Bradshaw's illustrated travellers' hand book in [afterw.] to France, Edição 20


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Página 11 - Establishment, strongly recommended to travellers on the Rhine. The House is well supplied with every modern convenience and improvement for the reception of visitors. It is situated in the centre of the town, opposite the Cathedral, and near the new monument to Luther.
Página 261 - Dependence consist of one hundred and sixty Sleeping Apartments, elegant sitting-rooms, and a garden for the use of visitors. Extensive and airy dining-room, and a comfortable public sitting-room, with piano and library. It is conducted under the immediate superintendence of the Proprietor, who endeavours...
Página 277 - Proprietor. — This splendid and well-conducted Establishment, situated on the shore of the Lake, commands, by its charming position, the best view of the Lake and the Alps, and offers, by its superior arrangements, the comfort of the apartments, and a careful and civil attendance, all desirable attractions to travellers.
Página 3 - THIS Hotel, opened in May, 1869, and built expressly for an English Hotel, is situated in the centre of the town (West End), on the most fashionable Promenade of Rotterdam, just opposite the landing-place of all the Steamers to and from England. The rooms, spacious...
Página 278 - Salons de reunion;>' an English chapel ; and one of the most beautiful Gardens in the country. The Hotel is very agreeably situated for the two seasons. During the winter the Hall and landings are warmed.
Página 100 - For ten minutes we walked backwards and forwards through the room, hardly saying a word, while he looked at me, with a steadfast, keen and penetrating eye, as if he searched my very soul.
Página 262 - Town, at two minutes' walk from the Station, and close to the House of Parliament. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden, with a l.irire terrace, and commands a full view of the Alps.
Página 262 - SALINES, kept by Mr. FELLER.— Salt Baths and Sea Water Baths. Hydropathy, Russian Baths, Turkish Baths. Saloons for Pulverised Spray. Baths of various Mineral Waters. Established after the newest and most perfect systems '•""« n. I iii.H.iXiii
Página 15 - D'Aumale hath cried for quarter. The Flemish count is slain. Their ranks are breaking like thin clouds before a Biscay gale; The field is heaped with bleeding steeds, and flags, and cloven mail. And then we thought on vengeance, and, all along our van, "Remember St. Bartholomew," was passed from man to man. But out spake gentle Henry, " No Frenchman is my foe: Down, down with every foreigner, but let your brethren go.
Página 11 - First-class Hotel, containing 45 Saloons and 235 Bedrooms, with a separate Breakfast and new Reading And Conversation Rooms, as well as a...

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