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At the Monroc Office and Depot. 1 large writing desk, 1 long writing table, 2 black

walnut tables, 10 chairs, 4 candle-sticks, 1 pair
snuffers, 2 stoves and pipe, 2 water pails, 1 wash
bowl, 2 tumblers, 2 spitioons, 2 pair shovels
and tongs. 1 long table, with drawers, 1 clock,
I map U.S., 1 do of Michigan, 1 ream freight
way bills, 4 ream passage way bills, 1 ream
writing paper, 12 sticks sealing wax, dozen
tape, 1 lot wafers, 2 day books, 1 freight book,
B freight blotter, 1 passage book, 1 do blotter, 1
journal, 1 ledger, 3 rulers, 1 letter stamp, 2 ink-
stands, 4 bottles ink, 1 oil jug, 1 oil can, 1 cop-
per lard can, 2 glass lamps, 1 iron safe, 6 corn
brooms, 2 splint brooms, 1 counter brush, 3
way bill pocket books, 1 pair scissors, 1 ball
iwine, 1 ball wick, 1 cart and harness,

At Adrian Office and Statinn.
I black walnut table, 1 desk, 2 tin candlesticks, 2

ink stands, 5 bottles ink, 6 chairs, 1 pair shovel
and tongs, 1 stove, 1 sand box, large table or
desk, with drawers,

At Hillsdale Ofice and Station. 1 desk and case, 1 ink stand, 1 sand box, 5 quires

paper, 2 tin candlesticks, 1 pair shuffers, 1 water sprinkler, 6 chairs, 8 lbs. candles, 1 brasa clock, 1 ash pail, 1 water pail, 1 stove and pipe

$500 00

50 00

in office, 1 do in sitting room, 1 large do in

engine room, 1 fire shovel, 2 wood saws, 1 axe,. 1. I broom, 1 horse, I harness, whiffletree and

chain, 1 horse blanket and circingle,


$74,128 18

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Report of the Chief Engineer of Central Railroad. 0. C. COMSTOCK, Jr., Esq., Acting Commissioner :

SIR :-During the fiscal year just closed, the engineers of the Cen. tral Rail Road have issued certified estimates and accounts for labor, malerials, &c., between Jackson and Kalamazoo, includirig per centages retained from estimates previously given, amounting in all to $77,636 91. On the seventh and eighth divisions, from Jackson to Marshall, the work was completed during the last winter, and the accounts of that portion of the line closed, as far as the engineers had any connection with them, On the ninth and tenth divisions, be{ween Marshall and Kalamazoo, the contracts have progressed so far toward completion that the track is now ironed and in use to Battle Creek, thirteen miles west of Marshall, and within one week from this date, the whole route to Kalamazoo, twenty-three miles further, will be ready, and the iron laid down as fast as it is delivered upon the line.

The superstructure contracts, however, as well as those for the Kalamazoo depot, the way stations, and some of the bridging are still unfinished or unsettled. The unfinished work consists principally of filling, dressing track, ditching, cattle guards, road crossings, &c., but nothing which will interfere with the laying down of the iron, or which will delay or obstruct the use of the track as soon as the iron is laid.

To complete the work, and to settle the contracts of all kinds as far As Kalamazoo, exclusive of what is due for right of way, will require as near as can now be ascertained, the sum of $11,887 93, and on the completion of the work, the lurther sum of $5,612 11 will be duo for per centages retained from estimates heretofore given, making total of $17,500 04 yet to be paid,

This sum added to the whole amount of estimates by the engineers for labor, materials, &c., between Jackson and Kalamazoo, 68 miles, gives a total of $545,552 87, or $8,022 83 per mile, which amount has been paid altogether in warrants, a part of them on the internal improvement fund, the balance drawn against the public lands. In this sum is included all the accounts given for fencing, a portion of

right of way paid for in warrants, and every thing estimated by engineers, whether for labor or materials. The entire cost of this portion of road will be found by adding to the amount above given, any additional sums which may have been allowed the contractors by the board of commissioners, or the board of auditors, and other accounts which have not passed through the hands of the engineers, and also adding the sums paid in cash or still due for right of way, for iron and spike, and for engineering.

The following is an estimate of the work still unfinished or unsettled between Marshall and Kalamazoo : Laying track,

$3,486 06 Filling and dressing track,

1,389 55 Timber,

1,080 40 Ditching, excavation and embankment,

1,976 18 Cattle guards, road crossings, culverts and extra work, 1,266 88 Bridging,

1,338 86 Car house at Kalamazoo and way stations,

1,350 00

$11,887 93 Add retained per centages,

5,612 11 Total amount,

$17,500 04 Respectfully submitted by your ob't serv't.


Chief Engineer. Detroit, Dec. 1, 1845.

Articles in charge of the Engineers C. RR, 4 transits, (probable value) 5 levels, 5 levelling rods, 2 compasses, 2 chains,

$100 00 200 00

7 50 50 00 5 00 1 00 6 00

1 axe,

4 00

1 stove and pipe,
1 drawing table,
4 chairs,
1 writing desk,
2 tin paper cases,
2 inkstands,
1 water pail,
1 ivory scale,
8 rules,
3 triangles,
1 pile hammer,

2 00 8 00

25 26

30 1 00


25 75 00

8461 00

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