that

purpose, and having ascertained his qualifications in respect to moral character, learning, and ability to instruct a primary school, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that he is duly qualified for that service, and accordingly he is hereby licensed to teach primary schools in said township for two years from the date hereof, unless this certificate shall, before : that time, be annulled according to law. Given under our hands this

day of

A. D. 185.
C- D

E- F-


day of

Sec. 86. For the purpose of making such examination, the board of school inspectors shall meet on the second Saturday of April, and first Saturday of November in each year, at the office of the township clerk, or at snch other place as they shall designate; of which meetings the township clerk shall give at least ten days' notice in writing, by posting up the same in three public places in the township.

FORM OF NOTICE. Notice is hereby given, that for the purpose of making an examination of all persons who may offer themselves as candidates for teachers of the primary schools of this township, the board of school inspectors thereof, will meet at the of

at the hour of o'clock in the noon of the

A. D. 185,


Township Clerk. SBc. 87. The inspectors may make such examination at such other times as they may designate for that purpose, but shall make no charge against the township for examining teachers at any other times than those specified in the preceding section.

1. This section forbids the inspectors from making any charges against the township for their services under this section. It is reasonable however, if the candidate has failed to be present at the regalar time of examination, that he should himself pay the inspectors if they demand it. They are not bound to make the examination if the candidate will not assent to this tax.

2. A teacher who receives his certificate at the examination had on any other than the days specified in section 86, is a qualified teacher and entitled to receive pay for his services out of the income of the school money.

Ske. 88. The examination of teachers shall be public, and no certificate shall be given by the inspectors unless they are satisfied that the applicant possesses a good mora! character, and a thorough and accurate knowledge of the several branches of study usually taught in primary schools, and is competent in other respects to teach and govern a school.

For the mode and character of the examination which ought to be required under this section, see under head of "Examination of Teachers," in a subsequent part of this document.

Src. 89. When a district is situated in two or more townships, the teacher for such district shall be examined by the inspectors of the township to which the director is required to make his annual report.

This report is made to the township where the school house is situated, in all cases.

Sec. 90. Whenever the inspectors shall deem it necessary to re-ex imine any teacher of a primary school in their township, they shall give five days' notice to such teacher of the time and place of such re-examina

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tion, and of their intention to annul bis certificate if they find him deficient in the requisite qualificatiens; and at the time and place specified in the notice, if the teacher shall not appear and submit to such re-examination, or if he shall be found deficient as aforesaid the inspectors shall annul the said certificate.


on the

To A- B-;

SIR-You are hereby notified that the undersigned, school inspectors for the township of will bold a meeting at

day of
- at

o'clock - M. You will please appear before them at the time and place aforesaid, for re-examination. It is our purpose to apnul your certificate if you are found deficient in the qualifications requisite for a primary school teacher.

C D-
L- M-

School Inspectors. Dated

185. This notice may be signed by the township clerk, as clerk of the board. In case the board determine to annul the certificate, the clerk should make entry of the vote or resolution of the board to that effect; and the district which has employed such teacher should be furnished with a copy. And in case the certificate shall not be returned by the teacber, notice may be posted or published, if the inspectors deem it advisable, in the following form:


The undersigned, school inspectors of the township of having given the notice required by law, bave re-examined A B—, a primary school teacher, and found him deficient in the requisite qualifications: This is to give notice that his certificate granted heretofore on the day of 185 , has been annulled.



Inspectors. This notice may be signed by the township clerk, as clerk of the board, or he may publish the resolution of the board itself, in lieu of notice. When the teacher does not appear, that fact should be set out in the notice, instead of the fact that he was re-examined.

Sec. 91. The whole number of meetings of said board of inspectors during any one year, at the expense of the township, shall not exceed six; and whenever said board shall meet for the purpose of forming or altering school districts, they shall cause the like notice to be given as is required for meetings to examine teachers.

Sec. 92. Whenever the board of inspectors of any township shall deem that the interests of any of the schools will be best promoted by so doing, they may form a single district out of any two or more districts therein, and classily the pupils in such district into two or more classes, according to their proficiency and advancement in learning, and require that such pupils be taught in distinct schools or departments as classified by them, and such district may have the same number of school houses, if necessary, and raise the same amount of taxes which the original districts forming the same could raise if not united.

