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How true is love to pure desert,

So love to her, sae far awa :
And nocht can heal my bosom's smart,

While, oh! she is sae far awa.
Nane other love, nane other dart,

I feel but her's, sae far awa; But fairer never touch'd a heart

Than her's, the fair sae far awa.

SAW YE MY PHELY. TUNE-When she cam ben she bobbit. Oh, saw ye my dear, my Phely? Oh, saw ye my dear, my Phely? She's down i' the grove, she's wi' a new love,

She winna come hame to her Willy. What says she, my dearest, my Phely? What says she, my dearest, my Phely? She lets thee to wit that she has thee forgot,

And for ever disowns thee, her Willy. On, had I ne'er seen thee, my Phely! Oh, bad I ne'er seen thee, my Phely! As light as the air, and fause as thou's fair,

Thou's broken the heart o' thy Willy.


TUNE-She's fair and fause. SHE's fair and fause that causes my smart,

I loed her meikle and lang ; She's broken her vow, she's broken my heart,

And I may e'en gae hang.

A coof cam in wi' routh o' gear,
And I hae tint my dearest dear;
But woman is but warld's gear,

Sae let the bonnie lassie gang.
Whae'er ye be that woman love,

To this be never blind,
Nae ferlie 'tis tho' fickle she prove,

A woman has't by kind.
Oh woman, lovely woman fair !
An angel form's fa'n to thy share,
'Twad been ower meikle to gien thee mair-

I mean an angel mind.


OF A'.

TUNE-Onagh's Lock.
SAE flaxen were her ringlets,

Her eyebrows of a darker hue,
Bewitchingly o’er-arching

Twa laughing een o' bonnie blue
Her smiling, sae wiling,

Wad make a wretch forget his woe :
What pleasure, what treasure,

Unto these rosy lips to grow :
Such was my Chloris' bonnie face,

When first her bonnie face I saw,
And aye my Chloris' dearest charm,

She says she loes me best of a',

Like harmony her motion ;

Her pretty ankle is a spy Betraying fair proportion,

Wad make a saint forget the sky. Sae warming, sae charming,

Her faultless form and graceful air ; Ilk feature-auld Nature

Declared that she could do na mair. Hers are the willing chains o' love,

By conquering beauty's sovereign law; And aye my Chloris' dearest charm,

She says she loes me best of a'. Let others love the city,

And gaudy show at sunny noon; Gie me the lonely valley,

The dewy eve, and rising moon Fair beaming, and streaming,

Her silver light the boughs amang; While falling, recalling,

The amorous thrush concludes his sang : There, dearest Chloris, wilt thou rove

By wimpling burn and leafy shaw, And hear my vows o' truth and love,

And say thou loes me best of a'!


Tune-Aye waukin 0.
SIMMER's a pleasant time,

Flowers of every colour ;
The water rins o'er the heugh,

And I long for my true lover.

Aye waukin 0,

Waukin still and wearie :
Sleep I can get nane

For thinking on my dearie.
When I sleep I dream,

When I wauk I'm eerie :
Sleep I can get nane

For thinking on my dearie,
Lanely night comes on,

A' the lave are sleeping;
I think on my bonnie lad,

And bleer my een wi' greetin'.



TUNE-Deil tak the Ware. SLEEP'st thou, or wak'st thou, fairest crea

ture ?
Rosy morn now lifts his eye,
Numbering ilka bud, which Nature

Waters wi' the tears o' joy:
Now thro' the leafy woods,

And by the reeking floods,
Wild Nature's tenants, freely, gladly stray:

The lintwbite in his bower
Chants o'er the breathing flower,
The lav'rock to the sky

Ascends wi' sangs o' joy,
While the sun and thou arise to bless the day.

Phoebus gilding the brow o' morning,

Banishes ilk darksome shade,
Nature gladd’ning and adorning;

Such to me my lovely maid.
When absent from my fair,

The murky shades o' care
With starless gloom o'ercast my sullen sky;

But when in beauty's light,
She meets my ravish'd sight,
When through my very heart

Her beaming glories dart, 'Tis then I wake to life, to light, and joy.

TUNE-For the sake of Somebody,
My heart is sair—I dare na tell-

My heart is sair for somebody;
could wake a winter night
For the sake of somebody.

Oh-hon, for somebody!

Oh-hey, for somebody!
I could range the world around,

For the sake o' somebody!
Ye powers that smile on virtuous love,

Oli, sweetly smile on somebody!
Frae ilka danger keep him free,
And send me safe my somebody.

Oh-hon, for somebody!

Oh-hey, for somebody! I wad do-what wad I not !

For the sake o' somebody!

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