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ANNUAL REPORT of the State Treasurer.


Detroit, Dec. 1st, 1845. To the Legislature of the State of Michigan:

In obedience to the provisions of law, requiring the State Treasurer to lay before the Legislature at each annual session, a summary of the receipts and expenditures for the past fiscal year, and a statement of the balance of cash on hand at its close, I have the honor to submit the following report: The balance of cash on hand at the close of the fiscal year ending November 30th, 1844, was

836,424 97 The receipts during the past year, (as per statement A) were

337,628 10

The expenditures during the same period, were,

$374,053 07 355,160 26

Leaving a balance on hand, Nov. 30, 1845, of

$18,892 81

The above balance being made up of $17,640 in state scrip or ireasury notes, and $1,252 81 in coin and current funds.

In schedule B. is given a statement of the Leger balances on the State Treasurer's books, for the year ending Nov. 30, 1845.

The amount of outstanding warrants on the several funds, including land warrants, is given in the statement marked (C.) The amount outstanding against the general fund being $11,357 67, it will be perceived that but for the $10,743 99 drawn on the general fund, under an act of the last legislature, upon the settlement with the Michigan State Bank, and which should have been drawn upon the Internal Improvement fund, as the proceeds of all the lands and other assets received from that bank go to the credit of the latter fund, the amount outstanding against the general fund, would only have been $613 68:

By reference to the report of the Auditor General, it will be perceived that Leger balances on his books correspond with those of this office, except as to those funds, on which there are outstanding war. rants, and to the balance there charged to the State Treasurer.The amount there debited to the Staie Treasurer is $7,295 14; ad. ding the amount of outstanding warrants on the general and contin. gent fund, which is $11,607 67, gives the amount on hand, as shown by the books of this office, being $18,892 81. Adding the respective amounts of the warrants outstanding on those two funds to the credit balances of those funds on the Auditor's books, will give the balances on the books of this office, and deducting from the debit ba. lance or amount overdrawn on the Internal Improvement fund on the Auditor's books, which is $811,451 57, the unpaid or outstanding In. ternal Improvement and land warrants, amounting to $534,459 62, leaves the amount overdrawn on the books of this office, which is $276,991 95, arising from that amount of warrants on the latter sund, having been met from the resources of other funds, All of which is respectfully submitted.


State Treasurer.

(A.) Abstract of Receipts and Expenditures for the fiscal year, Dec. lol,

1844, to Nov. 30th, 1845, inclusive.

Receipts. General fund,

$131,695 63 Internal improvement fund,

105,559 63 Primary school fund,

20,028 20 Primary school interest fund,

25,844 08 Redemption account,

11,680 18 Sinking fund,

10,890 26 State building fund,

4,643 72 University fund,

17,561 66 University interest fund,

9,724 74

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Leger Balances on State Treasurer's Books, Nov. 30th, 1845.


$ 18,892 81 Internal improvement fund,

276,991 95

$295,884 76


Contingent fund,
General fund,
Primary school fund,
Primary school interest fund,
Redemption account,
State building fund,
Treasury notes,
University fund,
University interest fund,

1,522 87 79,703 28 71,827 20 3,123 49 5,111 30 -5,897 11 70,000 00 56,774 14 1,925 37

$295,884 76

[C.] Warrants outstanding November 30, 1845. Internal improvoment fund,

$508,468 00 Land warrants,

25,991.62 Contingent fund,

250 00 General fund,

11,357 67

11,607 67

$546,067 29

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