[1. În districts containing more than one hundred scholars between the ages of four and eighteen years, the district board may be enlarged by adding thereto four trustees: Provided, That the district determine to do 80 by a two-thirds vote, at any annual meeting.

2. The additional trustees first elected shall serve severally one, two, three and four years, to be determined by lot immediately on filing their certificate of acceptance with the director. After the first election, each trustee shall serve four years.

3. All vacancies that may occur in the office of trustee shall be filled according to existing provisions for filling vacancies in the district board.

4. Rate bills shall be collected and all moneys shall be drawn and applied according to existing provisions of law, but in the employment of teachers the director shall have the approval of the moderator or assessor according to provisions of law heretofore existing, and of at least two of the trustees; and the authority to classify pupils in such cases shall be transferred from the school inspectors to the enlarged district board.

5. The boundaries of districts that may avail themselves of this act, shall not be enlarged nor diminished without the written approval of a majoriiy of the enlarged district board.]

Sec. 93. The said inspectors may also, on the application of the district board of any district, classify the pupils therein in the manner prescribed in the preceding section, and require that such pupils be taught in distinct departments, whenever they shall judge that the interests of the school will be best promoted thereby; and in case of any such classification as is provided for in this or the preceding section, as many teachers may be employed for each district, as there are departments in which teachers are required.

[The district board in any school district in which the scholars have been or may be classified as provided in section number ninety-two or ninety-three of chapter number fifty-eight of the revised statutes, and the act or acts amendatory thereto, shall have power to graduate the price of tuition according to the studies pursued by the scholars respectively, in such manner as the said board shall deem just.]

[Sec. 2. The rate bills made out in accordance with the graduation provided for in the preceding section, shall have the same force and be collected in the same manner as the rate bills in other cases.]

Sec. 94. It shall be the duty of the board of inspectors, ic render to the township board, on the Tuesday next preceding the annual township meeting, a full and true account of all moneys received and disbursed by them as such inspectors during the year, which account shall be settled by said township board, and such disbursemenis allowed, if the proper vouchers are presented.

Sec. 95. Whenever any district board shall fail to supply any vacancy that shall occur in their own number,fwithin ten days after the time of its occurrence, the board of inspectors shall fill the same by appointment. TORM OF APPOINTMENT OF DISTRICT OFFICERS BY SCHOOL INSPECTORS.

The undersigned, school inspectors for the township of do hereby appoint A-B-i assessor of school district No.

in said township, to fill the vacancy created by the of C
D-, the late incumbent.

E- F


School Inspectors. 1. The board of inspectors of one township cannot fill a vacancy in the district board where the district is fractional. This requires the action of the joint inspectors of the several townships.

CERTAIN DUTIES OF TOWNSHIP CLERK. Sec. 96. The township clerk shall be the clerk of the board of school inspectors by virtue of his office, and shall attend all meetings of said board, and under their direction prepare all their reports and record the same, and shall record all their proceedings, including the names of teachers to whom certificates shall have been given, with the date of each certificate, and the name of each teacher whose certificate shall have been annulled, with the date of such annulment.

1. An error of the township clerk, such as entering upon his record the words “ township board,” when it should be “board of school inspectors," may be corrected. Any omission on the part of the clerk to record the actual proceedings of the board, should be supplied at once. For this reason, the clerk should read to the inspectors his minutes of proceedings before they are recorded. A mere clerical error may always be corrected.

Sec. 97. On receiving notice from the county treasurer, of the amount of school moneys apportioned to his township, he shall apportion the same amongst the several districts therein, entitled to the same, in proportion to the number of children in each between the ages of four and eighteen years, as the same shall be shown by the annual report of the director of each district for the school year last closed.

1. The apportionment of the income of the primary school fund made from the office of Superintendent is to the different townships, iu proportion to the number of children in each, between the


of four and eighteen, as appears by the reports of school officers transmitted to his office. This money is apportioned to townships in which districts have not kept up a school for three months, if the number of scholars residing in such districts have been reported; but the money thus apportioned to the townships, goes to those districts only in which schools have been taught three months, by a qualified teacher. See section 119.

2. When money has been erroneously apportioned to a district in which no school has been taught for the prescribed time, and drawn

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