Divers Voyages Touching the Discovery of America and the Islands Adjacent

Hakluyt Society, 1850 - 177 páginas

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Página xxi - Governments, and Warres of the INDIANS. Published in Latin by Mr. Hakluyt, and translated into English by M. Lok., Gent.
Página li - In the second is set out his second voyage, with the adventures and accidents thereof. In the thirde is declared the strange fortunes which hapned in the third voyage, with a severall description of the countrey and the people there inhabiting. With a particular card thereunto adjoyned of meta incognita, so farre forth as the secretes of the voyage may permit.
Página v - I found lying open upon his boord certeine bookes of cosmographie with an universall mappe : he seeing me somewhat curious in the view thereof, began to instruct my ignorance by shewing me the division of the earth into three parts after the olde account, and then according to the latter and better distribution into more.
Página vi - Which words of the Prophet together with my cousins discourse (things of high and rare delight to my yong nature) tooke in me so deepe an impression, that I constantly resolved, if ever I were preferred to the University, where better time, and more convenient place might be ministred for these studies, I would by Gods assistance prosecute that knowledge and kinde of literature, the doores whereof (after a sort) were so happily opened before me.
Página lxxxvii - ... to discover, search, find out, and view such remote, heathen, and barbarous lands, countries, and territories, not actually possessed of any Christian prince, nor inhabited by Christian people...
Página xxxiv - Westminster, to whom England is more indebted for its American possessions than to any man of that age.
Página lxxxvii - The colleagues of the fellowship for the discovery of the north-west passage.
Página 152 - Description of a Voyage made by certaine Ships of Holland into the East Indies, with their Aduentures and Successe ; together with the Description of the Countries, Townes and Inhabitantes of the same : who set forth on the second of April, 1595, and returned on the 14 of August, 1597. Translated out of Dutch into English by WP (William Phillip).
Página xxiii - English navigation | round about the whole globe of the earth. | .By Richard Hakluyt, master of artes and student sometime | of Christchurch in Oxford. | Imprinted at London by George Bishop) and Ralph Newberie, Deputies to | Christopher Barker, Printer to the | Queenes most excellent Maiestie | 1589.
Página vi - English languages, and in my publike lectures was the first, that produced and shewed both the olde imperfectly composed, and the new lately reformed Mappes, Globes, Spheares, and other instruments of this Art for demonstration in the common schooles, to the singular pleasure, and generall contentment of my auditory.

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