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members thereof had been notified that their terms of service would expire on the 30th of June, was endorsed by the adoption of the following resolution, offered by Regent Hamilton:

RESOLVED, That this Board of Regents adopt the recommendation contained in the report of the special committee, and decline to re-elect at this time any member of the prezent Faculty, and that President Chadbourne be requested to present names for a new Faculty at as an carly day as possible.

After some other proceedings of little importance, Prest. Chadbourne appeared and recommended the names of those subsequently elected as members of the Faculty. The Board then proceeded to the election of W. F. Allen Professor of Ancient Languages and History, J. B. Parkinson Professor of Mathematics and Principal of the Preparatory Department, both receiving 12 votes; Samuel Fallows as Professor of Rhetoric and Director of the Normal Department, he receiving 10 votes with 2 blank.

The following resolution was then adopted:

RESOLVED, That Chadbourne be and is hereby authorized to employ temporarily such help in the instructional department as he may deem proper and necessary, and such help as professors and instructors shall be paid in accordance with the by-laws now in force. The salaries of professors so employed shall commence from the time of their employment.

Prof. J. B. Parkinson was elected University Librarian. The report of Prof. Butler as Secretary of the Faculty, recommending degrees to be conferred, was read, and the degrees voted. On motion of Mr. Fallows, the degree of A. M. was voted to Hayden K. Smith; of the Milwaukee Sentinel.

The following resolution, introduced by Regent Cover, was referred to a committee consisting of Regents Cover, McMynn and Hinckley, and subsequently reported back and adopted:

WHEREAS, In view of going before the people with the University and letting them know of the reorganization with new men almost entire, and to a large extent new ways for securing the helps of science and knowledge, we do hereby

RESOLVE, That the President of the University, and Regents McMynn and VanSlyke, be a special committee to employ some competent man to travel as agent, and to visit the several counties of the State for the following purposes: To lecture among the people on the subject of education, so enlarging his range as to represent and especially set forth to the people, and their sons and daughters, the hitherto unknown advantages of the Wisconsin University, for economy, and the facilities of learning; advertise among the people, widely and intelligently, such advantages, with the terms and conditions; encourage teachers, county superintendents, clergymen and citizens, to speak and act as friends of the University, and to labor faithfully for building up the University in the minds of the people; represent, also, the Agricultural College and Departments of Industry and Mechanical Science, among the people, and ask their co-operation by sending up their sons for students; be in

'dustrious in the collection of rare, curious and useful articles of Natural History→ mineral, vegetable and animal, fossil, mediæval and living-for the University cabinet; make monthly reports to the President, and all important things to be laid before the Regents at their meeting.

Said committee may, if they see fit, and think best, go in jointly with the Board of Normal School Regents in supporting such an agent, but shall endeavor to have such an agent fully represent the University as above, PROVIDED, that not to exceed $750 be used of the income of the University Fund for supporting said agent.

On motion of Regent Cover, "Regents, Fallows, Parkinson and Smith were appointed a committee to draft complimentary resolutions expressing the sense of regret felt by this board at the severing of the connection of the old faculty with the university." They subsequently reported the following resolutions which were adopted unanimously :

WHEREAS, the connection of the former professors with the University of Wisconsin is dissolved by its reorganization,

RESOLVED, that we recognize the faithful services rendered by the professors to the university in its past history, and appreciate their struggles and labors in endeavoring to build it up.

RESOLVED, that we express our profound regret for the necessity which takes them away from the university, and we would hereby assure them of our continued well wishes for their prosperity in the fields of labor to which they may be called.

On motion of Regent Cover, suitable grounds from the experimental farm, not to exceed five acres, were appropriated for the use of the State Horticultural Society for experiment and improvement in horticulture, the location and terms to be arranged between the executive committee and the society, provided it shall be without expense to the university.

The following resolution, offered by Regent McMynn, was adopted:

RESOLVED, That, in the opinion of this Board, the educational interests of this state demand that better provisions be made in the State University for the education of women, and this involves the erection of an additional and suitable building, and that this Board will ask the next Legislature of the state to provide sach building, by making an appropriation therefor.

After the allowance of a few bills, and the transaction of some other unimportant business, the Board adjourned.

WISCONSIN FEMALE COLLEGE.-This College, located at Fox Lake Wis., is in a flourishing condition. From the catalogue we learn that there are 118 students in attendance, classified as follows: Seniors, 2; Middle Class, 5; Junior Class, 4; Senior Preparatory, 16; Junior Preparatory, 91. The Anniversary occurs July 10th. Fall term begins September 5th. Board, tuition and fuel, $4,25 per week for scholars attending by the term.

Editorial Miscellany.

WE purposely postpone the issue of this number of the Journal, as we do not design issuing another before the State Teachers' Association which will be held in La Crosse on the 23-25 of July. With this number closes the volume. We wish to know what the teachers will do before we begin another volume. A committee was appointed at the last session of the Association to report on the practicability of publishing a weekly Educational Bulletin. We shall wait to see what report they will make and what action the Association will take on the report.

