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Correlate with language and drawing.
3. Sheep. (Determined by locality.)

a. Meat producers.
b. Wool producers.
c. Shearing

d. Same outline as above.
4. Swine. (Determined by locality.)

a. Same outline as for horses and cattle. VI. Bees.

1. Kinds.
2. Care, swarming, shelter.
3. Grades of honey.

4. Commercial value of wax.
VII. Poultry.
1. Hens-

a. Egg producers.
b. Meat producers.
c. Best general hen.
d. Care, food, shelter.
e. Why variety of food is desirable.
f. Green food, bone food.
g. Common diseases.

h. Insect enemies.
2. Care of turkeys.

3. Care of ducks and geese. VIII. Orchard.

1. Kinds of fruit as determined by soil and climate.
2. Planting, cultivating, pruning, budding, grafting.
3. Common insect enemies and how treated.
4. Common diseases and how treated.

IX. Small fruits.

1. How cultivated.
2. How propagated.

3. Preservation for winter use-canning, drying, etc. X. Forestry.

1. Care of the wood lot.

2. Reforesting. NOTE.-Correlate with nature study. XI. Kitchen garden.

1. Location, care, variety of vegetables.

2. Storage Cellars, pits.
XII. Value of diversified farming.
XIII. Value of good water on a farm.
XIV. Farm buildings.

1. Location, drainage, etc.
2. Relative location.
3. Importance of implement shed and tool house.

XV. Things that will improve appearance of farm.

1. Paint.
2. Good fences.
3. Well-kept lawns.
4. Trees.
5. Flowers.


Some use may be made of geology, botany, and chemistry, but scientific phraseology should be avoided and teachers should remember that agriculture is the science taught.

Correlation: This subject should be correlated with language, geography, arithmetic and drawing.

Make the work practical.

Sources of information: James' Practical Agriculture, Hatch and Hazelwood's Elementary Agriculture, George's Plan Books, Bulletins of Agriculture, Michigan Farmer, Teachers' Journal, conversation of practical farmers and men of affairs.


This course will principally cover instruction in the use of wood-working tools, their names, parts, uses and care. It will include exercises with pencil, knife, gauge, try-square and T-bevel; the making of the plain joint, the mortise, the tennon; splicing and dove-tailing, with some wood carving. It is unnecessary to state here the different articles that may be made.

Blacksmithing. This will include the proper tending of forge, how to clean, start fire, hold heat; welding, annealing, tempering, twisting and soldering.

Drawing. The drawing will cover general freehand work, mechanical drawing, ornamental lettering, geometric construction, simple projection, drawing to square, geometric solids, perspective, architectural drawingincluding plans, elevations, details, working drawings and blue prints.

Domestic Science and Art. This work will include basting, stitching, gathering, buttonholing, darning, patching, feather stitching, and applications of these on small garments and other useful articles, such as kimonos, a prons, sewing bags, etc. The eye must be trained to accuracy.

In the latter part of the work of sewing we may include measuring, drafting of fitted linings, waists and skirts, and cutting from drafts and patterns.

In the work of cooking we should include building and care of the fire, oven temperature, sources and composition of foods, food values and classifications of foods, chemical changes in the process of cooking, and for practical work a study of marketing, cuts of meats and carving. To this will be added laboratory work in which each student will prepare representative foods, such as beverages, cereals, eggs, meats, soups, vegetables, breads, cakes, etc.


It will not be possible to supply at the beginning a full working library, but each year should find additions until the school is well equipped. It should contain sets of works in literature, history, science and art, such as are proper for any private or public library, and in addition the following books should be secured as early as possible, as they deal particularly with some of the special subjects to be taught in the rural high schools.


Commercial geography....

D. Appleton & Co.
The teacher at work...

Educational Publishing Co.
Teaching the language arts....

D. Appleton & Co.
Nature study..

Ginn & Co.
Kratz, H. E..

Studies and observations in the schoolroom. Educational Publishing Co. Painter,

History of education.
Commercial geography...

Charles Scribner's Sons.
Seidell, R.,
Industrial education..

D. C. Heath & Co.

Armsby, H. P.
Manual of cattle feeding

Wiley & Sons.
Bailey, L. H.,

Types of farming..
Principles of agriculture.

The Macmillan Co.
Principles of fruit growing..
Beal, W. J.,
Grasses of North America.

Henry Holt & Company.
Coburn, F. D.,
Swine Husbandry..

Orange Judd Company.

New agriculture.
Felch, I. K.,
Poultry culture..

Goff & Mayne.
First principles of agriculture..

American Book Co.
Goodrich, Charles L.,
The first book of farming...

Doubleday, Page & Co.
Gurler, H. B.,
American dairying

Breeder's Gazette.

[blocks in formation]

Organic Chemistry..

The Macmillan Co.

Laboratory manual of organic chemistry. Wiley & Sons. Sadtler,

Industrial organic chemistry... . Lippincott.
Storer, F. H.,

Agriculture in some of its relations with
chemistry, 3 volumes....

.Charles Scribner's Sons. Voorhees,

Chemistry of soil and fertilizers... The Macmillan Co.



Soil culture. Hall,

The soil. Hilgard, E. W..

Soils..... Roberts, I. P.,

The fertility of the land

The farmstead.. Voorhees, E. B.,


The Macmillan Co.

The Macmillan Co.

The Macmillan Co.

Busy hands...

A. Flanagan Co.
Channing and Whittaker,

Working tools and how to use them....D. C. Heath & Co. Dopp, Katherine,

Industries in elementary education...... University of Chicago Press. Ham, Charles H., Mind and hand...

American Book Co.


Economics of manual training.

First lessons in handicraft.
Woodward, C. M.,
The manual training school....

D. C. Heath & Co.
Teachers' handbook of manual training... The Macmillan Co.

Domestic economy..

The Macmillan Co.
Salmon, L. M.,
Progress in the household..

Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

Handbook of household science..... Webb Publishing Co. Wilson,

Handbook of domestic science.. The Macmillan Co.


Burrage and Bailey,

School and home sanitation and decoration.D. C. Heath & Co.
Homes and their decoration.

Dodd, Mead & Co.
Wharton and Coddman,
Decoration of houses...

Charles Scribner's Sons.
Principles of home decoration.

Doubleday, Page & Co.


I give herewith a bulletin prepared during the current year giving the plan of organization, the course of study and a reference library list for county schools of agriculture. These schools were authoized by the legislature of 1907 and Menominee county at once began preparations for the establishment of such a school. The county voted $20,000 for building and equipment. The city of Menominee gave a tract of land containing one hundred fiffeen acres. The board of education was elected and organized and the work begun. The building has been constructed and the school will open early in the first of the year 1908.

It will be noted that the course of study covers two years, its aim being to take up the work at the close of the eighth grade and Course of to combine in the succeeding two years a practical business course study. together with elementary work in the subjects pursued in schools of agriculture.

It is too early to pass any positive opinion as to the value and results of the organization of such schools, and I shall watch the progress of the institution at Menominee with great interest. The purpose of this article in

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