The JOURNAL has fallen far short of what we designed it should be at the commencement of the year, but we have spent as much time and money on it as the patronage would warrant. Our advertising patronage has been good, far better than we anticipated. The support which we looked for from the teachers has not been as good as we anticipated. Many of the County Superintendents, who have years gone by been very efficient workers for the JOURNAL have done nothing for us, we suppose because the Teachers' Association refused to make itself responsible for its publication. Those who have assisted us by deeds and words of encouragement have our most sincere thanks. the Association does not undertake the publication of an educational journal we propose to go on and trust that in time we may have a patronage from teachers of the state that shall excel that of any other journal in the Union,


STATE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION.-The 15th annual meeting of the Association will be held in La Crosse July 23-25. The President will be present and under his management we may count on a good and profitable session. The location is a very favorable one. Being on the Mississippi it will afford the teachers an opportunity of looking upon the "Father of waters" for the first time. A trip to St. Paul and Minneapolis is also contemplated, and we speak knowingly when we

say that a more pleasant journey could not be easily taken. From what we know of Com. Davidson, we do not doubt but that he will take the Association for half fare to St. Paul, which will make the round trip from La Crosse but $7.00. We "go in" for the excursion as well as every teacher with whom we have conversed on the subjeet. We give below a list of the officers of the Association, nearly all of whom are at or about home. Mr. Parker we understand has gone to Europe.

President-0. M, Baker, Milwaukee.

Vice Presidents

(J. T Love well, Prairie du Chien,
Lucy E. Foote, Spring Prairie,
(R. A. Burritt, Manitowoc.

Secretary-Warren D. Parker, Monroe.
Treasurer-Arthur Everett, Oshkosh.

Alexander Kerr, Beloit,
S. D. Gaylord, Sheboygan,

Executive Committee A. J. Craig, Madison,

F. C. Pomeroy, Milwaukee,
I. N. Cundall, Rosendale.

New President of the State University

Prof. Paul A. Chadbourne, late president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, has received the appointment of President of the State University and accepted it. He received the same appointment one year ago, but for some reason he declined. We surmise that the reasons of his declination were that his powers were too limited, that he wished to reorganize the University but the authority was denied him. Now, we learn that the present faculty have been notified that their places must be vacant at the end of the year. Such a wholesale dismissal can but work great injury unless the greater portion of this faculty be retained, for each of them has his many friends. The confidence of the Board of Regents in Prof. Chadbourne must be very great to give him the power to make his Faculty. Prof. Chadbourne, we trust, will give new life to our State University, for with the right man at the helm we see no reason why it should not rival that of our sister state, Michigan.


WISCONSIN TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION.-The following is the gramme agreed upon for the fifteenth annual session of the WisconsinTeachers' Association, to be held at La Crosse, from the 23d to the 25th inst.

Tuesday evening, July 23d-6:30.-Address of welcome, by the mayor of La Crosse. 7:45-Lecture-Educational Falacies, Hon. Arthur McArthur, Milwaukee.

Wednesday morning-9:00 President's address; 10:00, reports of standing committees; 10:45, recess; 11:45, a paper-Natural History, E. F. Hobart, Beloit; 11:45 discusssion.

Wednesday afternoon-2:00, business; 3:00, discussion--School Attendance; 3:45, recess; 4:15, class lecture, Hon. J. M. Gregory, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Wednesday evening-7:30, lecture, Hon. J. L. Pickard, Chicago.

Thursday morning-9:00, A paper-The primary school, O. R. Smith, Janesville; 9:30 Institute exercises, object teaching, C. H. Allen, Platteville; 10:00, Essay-A review of education in the state, W. C. Whitford, Milton; 10:45, recess; 11:15, Institute exercises, G. S. Albee, Kenosha; 11:45, a paper-Order of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry, R. M. Reynolds, Madison.

Thursday afternoon-2:00, Business; 3:00, discussion; 3:45, recess; 4:15, lecture-Education, Rev. S. Farrington, Janesville; 5:00, unfinished business.

At the close of the session there will be an excursion to Minneapolis and return in time for the train Monday the 29th.

MILTON COLLEGE.-At the last session of the Legislature, an act was passed incorporating the Milton College. Rev. William C Whitford, the sucessful principal of the former academy, is president of the college. The college is open to students of both sexes. The institution provides an academic as well as a collegiate course for students. From the catalogue just published we learn that it is in a flourishing condition, and counts a total of 355 students in regular attendance. these, 85 are in the college course, 30 of whom are ladies. The teacher's, business, and preparatory courses include 264 students, of whom 144 are males, and 129 females. The institution has a pleasant and healthful site, and is very convenient of access from all parts of. the state, by railroad.


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